Wife Swap Question #2: Where Did You Get Your Headboard?

Wife Swap Question #2: Where Did You Get Your Headboard? July 21, 2013

I appreciate all the love and comments I’ve been getting about my time on Wife Swap – it seemed like many of you really enjoyed seeing Melissa Rivers and me switching lives! Through Twitter and Facebook, I’ve gotten some questions about the show, so I thought I’d go through a few of them.

[In case you missed the first one:Why didn’t you just go on Fashion Police?]

Ever since the episode aired, I was also asked a few times about my headboard!  Some of you said you loved it and wanted to buy one just like it.  Some of you wondered if I built it myself.

Well, the truth is… I’m not that handy!  I wish I could run out to the shop and whip something like that together, but I can’t.  I bought my headboard after I returned from Dancing with the Stars, but I got it from a local Alaska place.  In other words, I doubt any of you would want to come all the way up here to update your bed’s look.

Thank you so much for all the compliments on it, though.  It was so fun to decorate my own place here in Alaska!

[In case you missed the show, here are some photos of the headboard, here’s a close up of the headboard, here’s one that shows my cute purple pillows, here’s one that shows the bedding, here’s a view from the side, and here’s one from the front with my cool zebra striped bench!]

Stay tuned for the next Wife Swap question!  (And keep ’em coming — if you have a Wife Swap Question, tweet it to me at @BristolsBlog!)

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