Two Boys, Two Smiles, One Mountain

Two Boys, Two Smiles, One Mountain May 31, 2013

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  • Firelight

    LOVE the dirty knees!! That is the way it should be for all growing boys!

  • Bree Me

    Beautiful backdrop for such beautiful smiles!!

  • Wow, beautiful background. Dirty knee! He’s all boy, that one.

  • c4pfan

    Great pic!

  • David

    I would be smiling too if all I had to do was turn around to see that View.
    Great Photo!
    Thanks, Bristol.

  • Mary

    What handsome young men! Your son is growing so fast! I am very privilaged to get to watch both of you grow through-out your adventures. Thank you for that privilage!

  • ManxMamma

    Who is the other boy?

  • Friend

    Bristol I don’t like the way Trig has his arm around that other boy. You seem to be encouraging homosexual behavior. I’d be careful and not let this happen anymore. Keep your eyes open!!!!