Checking the Mail

Checking the Mail January 14, 2013

With his mama! 

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  • melory

    They sure are obsessed with her, aren’t they? How do we hate her, let us count the ways… Bless their hearts! If they only knew how they are hurting themselves with all that hate!

    Sarah is happy and her enemies know it!

  • melory

    Bristol you are so blessed to have this beautiful blue-eyed angel in your life, and little Trig!

  • Jeremiah

    Hate her Melory? I don’t thing Colin Powell hates Sarah Oalin necessarily ( I doubt he even thinks much about her actually) but he does hate her racist comments. And Game Change won accolades for being a well made, compelling look into how national political elections operate. I don’t think any of them are hurt. And I don’t think Sarah Palin looks or sounds very happy.

  • melory

    Powel is a racist/racebaiter.
    A movie based on lies – made with the purpose to assinate the character of another person and destroy reputation – then turn around and applaud and award yourself for it- sounds like hate to most people.

    You may have noticed that the Hollywood crowd in that room wasn’t applauding as loudly and enthusiasticly as usual – they seemed embarassed. They understand that there may have been a need once to trash Palin, she was a formidable opponent, but now they can see the obsession with her for what it is – sick and hateful – and they know it makes them all look bad. Time to move on.

    You don’t know what happiness looks and sounds like. I bet you did not sleep well last night, couldn’t wait to bring all of this “bad news” to Sarah’s door. You are reveling in the pain of others – that seems to be what makes you happy. And you choose to do it on a thread about a beautiful little blue-eyed angel, shame on you, Jeremiah, you are better than that, and you have such a beautiful name.

    • BethfromCal

      Powel is a racist/racebaiter.? You are disgusting. He points out that Palin tries to get attention by using the term “shuck and jive,” in her Facebook rant, and he is the racist? Wow

  • melory

    Julianne Moore said on Anderson Cooper she did her research about Palin on youtube!! If it is on the internet it is true or what is it that you liberals say. They did not research her record as governor of Alaska, did not read her book, did not watch the movie made by someone who actually researched the public record of Palin. The book Game Change has been debunked, also by people who worked on the McCain campaign, only liberals don’t know that, because they make nasty youtube videos about her and then believe their own lies.

    I will not confuse you with the facts anylonger – have a nice day.

  • Jeremiah

    Oh you’re too funny Melory. Julianne Moore didn’t write the book nor screenplay. The “research” she did was for how to play the part of Sarah. And no, the book and movie have not been debunked. And Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace who were there say its accurate. You have been duped Melory.

    I can’t say it any better than this quote from last night:” Then after Game Change received its third Golden Globe, director Jay Roach told Moore, “Now with you and Tina Fey we have three of the most incredible impersonations of Sarah Palin, counting Sarah Palin.”

    • Truth101

      I hate to burst your leftist sick mind but Roach, Moore, and the rest looked like sick pathetic clowns.
      Four years later and they are still hating on Sarah Palin. Are you freckin kidding me?

      The American people don’t like bullies.

      • BethfromCal

        and 4 years later, the palin clan are still playing the poor me victims, while throwing out bombs to get people like you all riled up. Sucker!!

  • Tootie

    He is a living doll! Mama, don’t forget to discipline him. (I used a switch.) Proverbs teaches it saved our children from hell. To be truthful, it is love, true love.

    • Lisa

      Tootie you’ve just shown us what a rabid religious-nutter red-neck you are. Did you tie your kids to a cross as you whipped them? If the Bible told you to kill your own kids for the sake of purging them of demon seed you would.

  • David

    Tripp is a handsome little Boy.
    Thanks for posting the photo, Bristol.

  • Steve

    Geez, I might be wrong mom, but aren’t his boots on the wrong feed? Cute kid!!

    • melory

      LOL!! You are right, I think you are the only one who noticed that!!! So cute, though!