Builder Baby Boom

Builder Baby Boom November 18, 2011

Count our family in to the 2012 Building Cathedrals’ Baby Boom…

So far we have:
Red due in January
Awol Mommy due in February
Texas Mommy due in April

And now… B-mama due in May!!!!

In an effort to keep things real for our readers, I’ll be honest and say the news initially took us by storm.  We were shocked, unprepared, and left wondering what God intended for our already-bustling family.  He is so Provident, though, knowing just what we needed before we ever imagined it possible.  He will be so Faithful as we joyfully welcome this little person into our family’s fold.  He is Almighty and will get us through the subsequent season of adjustment and fatigue.  Even in just a few weeks, He has transformed our fears into absolute elation.

His Goodness is especially apparent watching our kids respond to the news and excitement.  Our second claims daily, “I don’t mind if it’s a boy or a girl, I just want more babies!”  What Grace and Goodness we will have raising another soul for His Kingdom.

What a challenge.

What a responsibility.

What a privilege!  Thank you, dear God.  And thanks to our readers for rejoicing with us!  We are thrilled!

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  • The boring blogger

    Thanks for your cheerful real outlook! Once at a party, I heard two woman talking. The first said the very pregnant other, ” I ‘ve got two and we’re through!”. And the pregnant said, “we’re on five and I feel alive!”. I thought it was such a cheerful response!

  • Jurismater

    Bravo for all you boomers! B-mama, your ability to recognize all the graces already shows the openness of your heart. I’m inspired on this Friday afternoon. Thanks for the real and joyful post!

  • E.

    Congratulations!u00a0 Couldn’t happen to a better family.u00a0 And thank you, thank you, for “keeping it real” and admitting that its OK to feel overwhelmed when you’re surprised by another joyful bundle.u00a0 Sometimes I feel that since we are pro-life and vocally against artifical birth control i have a duty to act over the moon with a surprise pregnancy, to show others how joyful new life really is, when inside I’m sort of overwhelmed.u00a0 There are a lot of practical things to think about– where to fit all the carseats, is our salary enough, how much work is too much for me, where will all the babies sleep–u00a0etc etc.u00a0 I think it is OK and realistic to feel that way for a few days, but you are so right when you say the Almighty transforms your fears into elations– a beutiful way to put the naturual and realistic emotions of surprise loves.u00a0 nu00a0nOn another note, my husband and I both know from our parents that we were eachu00a0″surprises,”u00a0 (in his case, too soon after theu00a0wedding for convenience, and in my case, an extra addition to the already complete family) and it hasn’t always been presented to us in a spirit of joy (never with animosity either, but it just never felt good).u00a0 We have vowed never to refer to our children as “mistakes,” but that it is OK to raise our family knowing that God sometimes grants us “joyful surprises” and we compare it to an extra special present you weren’t expecting, which makes it that much more special and fun!nu00a0nPracticing NFP and welcoming surprise joys with an open heart teaches and compels us to trust in the Lord, not just in terms of our family size, but all aspects of life.u00a0It is a great exercise in realizingu00a0we are not in control. u00a0Just as I was in the midst of feeling overwhelmed with our current “surprise” I heard on Catholic radio the other day “the Lord knows what is best for you way more than you know what is best for you.”u00a0 So true.u00a0

  • Elenaculshaw

    Although I only know you via the blog, I have been waiting for this announcement for a few months: u00a0something about the mention of fatigue and crawling back into bed when the baby morning-napped. u00a0I am due with our sixth in early June and am still in the throws of the first trimester – esp. hard this time, even harder than our twins!

  • B-mama

    Elena, you are all too wise, reading between the lines of my earlier comment. u00a0I have had a couple other people mention this too… 🙂 u00a0You all are so smart! u00a0Prayers for your first trimester woes–so glad to have some good fellow sisters on this pregnancy journey with me.

  • Congratulations! And I really appreciate your honest sharing about the feelings, both positive and negative, and how God transforms them all. This is an important and realistic part about being open to the gift of life!

  • JMB

    Congratulations B Mama.u00a0 As much as I enjoyed the middle stages of my pregnancies, I was basically a hot mess for most of the beginnings and the ends.u00a0 God is good!