New Viral Video Shows There’s ‘Nothing Down About It’

New Viral Video Shows There’s ‘Nothing Down About It’ August 2, 2017

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I’ve been following a mom called Oakley Peterson on Instagram for years. I didn’t know her story, but she recently opened up to talk about what it was like to give birth to her baby boy…

Three years ago, she gave birth to her first born son. While holding him in her arms, she noticed the nurses standing around talking. Then, one came over and asked, “Have you had him tested for Down syndrome?”

As her husband Scott went with the baby to do the testing, she was flooded with emotion and fear. What if he was? She knew she loved him, but there’s a lot of different emotions that families go through as they consider a very different future than what they’d envisioned. When her husband came back into the room, he confirmed that their son does have the condition.

“As a mom, you feel like you know what’s going to happen, that you have some sort of control over your family… it’s so scary.”

She started a blog called “Nothing Down About It,” and created a super emotional video about her journey that went viral.  Some news organizations picked up it, as well as some celebrities.  In a new video, she talks about what’s been happening in the past few years.  She talks about her tight knit community, the fact that she and two other families purposely bought homes together in their community with other families that include children with Down syndrome.  Also, she talks about dealing with an email she received from a mom who realized she was carrying a child with Down syndrome who wanted to keep the baby even though the father did not.

I know that learning of this diagnosis is sometimes very scary, and I love how open and honest my mom has been about the challenges and the joys she’s faced with Trig.  He was born 9 years ago…  and the past nine years have proven to me — over and over — what an amazing kid he is!  I LOVE him and wouldn’t want him any other way.

I have always loved Oakley, and this makes me like her even more!!! Watch her amazing video here — and share their message and story!

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