Where’s the Dignity, Democrats?

Where’s the Dignity, Democrats? September 6, 2012

Can’t we have at least some dignity in our politics?

The people at the Democratic National Convention are handing out free condoms — you won’t believe the warning on them!!

Also seen at the DNC?  One button which reads “Once You Vote Black, You Never Go Back” and another which reads, “Sluts Vote.”

Do people actually wonder why Democrats have problems attracting Christian voters?

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  • Linda Black

    This makes me so sad. I can’t believe the level to which our society has fallen. This would make John Kennedy cringe. So classless.

  • B Boseman

    They have no class? Your mom could teach that crew a lot about class and people. Your mom would make a good vp or pres. Beat the hell out of what we have.

  • Mary


  • Heather Cook

    After last night’s “2/3 floor vote” it seems obvious that the DNC/Democrats want little to do with Christians/God/Christianity…

  • sydney long

    Really. Exactly how I feel. Especially when they can just go on tv and lie through their teeth! I’m 16 & am afraid I won’t be able to go to college if Obama gets ‘re elected .

  • Rosalina

    Once again, you are generalizing. This is only a small minority of people at the DNC. Funny how you never point out people at tea party rallies who hold up signs saying “Obama bin lyin”. Equating our president to the worlds greatest terrorist is far more shameful. You should ask those people where THEIR dignity is.

    • kristie


    • Joe

      If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    • rwu442

      Rosalina. Did you actually see it or is that another one of those ” my friend saw” deals. How many signs were there? Either way it wasn’t the whole party.

  • Nightbird

    Since turning their backs on God in the platform I think they’ve just been allowed to go mad and graze in the fields.

  • Tina

    Good thing the Archbishop of NY made the closing prayer at the DNC because those Democrats definitely need Jesus in their lives.

  • Brian K.

    Just the Democrats demeaning women again!
    Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel !
    Gotta keep the eye off the real issues!
    After watching the parts of the DNC dog and pony show, I realize we could have had WORSE, JUST THINK “PRESIDENT BIDEN”. Say that three times fast, and say a prayer for President Obama’s safety for the next 61 days.
    God bless you and your family Bristol.

  • kristie

    I’m a christian and will 100% be voting for Obama!!!!!!!

    • rwu442

      I really fell sorry for you.

      • rwu442

        Kristie. I will bet you are about 22 & in college.

    • janet

      But Why???

    • Joe

      Christian in name only right? lol

  • Janeen W

    Seriously!! And they’re supposed to be the party that supports women?? I’d rather be respected &.treated with the dignity outlined in Scripture. #RomneyRyan2012

  • Alexa

    So the president, vice president, and former president Bill Clinton just gave some of the greatest speeches ever (and OWNING republicans on every issue), and instead of talking about the issues, you want to stoop down to juvenile attacks that we’ve heard before. Democrats are godless, we’re sluts, we have no values, etc. We’ve heard those before, it’s nothing new. If you’re so mature Bristol, why don’t you talk about the ISSUES, and not make petty little arguments like this. Show some class.

    • Jilline

      Petty little arguments? How is she being petty? She’s drawing attention to stupid things they’re doing. Grow up Alexa.

    • patriot

      Bristol doesn’t have any class and she’s not smart nor informed enough to discuss any real issues.

    • Leslie Wagner

      Pretty much that is the truth. I did not expect you to admit it so freely however.:) Love the your honesty.

      • look for yourself

        Go search,obama gives China Us Oil and Natural Gas resereves.
        and obama give his big money supporter mr.Soros billions of Us stimulus money.
        Mr.soros makes 10 billion dollars on bet in future market on America’s credit down grade!
        and obama;s administration tied to receiveing big money from stimulus.
        and obama gives Billions of stimulus dollars to Foreign countries and Foreign Companies.
        and obama gives stimulus money to foreign banks.
        and Us is still in debt and no jobs here but made jobs in other countries and helped bail-out other countries banks and US nothing but Debt go look these up and know something before you vote and hurt American’s and America,It’s easy to spew obama’s and his paid for media BS, but go and seek the turth and learn

    • blueniner

      Alexa you are a petty troll, she is making a valid comment of a party that is a coalition of kooks and anti -Americans, and classless individuals. As for issues Sarah Palin is always commenting on the issues she is a Politician and Bristol is not a Politician but she is free to comment on anything she wants, I dont think Obama has eliminated free speech yet, so it Bristols blog and is free to comment, dont like it dont come here and spill you negativity, go back to Media Matters or wherever you troll!

    • Louis

      I watched all three of the speeches you mentioned and I fail to see how any of them ‘owned’ the republicans in any way. The only possible way you could actually believe that is by taking everything they’ve said at face value without spending a single minute fact checking what they claimed. Don’t be one of the countless mindless liberal media zombies. Learn to pay attention to everything.

    • Laura

      Why are you even on her blog Alexa if you’re just going to attack?

    • Dave

      “So the president, vice president, and former president Bill Clinton just gave some of the greatest speeches ever…”

      stopped reading right there…

  • ph

    Bristol, there is NO way I could sit through that freak show!..lol

  • k

    Hmm…seems you forget that a Republican called her a slut in the first place. Not sure ‘dignity’ is something all Republicans possess, either. Would you have felt the same if they called you, un-wed mother, the same?

    • Jilline

      Bristol was called the same if you remember, even when she is FAR from actually being one. Yes, Rush called a woman a slut. Wrong, but said woman’s ENTIRE life, at age 30, is being a college student fighting for state-purchased birth control. Some people just need fulfillment and better lives in my opinion.

      • Ah, yes, nothing says “lack of fulfillment” like fighting for the rights of millions of American women. Sandra Fluke must feel so empty inside.

      • Annoyed

        Jilline– Technically, she’s a law student. I’m not sure if you know the difference between a “college” student and a graduate student, but perhaps you should educate yourself a little on the issue before forming such harsh and judgmental opinions about somebody based on incorrect information. A 30 year old graduate student is quite common. In fact, believe it or not, people that go to school until they’re 30 are the ones that hold professional positions like that of a lawyer, doctor, scientist, etc. Believe it or not, we are not born with those degrees.

        • Annoyed

          Oh, and most of us are in DEBT to obtain those degrees, btw (perhaps this is something that Mr. Romney is just can’t relate to).

      • Georgia

        Actually Jillane, Sandra Fluke is not fighting for state purchased BC. She is fighting for insurance company paid for BC. That’s what’s in the Affordable Care Act. get your facts straight.

  • lou lou

    i dont exactly believe in “god” but believe in a higher power.. why is it bad that they promote safe sex? itz better than teens getting pregnant… didnt bristol gget knocked up too early? bristol… of all people why are you mad about that? i think obama is doing a great job! 4 years wasnt enough time to clean up bush’s disasters! we need him. not a man who will take women’s rights away to have an abortion or not. what if the baby was from rape? would u really want that baby? i know theres adoption… but it should be the womans choice. her body.. not anyone else’s… !

  • CJ

    Okay let me get this straight Alexa, Bristol’s the one who needs to show some class yet the democrats are handing out condoms and calling themselves “sluts” ? Alright then, because that makes total sense?

  • Britney

    It is their choice to not have God in their platform! Is it wrong to not include God? Nope. There are many that are Republican or leaning toward Romney that don’t believe in God. They believe in getting our country back in financial order. That is more important than being judgmental! The Democrats and Republicans both have been drawing lines in the sand instead of trying to join everyone together. I’m not voting for Romney or Obama! Neither one deserve my vote! The Democrats can’t do math well, let alone common sense. The Republicans are shoving religion down everyone’s throats! We are NOT a Christian nation! We are a nation of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Nonbelievers, Agnostics, and a multitude of other religions that need to work together! It is the over-judgmental portion of the Republicans that tick me off! Why don’t we try some of that “judge not lest ye be judged” stuff?!?! If they’re going to wear unclassy buttons, that’s their choice! I’d rather them hand out condoms instead of spreading STDs around.

  • rwu442

    Kristie . Have you seen the movie “2016 ? You had better wake up & go see it.

  • Jackie

    how funny is, if the shoe was on the other foot. oh how the dems would have ripped apart the reps. so that is why she pointed it out. not that two wrongs make a right. but still, it would have been said no matter who did it. and it was pointed out that way as well. i didnt watch the speech. i feel neither candidate is worthy of being our leader of the free world. we are in a sad state of affairs right now my fellow americans. we all need to open our eyes up to it all.

  • patriot

    Oh the unwed mother who dances on tv is going to lecture the democrats about dignity.

    • Lynn

      Glad Bristol didn’t have an abortion!

    • TheGateKeeper

      You have a problem with dancing? What century do you live in?

    • idesign

      Hey Sparky, you do know that Obama came from an unwed mother? LOL

      • blueniner

        Yeah, and Obamas Mother Stanley used to be a stripper, I saw the photos on the internet, whats wrong with Dancing With The Stars.

        • “I SAW THE PHOTOS ON THE INTERNET.” Oh, this is the best argument. MUST BE TRUE, THEN.

  • C Ancrile

    Uhm, this button is in response to Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke on the air numerous times after she testified before congress about access to birth control. I guess the Republicans have lost their sense of humor. Just remember your own mother called the President a Terrorist. I find that much more disgusting.

    • Cozette

      Oh wait, Rush saying someone who wants the government (taxpayers, me) to pay for their birth control, and if it fails, their abortion which I am against, is a slut offends them but calling themselves a slut is okay?

  • NanaJ

    They don’t want Christian or Jewish votes. They tried to remove GOD and stop supporting ISRAEL in their platform. Why is Sandra Fluke at age 30 still in school??? She should be working and PAYING taxes.

    • Georgia

      Why should God even be mentioned in a party’s platform? It has no place.

      • sodakhic

        IN GOD WE TRUST, seen those words anywhere Georgia?

        • Catherine Anne Smith

          “In God We Trust” was not a part of any original document of the United States. It was added when I was a little girl–in the 1950s during the McCarthy era. The CORRECT motto of the United States, “E Pluribus Unum,” means (I know Latin) “One among many” or “Out of many, are one”. Of note is that I remember when the “under God” part was added to our Pledge of Allegiance–also in in 1950s. “God” is not mentioned in ANY of the founding documents; what is mentioned is the no religion–get that–NO RELIGION–can be established as part of our government. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion–any religion. Christianity, which is one of the many religions in the world, was NEVER a part of the founding of America and many of the founders were actually hostile toward it. Adding mention of “God” to our paper money also started in the 1950s, which we all know was not the founding of the US. Many of the original settlers from Europe were escaping religious persecution, which is why we all are guaranteed that no religion–GET THAT–no religion belongs in our civic affairs. Your personal relationship with God is as private as your sexual relationship. More so. Public display is undignified and more than a bit embarrassing.

  • RebFan

    Alexa is eatin to much of that democrat pie. I would be ashamed to have a impeached President speak on my behalf. Bill Clinton, what a nasty disgraceful man…. Oh and yeah the demoncrat party is pretty Godless. It was evident by excluding God from the convention in the first place.

    • Alexa

      Wow, Bill Clinton gotta blowjob. Big deal. Meanwhile Newt Gingrich was cheating on his wife while trying to get Clinton out of office at the same time. Filthy hypocrite. Republicans focus so much on the fact that he got a blowjob because they don’t want to admit that he was a good president. The republicans a bunch of seventh graders when it comes to sex. They can’t handle anything maturely.

      • Laura

        THE difference IS MISS ALEXA…Bill Clinton was the PRESIDENT….Gingrich was not. What is wrong with you? Disgracing the Oval Office is okay in your book? Get real. He also LIED to the AMERICAN PUBLIC about his “blow job” and he also lied while under oath. How old are you???

        • Gilly

          Newt was Speaker of the House Laura! He was the head of YOUR party. Yet none of you hold him responsible for his multiple infidelities. And your so stupid you cheer when he lectures America about the “sanctity” of marriage. What idiots.

      • Louis

        Another mindless drone on from you… do you fact check ANYTHING?!

      • Debbie

        Ok, that’s about enough. Alexa, Republicans and Conservatives stand for Christian principles that our country was founded on. To accuse us of being seventh graders when it comes to sex. No, we strive to stand on morals, and ethics. Liberals in my opinion don’t care about morality. Equality is more important, murder of innocent babies so that women can make their own health decisions. Allow same sex marraige, and the list goes on and on in our differences. The beautiful thing is, we are americans and we can still voice our opinions. As a Christian I believe God’s word. In the bible, scripture says homosexuality is an abomination to God, it says he created the marraige union between a man and a woman. It calls ending another human life (outside of war) to be murder. It says sex outside of marraige is adultery. You have the right to believe or not to believe…but please know that the God of this universe will not be mocked, and there will come a day of reckoning and judgement for us all.

        • Gilly

          Hey Debbie – Bristol is an adulterer. When is her day of reckoning?

          And heres a newsflash…your party doesn’t own God…your party doesn’t on this country (regardless of what Dirty Harry mumbles at the RNC)….your party doesn’t get to tell everyone else how to live and make all the rules for everyone to live by. If you don’t like that then I suggest you buy some land and start your on country where you can bully people with your holy book all you like. Or move to Iran…they are good at it over there.

        • Catherine Anne Smith

          Our country was not founded on Christian principles. Don’t take my word for it. Read the original documents of the founders and tell us all where anything related to any religion is found. Read any literature from that time period. Do you just make this stuff up? The United States of America is a country. Our government was founded on principles not found in any religion. Our government was, is, and shall remain, secular. You want a religious country–move to any of those in the Middle-east!

      • sodakhic

        Hey Alexa, you forgot Paula Jones, sexual harrassment, Kathleen Willey, groping, Gennifer Flowers , affair, Jaunita Broderick and Elizabeth Ward Gracen, rape. Quite a resume, but at least he and Gingrich balanced the budget.

      • Was Clinton married when he got that blowjob? Was it from someone other than his wife? Yes to both. So that constitutes cheating, too.

        • Gilly

          Why don’t you hold your own party to that same standard Amanda? You will get more respect when your consistent about your moral outrage. When it only applies to Democrats it makes you look foolish and probably pisses off your God.

      • Cozette

        Bill Clinton committed perjury about that blow job. It wasnt just a lie, he was under oath and he was impeached for it. I seriously question the character of someone who makes comments like “it was just a blow job”. It was also sexual harrassment. I am amazed at the feminists who just ignore this fact.

    • Yes, God must really hate that the platform focused on helping the poor, the working class, & the disenfranchised instead.

      • Cozette

        What is obama’s plan for helping the poor? Keep doing what they have been doing? Pouring money at them? To keep doing what you have been doing and expect different results is insanity. How about we cut off the food stamps, ADC, free housing, free utilities, prolonged unemployment, make single fathers pay child support, give Norplant inserts to teenage mothers after first baby, and put all of these “poor” people to work doing the jobs “Americam people dont want to do” and,thus putting the illegals out of business and they can go back home.

    • blueniner

      Alexa is just jealous of Monica Blewinski…….

  • Tiffany Mosley

    Hey y’all! Hitler gave great speeches too! Anyone can lie and make it sound good. That’s why they hire writers to write their speeches or them. If you had any sense you could see through the crap coming from their mouths. If they walked the walk instead of just talking the talk we wouldn’t be having this argument. Way to stand up for what you believe Bristol. God bless America, we’re going to need it.

    • Gilly

      Stay classy Tiffany! Bristol DEMANDS it!

  • Lynn

    DNC = Do Not Choose!!!

  • Stacey Novello

    I am a Christian .. I voted for Obama .. and I will vote for Obama again .. how is wrong that woman should be able to make their own choice ? How is wrong to end discrimination against people who fight for YOUR and My freedom..and their choice on who they want to love .. obviously that I’m not a bad judgement of character because I do like You, Bristol. I also have a good sense of voting skills because my whole plan was to strictly vote for you and && Mark ..but with comments about people being Christian and what not ..I don’t see that as very *uplifting* or positive ….be the better in the world .. keep rude or closed minded comments in your head.

    • Cozette

      Why would you vote for obama?

  • Ben

    This post proves that republicans never have any real arguments or rebuttals about the issues. Obama and Biden brought up some great points tonight, yet all you can focus on is this? Making the same straw man arguments that have been made before. You’re trying to distract from the real issues. Find some new insults, Bristol. If you post an intelligent response to the DNC then we can debate like mature adults. But as long as you keep posting stuff like this I can’t take you seriously.

    • Cozette

      What were the “great points”? I missed them.

  • Izzy

    You say godless like it is a bad thing. How quickly do we forget how godly people run airplanes into WTC on 9/11?

    • Cozette

      God had nothing to do woth 9-11, you are deceived. Allah is not the God of the Jews or Christians.

  • ASM

    Be careful, sweetie. A lot of Democrats, Independents and non-political people enjoyed watching you and Mark dance. Be kind in your posts. I cringed when I saw your headline. Don’t throw light on the bad stuff. There are good people in the left and middle and outside this evening…

  • Ben

    Republicans make signs saying “Obama bin Lyin”
    Republicans draw Hitler mustaches on Obama.
    Republicans have called democrats “socialist czars” (which doesn’t even make sense)
    Republicans think Obama is a Muslim.
    Republicans think Obama wasn’t born in America.
    Republicans want to “chop off Democrats heads” come November.

    Where’s the dignity, Republicans?

  • Mary g.

    I hate the way you always generalize people on the left. It’s so annoying.

    • Jennifer

      People on the left generalize people like me on the right all. …. day….long….. I’ve got no time to repeat the litany of things I and my fellow Right Wing compatriots are guilty of, just because someone ‘told’ you that’s how we are. You want this to stop? Take a good, hard, long look at your fellow Left Wing compatriots. Look at the message they send out and WHY they do it: To divide America. I don’t know you, Mary and I would not even start generalizing your life, but if it’s so annoying to you, then stop doing it yourself.

      • Gilly

        Are you kidding Jennifer! You actually think the Left is the party trying to divide America? What a joke. YOUR side uses God to divide. YOUR side uses economic disparity to divide. YOUR side uses fear to divide. My side admitted last night that we don’t do everything right, that neither side has all the answers or contains all the wisdom. My side asked for cooperation and shared commitment and sacrifice. Face it…the Republican party is the party of ME ME ME and GREED GREED GREED….all wrapped up in Jesus and the flag. People are seeing through this finally. Your charlatans. Your the kind of people Jesus would have swept off the steps of the temple.

  • CaliforniaGirl

    I would rather stand with a party that lets me make my own health choices about my body than one that doesn’t.
    Do people wonder why republicans have a hard time attracting women voters?

    • Cozette

      I am a woman who is voting for Romney. No one but you can make health choices about your body except you, until 2014 when obamacare goes into effect. Then you lose choice.

    • Jennifer

      I am a woman who is voting for Romney because Obama is forcing me to pay for contraceptives and abortion on my health insurance -even though as a Catholic, I am against it. Yes, I want to choose to be free from someone shoving artificial hormones in my system, clogging the public water system with excess Estrogen. I also want to choose that every life -from conception on- is blessed and should be given a chance to live. There’s no ‘forcing’ you to do anything except PAY FOR YOUR OWN SEXUAL LIFE! Become a mature human being and choose to be responsible for your own choices and PAY FOR THEM.

  • Dave

    These people you mention are not the majority of democrats. Do your research before you make such over generalizing statements.

  • Liz


    God Bless you, Bristol.

  • sodakhic

    Clint Eastwood really hit the nail on the head with that empty chair routine. Obama didn’t come close to the buildup slick Willie gave him. Empty and childish is more like it. Way to go DNC, celebrate abortion, contraception, nix God and Israel. The party of extremists. Hold on to your hat in Hollywood, Bristol, could be a wild couple of months.

    • Gilly

      Romney got ZERO bounce from the RNC. That pretty much says it all. Cant wait for the debates so our President can wrap this up. And I’m really looking forward to watching moderate republicans get rid of the Sarah Palin’s and the Tea Partiers and bring back some sanity to the Republican party. The extreme right needs to either go away or form their own party where they can become the fringe that everyone ignores while the grownups work on solving problems.

  • Piet

    LOL. Republicans talking about dignity is like pigs talking about hygiene (my excuses to the pigs for this analogy).

  • I find the entire convention a sad situation. Stick to your guns, Bristol. You are completely right.

  • James

    Newsflash, you know the real news, not Faux News. We don’t have problems attracting christians voters. 85 % of the country is christian and we outnumbered the republicans last election and we are going to do it again in this one. You see Bristol, if you believe in God then you have to trust that God knows what he is doing when he gives Obama the highest power in the land. God is going to give it to him again because he is on the side of right. You use his word to discriminate and judge people and he is smacking you down for it. It’s a shame you don’t see it. But no matter, right will win out again. Your snotty words and the words of your clueless mother cannot take away the pride, beauty, enthusiam and greatness that was witnessed at the DNC. Frankly, your jealousy is oozing from your pores here because your party cannot say the same. No one is voting FOR the republican nominee, they are voting against Obama. It’s great to be on the side of all people, not just those who are just like me. God is not a republican…you would do well to figure that out. I am proud that I have great people to vote for, warms my heart and I know God is on our side.

    • Heather Shirey

      I am so glad you personally asked God if he was a republican or not LOL Seriously Dems are all about abortion which is MURDER and Gay marriage which is a sin so I would be VERY shocked if God sent a message through YOU to tell everyone who he afflilates himself with. Good lord I will pray for you.

      • Gilly

        Sounds like Heather needs to be reminded what Jesus says about money in the bible. Sure modern day christians have tried to reinvent Jesus with their “prosperity” spin but truth of the matter is Jesus told us to give our money away to the poor. Jesus is ashamed of the republican party and tired of you using his name. He’s going to punish you one day for it.

      • MiddleRoader

        Adultery is a sin, too (in fact, a mortal sin, in my religion). But it’s not illegal.

    • Isabella

      Sarah Palin said God wouldn’t let the wrong Party win. And he didn’t. 🙂

  • James

    Reading these comments from Bristol Palin republicans shows no more class or dignity than what Bristol was whining about. Take the stick from your own eye bristol. You’ve said worse and God knows it.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    At least the Republicans unlike The Democrats were not the promotes of slavery. The Dems have attempted to cover up their past on the slavery issue it was they that would not give up slavery. Dr. King new the truth and was a Republican himself. Black Americans have been dupped the Dems and for the live of me I can not understand why it is they have gone against the Republicans the party that fought for the slaves to be free.
    James, like always your comments are childish so just go away, and stop sucking on your thumb.

  • GoMichelle

    You are calling for dignity in politics? Who has dignity on your side Bristol? Rush Limbaugh? Ann Coulter? Your mother? How about Glen Beck? Or Sean Hannity? Bill O’Reilly? Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Junior, You?

    All of the above have said the most hateful things about our President and Ms. Fluke. Yes, Bristol a call for dignity is in order…IF you weren’t such a hypocrite, I would be willing to listen.

    • JoFro

      I’m sorry, but where is the dignity in your response? And were any of those people you mentioned, at the Republican National Convention, doing anything similar?

    • Dennis Carr

      You already proved you don’t listen! DNC are like Bats, making noise to find their way… Seeking votes to eat while flying in the dard.. I can understand the retoric, I just don’t understand why you believe only one side of any issue, when your only good eye is covered with a condom…

      • Dennis Carr

        That’s DARK, I only have to explain myself to THOSE people.

  • Katie

    Well put Bristol. And for the people who who say that these people at the DNC are not the majority of democrats, ok sure they aren’t but I know that i wouldn’t want to be represented by them with their ignorant slogans.

  • Gilly

    That Bristol doesn’t understand the “Sluts Vote” button proves how ignorant and uninformed she truly is. Republicans are the stupidest people on earth. Are ALL of you home-schooled?

    • TBR

      Silly Gilly at it again…showing your ignorance! You are a Bristol stalker, aren’t you? Admit it. You can’t wait for every post! lol You are one silly groupie.

      • Gilly

        TBR always with the personal insults and never any substance or arguments behind your posts. But I guess it is nice to have a groupie.

        • Bree Merr

          Gilly, your posts are so full of angst and bitterness. My suggestion for your sake is to go to a site that will stroke your opinions. This is obviously a conservative based site so you will certainly be filled with angst here. Or do you have a “fix” need to be agitated, so you can pretend your positions are superior? Very sad because your angst filled need must be dibilitating. . Most of us have a God oriented foundation, which include his standards — and that means a rejection of anti-God oriented standards and rejection of those who support anti God oriented standards. Don’t make it about you or people like you. It is about whose standards are we embracing.

          • Gilly

            Bree your “God oriented foundation” only comes into play when its convenient for you. Just like Bristol you ignore it when it doesn’t fit into your agenda.

    • sodakhic

      Gilly didn’t you listen to Sarah’s speech in ’08. She said she joined the PTA to make her kids public education even better. That would be public unlike all of DC, including the mighty Obamas that send their kids to special, high tuition, private schools. The libs are so phoney they don’t even support their local schools

  • wendy

    Not sure why Palin seeks out to depict issues in the most inflammatory and negative ways. Palin misses the satirical humor completely. The sluts vote button is a response to Rush Limbaugh calling someone a slut because she advocated birth control. Palin is so out of touch with political issues that she misses the real point of the button!

    • Dennis Carr

      Like the one on your forehead?

    • Bree Merr

      Wendy, some may find this humorous or satirical, and proud of it. I too think it is offensive, not only the buttons but much of what the party promotes. People see satire and humor differently depending on what side of the moral fence you are on. This is Bristol’s site and her post are not inflammatory to most of us but rather courageous statements. If they are inflammatory to you than you are on the other side of the fence. People have different foundations for the standards they uphold, don’t they Wendy? That is the bottom line — what foundation is a person’s standard built on?

    • sodakhic

      Wrong Wendy, she advocated that we, taxpayers, pay for her birth control. Get with the program.She can take all the birth control she wants, I have to pay for my Viagra, dear.

      • Pam

        Uh, you might, but thousands of men enjoy viagra courtesy of medicare or other subsidized health care. If men can get a drug related to sex, why can’t women?

        • MiddleRoader

          Personally, I think women should pay a modest co-pay for birth control pills, but it’s not something I’d fall on my sword for. I can see the other side of the arugment. Viagra (when prescribed correctly) is for a medical condition, so there’s a slight distinction there. A better comparison might be vasectomies, which are/were covered in most insurance plans. To me, the issue is very complicated and not nearly as clear-cut as either side would think. However, I know most people on the blog will disagree with me, but I think Obamacare (asuuming it isn’t repealed) is one of the administration’s finest achievements. Y es, it’s not perfect, and the process was messy, and I think it should be tweaked by legislation as we find out what worked and what doesn’t, but it sure beats what we had before.

  • Gilly

    Where was Bristol’s outrage when Hank Williams Jr called our President a “secret muslim who hates America”?

    Was it dignified Bristol when Ted Nugent said this “Obama, he’s a piece of sh*t. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary,” he continued. “You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bi*ch.”

    • Dennis Carr

      Jeez, I missed all that, funny I am looking the wrong way when truth is said… Must be election year

      • Gilly

        You must be watching Fox News. They love Ted Nugent and Hank and would NEVER report anything truthful about them.

        • sodakhic

          And Bill Mahre, a lib saint. Can’t even print what he says.

    • Bree Merr

      Gilly, why are you expecting Bristol to comment on these statements. She can choose to comment on what she wants. I have not heard her validate their choice of words. They did not speak on behalf of anyone but themselves. They did not distrubute these saying at a political rally. Gilly you have a pitiful desire to put Bristol down. Why? Your little rant here is from your combative heart. Do you have your own blog to be able to take care of your angst and write all about how you are upset with what others say. You should do that. I won’t visit and question you, because it it your heart that is filled with this angst and you can say whatever you want. What you are upset about and what others are upset about differ because of the different foundatons of the different standards. It does not matter how upset that may make you, that is how it is.

      • Gilly

        Bree why do you feel the need to constantly defend Bristol Palin? Are you related to her? Is your life so small that you have nothing to do all day but wait until someone says something that you disagree with so you can lecture and scold them? Why do you feel the need to impose the foundation you chose to live by on everyone else? I assume you consider yourself a conservative and that freedom is one of the the country’s most precious commodity. If so then why not extend that freedom to everyone? Why do you get to define what it means? We have freedom of speech so why shouldn’t I come here and say whatever I like? You should be defending my right to do so. Stop being so combative and act more like God wants you to act.

        • Bree Merr

          I can defend her or I can do what you do.. I am conservative so yes of course I defend her. You of course do not. That is not hard to understand is it? I don’t know her but I know the conservative foundation. Many do make comments that are unnecessary. That is their responsibility. To answer your previous comment on a previous post… God’s foundation we do not make. God did. We choose to accept it or not. I know you do not understand and cannot help it. If you are contrary to his foundation (Word) that is a choice. Others choose to accept His foundation. I am never surprised at your comments or those like you. I understand you want to have your own standards instead of a Higher Power stating what His atandards are.

    • MiddleRoader

      In fairness, Hank Williams Jr., Nugent, and Maher are not politicians and shouldn’t be held to the same standards. Personally, I don’t much care what they say. But elected officials and politicians SHOULD have some standards of decency. However, many don’t. My issue with Bristol’s post is it implies the lack of dignity is all the side of the Democratics. She neijn ed look no further than her mother to find a similar lack on the Republican side. Sarah Palin has said Obama should grow “a big stick,” (maybe she’s been following Rihanna’s tweets to Piers Morgan) and lacks the “cajones” that Gov. Brewer has (an insult to both Obama and Brewer, when you think about it.) While I don’t agree with the name calling on either side, it’s just a distraction. We (and the media) should resist the temptation to focus on the language and concentrate instead on the substance. For instance, I find much more offense in Palin’s comments that Obama is a Socialist than I do that he is a eunuch. We can fact-check and have substantive debate on the former; I surely don’t want to fact-check the latter!

  • Tammy

    I know, you Democrats can only sling back hatred and name calling since you can’t actually defend that such slogans are actually classy.

    • Gilly

      You hit the nail on the head Tammy. Republicans are interested in APPEARANCES above all else. Doesn’t matter that their policies hurt people. Doesn’t matter that they offered NO solutions at their convention. The DNC this week looked like America…the RNC looked like America in the 1950’s…which is where most conservatives would like to take us back t0o. Well guess what..the 50’s weren’t that great and times have changed. Get over it and grow up.

      • Dennis Carr

        The 50’s weren’t so great? Just out of high school and the only cars on the road were American? Never went a day without a job… Sorry Gilly, your ballon just deflated..

        • Gilly

          Tell that to women and blacks and see what they have to say about it. Or asks the children who played in clouds of toxic chemicals sprayed all over their neighborhoods.. Good times.

    • Cathi Smith

      So, calling a young law student a “slut.” Is that a name? Is it meant to be hateful?

  • Gilly, are you aware that home schooled students score very highly on the SATs, PSATs, etc? How were your scores, were they good enough to get you into an Ivy league college? If not, keep your thoughts to yourself. Bristol, my parents were Democrats who worked hard to get people out to vote, ran for local offices, etc and I can tell you, this is not the same party as it was in the 50’s-70’s. Between reading through the Bible afew times and listening to my son(MBA in Finance from Columbia Univ), I left the Democratic party. Also, did you know that the Southern Democratic Party started the KKK and their platform was ok’d by the rest of the party? Those rascals hung over 3,000 blacks and 1,000 whites ,many were Republicans who believed that Blacks were not only human beings but deserved the right to vote.

    • Keri Norton

      Well said Eileen!

    • Dennis Carr

      Only the TRUTH will set you free..and the Republicans..

      WIKIPEDIA: “Despite the efforts of groups like the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate black voters and white Republicans, assurance of federal support for democratically elected southern governments meant that most Republican voters could both vote and rule in confidence. For example, an all-white mob in the Battle of Liberty Place attempted to take over the interracial government of New Orleans. President Ulysses S. Grant sent in federal troops to restore the elected mayor.

      However, in order to appease the South after his close election, Rutherford B. Hayes agreed to withdraw federal troops. He also overlooked rampant fraud and electoral violence in the Deep South, despite several attempts by Republicans to pass laws protecting the rights of black voters and to punish intimidation. Without the restrictions, voting place violence against blacks and Republicans increased, including instances of murder. Most of this was done without any intervention by, and often with the cooperation of, law enforcement.”

    • Pam

      Home school students perform no better than their true counterpart students in public school. When you compare like students to like students, for example same socio-economic/race/parental involvement/etc , the students perform similarly. Many studies in fact show that traditional public/private school students perform better than home schooled children on many standardized tests, both those in lower and post-secondary levels.
      As a public school student/graduate and college bound young person, my in-school standardized testing scores were consistently in the 99th percentile and my ACT, SAT and MCAT scores where within the 98th percentile. All six of my children have also consistently scored above the 98th percentile all through elementary, middle and high school. However, my neighbor, who home schools her children, reports that all of them had to repeat the third grade. Hmmmm, I wonder what that would be about.

  • Keri Norton

    I don’t understand why people need to say hateful things about someone expressing there opinion on their own blog. If you believe the democratics are fine in what they did take the high road and keep your mouth shut. Or at least POLITELY disagree…you don’t need to call names.

    • Ronda

      Agreed Keri….

    • Dennis Carr

      Silly you, you can’t shoot with an empty gun, even democraps know this.

  • myr

    We are not respobsible for Condoms & Abortion..We are tired of our hard income money
    (we the taxpayers) paying for it!! get a LIFE you Liberals..

  • Lisa

    The “Sluts Vote” button is in reference to Sandra Fluke and the awful things Rush Limbaugh has said about her. I don’t agree with Romney/Ryan at all, but I don’t think Bristol’s page is the place for all of this arguing. Everyone here posting is older than Bristol. Let’s set a better example people.

  • Katelyn

    I am going to have to agree the buttons are a bit extreme!! We live in an amazing country who allows us to vote on our president. We shouldn’t focus on the race, gender, political party, etc. but the real issues that the candidates are talking about. We should educate ourselves on that and then vote on who presented the best argument to making our country great for the next four years.

    I will get off my soap box now. Love the blog Bristol, and can’t wait to watch Dancing with the Stars.

  • Jason

    Actually, Gilly, statistics show that home-schooled children average higher on testing scores than children who go to public schools.

    I really love the liberal mentality of “the Republicans do it, too!” Yeah, so that makes it okay? No, it doesn’t, and if the Democrats really wanted to prove that they were the different, better, more mature party, then they wouldn’t be handing out such rubbish at their convention.

    • Gilly

      Hey Jason can you provide the statistic that shows the percentage of home-schooled children who take the SAT or PSAT versus those who do not?

      Hilarious you calling out liberals for stating that Republicans “do it to mentality”. I can plan that game too..

      I really love the conservative mentality of “the Democrats do it too!” Yeah so that makes it ok? No it doesn’t and if BRISTOL PALIN really wanted to prove that they were the different, better, more mature party then SHE wouldn’t be posting such rubbish on her blog.

      • section9

        Well, no. Look, the President obviously wanted any reference to God and Jerusalem being the capitol of the State of Israel left out of the Platform. Then, when Axelrod found out what a bonehead move that turned our to be, they jammed it back into the platform. Kind of revelatory, don’t you think?

        The Democrats used to be a party that formed alliances with the Catholic Bishops (see Al Smith in 1928) that helped them form a governing coalition. Now, the disdain for the Church among Ruling Class Democrats is palpable.

        Bristol Palin isn’t your problem. Your problem is in your own Party.

        • Gilly

          Why does government have to be in bed with any religious group? Since republicans want this country to be ran like a business I assume that all of you ONLY work at companies who clearly state their religious beliefs and promote Christian based values. Correct? To not do so would be extremely hypocritical.

        • Cathi Smith

          Back in the 1920s, the Catholic Church was not opposed to abortion, except in its concern for the health of the pregnant woman or girl. The Catholic Church of today is another animal altogether. It is rapidly misogynistic, as evidenced by its attacking its own women religious. The Catholic Church has become morally bankrupt and has been called to task by the Prime Minister of Ireland, a country that had all but institutionalized Catholicism as a state religion. The disdain for the Catholic Church is “universal” i.e: “catholic.” It has become a rebid dog.

    • Pam

      If you truly compared homeschoolers to their actual true counterparts (IE socio-economic, parental involvement, educational experience, race, etc), you’ll find that homeschooling does not give an edge to the students. Many studies find that, overall, students in traditional public/private school settings do better academically than their homeschooled peers, when you eliminate natural bias between the two unbalanced groups.
      That said, if you compare public school students at large (meaning–all students) to home school students, then yes, you’ll see a better score.

  • Ronda

    Our Words FORM our World…Bristol, this is Your Blog and I for one subscribe to it because, I enjoy reading it, and I stand for what is right.. God Bless you and your family..

  • harpuayem

    hard income money’d.

  • bellagrazi

    Stay classy, Democrats.

    • Gilly

      They did stay classy bella. Once again this is a MANUFACTURED problem to garner attention for Bristol so her mindless followers will be sure and vote for her in a dancing contest. Classy stuff eh?

  • Charli Chad

    Agreed. No class whatsoever. Girls openly admitting they’re sluts and being proud of it? No self respect. Sadly, that’s society these days. In the end they’re the ones who are insecure and hurting. Love you, Bristol! Keep up the honesty. Hope you go far like your mother 🙂

  • openmindkingsley123

    Wow! Way to take things out of context. Perhaps maybe one should think a little deeper into the message and maybe not take things at face value (not to get on my soap box but I think we should all be doing that during and election so that we can all make an informed decision on who we vote for). I don’t think the girls who have the “sluts vote” buttons are admitting to fact that they are “sluts” and “have no dignity.” I think perhaps that was a poke at the fact the many conservatives are labeling girls who take birth control or, heaven forbid, might actually support a women’s right to choose as someone who is a “slut” and thus are only representing what they are being labeled as by the opposing party. Just putting that out there.

  • David

    “Once You Vote Black, You Are Hooked On Krak”.
    “Sluts Vote – Flukes Vote.”

  • Julia

    Slut is being reclaimed. It’s a way to turn that particular insult around and not be ashamed to be a woman who enjoys sex thoroughly. And sluts do indeed vote. So what? Also, Dems don’t have trouble getting the main stream Christian vote. They have trouble getting the hard core, fundamentalist Christian vote. But what we lose there, we make up for in gays, blacks, atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus. Muslims, immigrants, transgendered people, young people, college grads…etc…you keep your demographics…we’ll keep ours. If everyone in America voted, Dems would win by landslides. And the right knows that, that’s why they’re introducing voter suppression laws in the states. It’s sickening. Sluts are people too! One might venture to call you a slut, Bristol, for your obvious break with traditional values, i.e, a child out of wedlock. I say, own it. Be yourself and be proud. And everyone, vote!

    • Gilly

      Excellent post Julia!

    • Dave

      VERY well said. Women have sex outside of marriage, republicans need to deal with that!

    • sodakhic

      I have to show an id to vote, don’t you Julia?

    • markk

      You said: “Slut is being reclaimed. It’s a way to turn that particular insult around and not be ashamed to be a woman who enjoys sex thoroughly.”

      Wow, what a warped, twisted, and perverted way of thinking. This should not be the label for someone. “…enjoys sex thoroughly” is how God made us. Only you, in your twisted way, could label that as a “slut”.

      You are an embarrassment to humanity.

  • Wasillamom

    First time reader, first time poster.
    I’m rather embarrassed for you Bristol.
    Your words might have more impact if self improvement was part of your plan in life. Self improvement includes things like higher education, parenting classes, etc.
    Just a suggestion. Anyway hopefully, you don’t pay somebody to write this screed for you.

    • liberty

      Wasillamom= MORON

      • Pam

        okay liberty, this is the second post that I’ve seen that you’ve personally attacked someone by calling names because the poster said something you didn’t like. Grow up little child.

  • Gilly

    Since Bristol is so concerned with dignity I’m sure she will soon post her outrage at the RNC attendees who threw peanuts at a black camerawoman covering the event and yelled “this is how we treat animals”.

    • Bree Merr

      (Saul Alinsky) Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

      Supossedly ridicule cannot be rebuffed, which is why attackers use the tactic. The wise speak wisdom, the kind hearted speak kindness and the ridiculous speak ridicule. No need to rebuff. Let S. Alinsky followers reveal themselves as whining, “ridiculous” manipulators.
      More S. Alinsky rules the leftist use as tactics — http://vcn.bc.ca/citizens-handbook/rules.html

    • MiddleRoader

      In fairness, the peanut-throwers were ejected. The behavior was racist and outrageous, but the the RNC did not support or protect it. In fact, in the CNN camerawoman’s own words, “it’s not exclusive to Republicans, it could have happened anywhere, in Washington, D.C. or even at the Democratic National Convention.” I greatly admire that she did not turn it into a political issue. Sadly, this apparently isn’t her first brush with racism. Again, in her own words, “We haven’t come that far. Black people have been in bondage longer then they have been free. Stuff like this will continue to be a part of the black experience.” Yet she is not giving any more interviews, and wants to put this incident behind her. In my opinion, she’s a woman of true grace and dignity!

      • patriot

        Thank god her last name isn’t Palin or she would have immediately tried to capitalize on it to make some money.

  • Gilly

    How about this for dignity. A Hollywood actor named Clint Eastwood denigrates the office of the Presidency and thousands of Republicans in the audience laugh and cheer. Pretty bad huh? Interesting how most conservatives don’t want actors or singers to speak (shut up and sing right Dixie Chicks) about politics but made a big exception for Dirty Harry. An actor who told his deluded representation of the president to “shut up”. How disrespectful. Then he claimed that our president told him to tell Mitt Romney to go f**k himself. That is beyond disrespectful. Why was that tolerated by the RNC? Do conservative christians now like language like that? Why wasn’t Bristol Palin appalled by this behavior?

  • june

    Back to controlling the responses right Bristol? You inflame but can’t take the heat. You are given examples of reprehesible behaviour by people on your side of the aisle, yet you NEVER take them to task. In the dictionary under HYPOCRITE, there are 2 pictures. One of you and one of your mother.

    • Bree Merr

      The left see the right as deficient, the right see the left as deficient . It is like neighbors arguing w/ a fence between them. One wants gov. to control w/out God’s standard and reject any personal responsibilities. The right wants freedom to chose their own way with personal guidance from a Higher Power. The difference is huge. That is why leftees come to a conservative blog to attempt to control what isn’t theirs, because they have so litttle substance in their minds/hearts. They are unable to establish thot or deeds on their own but depend on on a pre designed mantra. The “standards” they embrace reflect little or no boundaries for themselves while they want to establish controlling boundaries for others. Control is the name of their game, and the meaning of self respect is pitifully absent. Their mantra is void of substance, which is why they are here instead of having their own blog site. They cannot state a position. They can only whine and “tattle” on someone else’s blog .

    • Bree Merr

      June, do you think you have thot this thru? Look at the caustic posts here. Full of attack nonsense. Do you have your own blog that is as open as you suggest?

      • Pam

        ‘thot’ is not a word. The word you want is spelled t-h-o-u-G-H-t

        • MiddleRoader

          Quibbling, I know, but I think “thot” is becoming an accepted internet slang for thought. (like thru, nite, b/c or cuz, etc.) I have noticed a few typos (or should I say, typographical errors) in my own posts, and if there’s a way to edit a post after sending it, I don’t know it. Bree’s point was clear. I’m in the education field, so these spelling short-cuts do grate on me, but these are blog posts, not research papers.

  • Aly

    Quite frankly Bristol I don’t care if you were offended by this, because you’re not voting for Obama anyway.

    • Bree Merr

      Aly, neither am I voting for BHO and lots of people I know. Thanks due to your post I had the opportunity to say that!!

  • Bo

    Get over yourself, cupcake! I hardly think you have standing to be judging the “dignity” of others . . . or feigning outrage over the use of the word “slut” on a button. Now, if someone were to call YOU a slut, perhaps you would have a . . . oh, yes, I forgot . . . never mind [slut].

    • liberty

      Bo you must be one of those people Rush talks about all the time the MORON VOTER.

  • cathy

    Funny you should ask about dignity! People laughing when audience members yelled, “Kill him”, Clint Eastwood’s speech, the ugly comments you and others have made about the President. I do agree that there should be dignity in the office and from people on both sides. The real question is, “What could you and all of us do to mend the gap and ensure a better future for you, your son, my kids and all of our children?” How can we start to work together?

  • cassandra

    Bristol, I don’t have a clue how you can handle all the nasty ignorant people and their comments. They aren’t about me and I find them so hurtful! You made a mistake but thank God our God is a God of Forgiveness and Mercy… Its not about our past its about what we do after our mistakes! Thank you for being a witness for Christ!

  • Tom Wiley

    I wonder what type of voter Democrats are trying to attract? Sounds like some of the comments here reflect the same values.

  • Linda

    Bristol you need to clean up the mess on your own side of the aisle before you dare attack democrats for not having enough dignity. Calling our president a Muslim, a socialist, a czar, anti-American etc. is much worse than just handing out condoms. If republicans did that you probably would think it was funny.

    • Bree Merr

      So Linda, you say — being a muslim, marxist is a terrible thing? hummmm

  • markk

    You’re right, Bristol. These people have so little self respect, it’s what they’re reduced to. So desperate for political advantage, convinced the world is like them, that all they need to do is to mock the opposition – instead of pushing for the highest and best from all of us.

    I agree with something you’ve said before: the haters will hate, you might as well dance. Let’s add a variant: The haters will hate, you might as well live your life, earn a living, and do what you’re going to do. Living well is YOUR best revenge.

  • Maddy

    No Bristol, you are wrong. Democrats have absolutely no problem attracting Christian voters. They also have no problem attracting Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, atheists, agnostics, gays, minorities, poor people, disabled people, veterans, the elderly, the youth, and women. What they can’t attract are hard-core, fundamentalist Christian voters. You keep your demographics, we’ll keep ours.

    • Pam

      Amen Maddy! As a Mormon Democrat, I wholeheartedly agree!

  • MiddleRoader

    Well, there are at least some Christians supporting Obama, because there were also “Sisters for Obama” buttons being sold. (sisters as in nuns).
    Also, these stickers, etc. are not official DNC items. One reason the RNC had “tamer” buttons, is that the Romney campaign barred many small vendors from selling their wares at the convention site. (so much for being pro small business)
    There’s no scarcity on either sides of tasteless (but sometimes funny) political paraphanelia.

  • Julia

    Hey Markk! Firstly, let me tell you how delighted I am to be called an “embarrassment to humanity” by an online holy roller who knows nothing of me but one paragraph I contributed to a comment section on a blog. No doubt Jesus Christ would be the first to endorse that kind of judgment. Props to you. And secondly, a little background on the word “slut.” A slut, in the original English, referred to an unkempt woman. You know the type…has runs in her stockings, doesn’t keep the laundry folded, maybe doesn’t consider homemaking to be her highest goal…this is definitely not a good thing to be, as a woman, back in 1400’s England. As time progressed, the insult married two ideas that often came in one package: a woman who engages in sex outside of marriage might also be a woman who doesn’t value being a proper wife and with that, did not value the celebrated characteristics of a good, traditional wife. So. A slut is a woman who has sex outside of marriage and might be a little sloppier than her smiling counterparts featured in every single cleaning product commercial on television. Well. Call me a slut (and I’m sure you will!) because I’m no virgin, I’ve never married and my homemaker skills are certainly lacking: good thing my slut-loving boyfriend helps make up the difference.

    • Bree Merr

      WHEW!! Don’t we just all admire you!!! Have you thot about being a researcher for someone on the left who likes you style of research? Surely many do.

  • Julia

    And in terms of who is and is not a slut, as far as young ladies go, most of us are sexually active before and/or outside of marriage: the difference is that liberal sympathizes admit it, own it and don’t think there’s a damn thing wrong with it, if you have half a brain and do it safely and because YOU want to, not because some guy wants you to. Girls on the right just fake like they don’t do it, and when they get caught, play like it wasn’t their fault and it was just a big mistake. I feel for those girls because they aren’t owning their sexuality, and therefore treat it like an offense if not accompanied by a ring and a promise. Way to give yourself a victim complex. Might even be able to sell a story like that, make a few bucks, who knows.

    • MiddleRoader

      Think you are being way too judgmental here. There are still plenty (well, maybe not plenty but some), who for religious or other reasons, choose to be celibate until marriage, and a few of them might even be liberal. Their choice to make that decision should not be denigrated.

    • Bree Merr

      so help me here. If a person admits it, own it etc. all is ok? If a bigot admits it, owns it etc. all is OK? if a pervert admits it, owns it, etc. all is ok? You sure you want to go down that road?

  • LOL

    Hey Maddy, since you are obviously a genius, tell me why so many Democrats are changing their party affiliation? Are they “hard core fundamentalists”? Or are they just “stupid”? Listen, I have personally registered hundreds of new voters from all generations, but especially shocking is the number of senior citizens abandoning the party. Why are they abandoning the party? Are you implying that voters from the Greatest Generation are crazy, hard core fundamentalist Christians? If so, then other “hard core fundamentalists” ought to take it as a compliment to share the ranks with the Greatest Generation. I’ll tell you what: when delegates deny God three times on a convention floor, that doesn’t merely affect “hard core fundamentalists.” It affects anyone with any reverence for God and our founding principles. If you want to paint the Republicans as extreme, sure, go for it. But it’s painfully obvious who the real extremists are.

  • AnnA

    Hey LOL, our founding principles include separation of Church and State. The Constitution does not even refer to God. It actually makes sense that a party’s platform does not as well. And no, that should not affect anyone who believes in God.

  • Jacinda

    Your right Bristol, I saw the same things and thought how raunchy. I’m sure some democrats don’t express themselves like that, many are not supporting their party this year. Just from reading social media I can tell you a lot of democrats are some nasty people.

    • Ralph

      Rush Limbaugh is the nasty person who introduced that term to the discussion.

  • Ralph

    OMG!!!! It is RUSH who continuously introduces “indignity” into the political discussion, he started this particular ball rolling. How could you even pretend the conservatives are “dignified”???

  • Bristol, I think the real question is: “How is there even one Christian that will vote Democrat?”

    • Sandy M.

      In speaking of Paul Ryan’s proposed budget last April, Catholic bishops protested that the cuts “will hurt hungry children, poor families, vulnerable seniors and workers who cannot find employment.” From what anyone has been able to discern, the Romney budget will be even more draconian. Recognizing this Trey, I’d say that the REAL question is, How is there even one Christian that will vote Republican?”

    • Pam

      Because if Jesus was here on earth right now, He’d vote Democratic. Think carefully about what He stood for, and what He did. He threw the money changers out of the temple. He fed the hungry. He healed the sick. He took care of people that the rich people didn’t give a rats rear about.

  • Bonny Batman

    Isn’t it amazing how — what you say, who says it, and when — HOW it really speaks volumes.
    At the Dem convention trying to appeal to voters everywhere you print buttons that say —
    Once you vote black, you’ll never go back and Sluts Vote. Hum?? Wonder what does that mean??

  • Tara

    There are crazy republicans who say and do shameful things as well Bristol. Nobody is innocent Your blogs seem very hatefull against democrats.

  • Tara

    These people have been repressed thats why they are acting this way

  • AFS

    Can you please explain where Jesus said anything negative about condoms or sex? I seriously doubt he would have a problem with “sluts” since he hung out with prostitutes all the time.

    Not to mention – those are mighty high words for someone who had a child out of wedlock. Slut shaming, really Bristol? You of all people would have more common sense than that, since, you know, the whole being an actual slut thing.

    Also, thanks for denouncing the racist delegates at the RNC who threw peanuts and made animal noises at a CNN reporter. Oh wait, you never did.

    • Isabella

      How DARE you! FYI Bristol’s innocence was STOLEN from her while unconscious ( Tripp will understand why his mom told the whole world how he was conceived, she PROVIDES, not a mooch like lazy Dems) anywhoo AFS Bristol is a re-born virgin and all God fearing TRUE Christians know it, so there! You’re just JEALOUS!

      • way to go, yes. We know what being a Christian means its not about being perfect its about knowing we’re forgiven, funny how libs try to know about Christian faith they only pay attention to a few details

  • Tara

    ISABELLA…..again hatefull words. LAZY DEMS is just mean. Bristol is leading the hate against democrats by starting this post to begin with. She being an instigator and your falling for it.

    • Isabella

      You forgot to add that she is a VIRGIN, a REBORN VIRGIN I say!! Now get over your jealousy and marvel at the miracle God granted this selfless pure non-slut Single Mother of the Century: a new hymen grown by virtue of being ABSTINENT. And yes all Dems are lazy only Patriots are employed in this Republic and NOT ONE of them gets those freebies Mama Grizzly roars against. So THERE!

      • Jessie

        Isabella: “So there”? Really? Is this the fifth grade? I’m having, “I know you are, but what am I?” flashbacks right now.

        Bristol: I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that Democrats can’t be Christians, or Christians can’t be Democrats, or that only Republicans can get Christians to vote for them. I consider myself to be a Christian who tries to be a good person and love as Christ loved, and I typically lean liberal/Democratic on most political issues.

        That being said, it drives me crazy when people who disagree with each other call each other “haters” and in the same (figurative) breath, say hateful things. AFS, you totally negated your point and lost the argument that Bristol is hateful when you called her a slut. That itself is hateful, and none of your business, and not the point. Bristol didn’t call anyone a slut, the buttons at the DNC did. Isabella, Bristol’s being a born-again virgin or not is, again, none of your business, and not the point. And seriously, you need to come up with something better than, “So there…you’re just jealous.”

        When did Republican vs. Democrat become such a personal war that we lose sight of the things we disagree on and finding ways to come together so that everyone can feel like they’re being heard and their government is working for them? When did everything become about beating the other side, and not about doing right by the citizens of the nation? Election season used to really excite me…now it makes me cringe, because the people that I would have disagreed with who would have had an intelligent conversation with me about how we see things differently, now want nothing more than to attack my character, my beliefs and my competency, and the people I would have agreed with are attacking the character, beliefs and competency of the other side, thereby negating all good that could come out of debate. It’s just…sad.

        • Reallynow

          Short answer, Fox News

        • Isabella

          Sigh..there are many (ok, a few) things I’m good at, but obviously sarcasm via the Internets ain’t one of them.

          • Reallynow

            I got ya Isabella 🙂

  • patriot

    What’s undignified is Sarah palins response to the violence in the middle east. She and mitt Romney should be ashamed of their comments.

    • Reallynow

      But that’s the way it is now, and I’m afraid it will never go back. We have people like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck, Levin, Fox News, Sarah Palin who create this divide and this hatred. They work people up into a frenzy of absolute hatred for the other side. The divide and conquer mentality. It drives me nuts.

      • MiddleRoader

        Amen, sister or bro! I happened to catch both Ann C. and Michelle M. on Hannity last night and they were vile and appalling. What’s sad, is that there are valid issues, such as security and a possible intelligence failure, that should be discussed (and I’m sure they are, behind the scenes.) But they all get lost in the overblown political firestorm. That sad, it’s just my opinion, and I guess it’s a judgement call, but I think Pres. Obama should have refrained from campaigning for one day. I’m glad he ordered the flag to be half-staff tho.

        • Reallynow

          Yes, our side isn’t perfect either. And you are right, President Obama should NOT have gone to Vegas today.

          It is very hard to get a clear picture of anything in politics these days through all the mind numbing noise. With pundits SCREAMING in our ears 24 hours a day. They don’t claim to be unbiased journalists, therefore they don’t have any integrity. Although channels like Fox News claim to be fair and balanced, EVERY anchor has their marching orders and it shows. The few left leaning pundits are ridiculed and talked over at every turn. The morning show is a JOKE and so hateful.

          I feel sorry for people who take everything these pundits say as fact and will place their vote accordingly. How many on the right still believe President Obama was not born here? How many believe he is a Muslin? How many believe he is a communist? So Sad and so wrong.

    • Mariah

      Ali, they are trolls. They have nothing better to do with thier lives. If they have a life.

  • Tara

    Sara Palin is trying to lead the hate against liberal democrats and Bristol is following in her mothers footsteps because she doesn’t know any better. To all my fellow democrats and fellow none haters…..lets just feel sorry for the both. Bristol is still young and very impressionable. Lets just pray Sara and Bristol have a miraculous epiphany

  • i am sorry the dumb comments people leave. really you all have some problems at mid night posting crap if you don’t agree with her then read blogs you do agree with. Cause You are the ones with hate not Bristol for posting a blog….

    • Gilly

      Posted by Ali Garr at 11:38 PM! LOL!

  • Tara

    Its all the banks fault. Banks control every president. The middle east just wants gold for their oil because everyone else pays them in gold or euro. They dont want our dollar anymore because its not worth the gold it used go be. So the united states will force them inro exepting our dollar. Its like a game a chess

  • Tara

    Its all the banks fault. Banks control every president. The middle east just wants gold for their oil because everyone else pays them in gold or euro. They dont want our dollar anymore because its not worth the gold it used go be. Oue dollar ia nor eorth anythi g anymore to the world. That is why (buy ypur gold) stores are popping up all over. So the united states will force the middle east into exepting our dollar. Its likeabout stealing oil. Because theyi will neverforce get theirmy money back. Its like a game a chess