It’s Handprint Turkey Time

It’s Handprint Turkey Time November 23, 2011

I am so excited and touched the my children have been asking when we are going to do the handprint turkeys. This silly little tradition is fully part of their Thanksgiving. I hope that they will still come back and do it when they are in college. I hope that they will do it with my grandkids. For some reason, it gives me so much joy. I have a lot of the old turkeys somewhere, and I should make an album. My oldest baby is 5 foot 2 inches now, with big hands to match — it goes SO fast!

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  • Jurismater

    That’s so great, MaryAlice. My kids absolutely love the fact that their hands can become turkeys, and I remember loving it as a child. I wish I had been doing it with them every year and saving it, as you say. But I think we’ll start this year! I wonder if maybe I can have them write a few things they’re thankful for on the turkey picture–what a wonderful treasure to have from every year. For some reason I saved my oldest daughters thankful list from her 3 year old preschool and it is one of the most dear keepsakes we have. Going about this in an intentional way, every year, will be such a lovely tradition. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Jurismater

    While we’re on the topic of gratitude, I want to register my disgust at the way stores have allowed Black Friday to seep backward into Thanksgiving Day. I am getting email after email today with “Thanksgiving Day Sale Begins Tomorrow at 6am–Biggest Sale of the year”. Can you imagine leaving your house at 6am on Thanksgiving to go spend the day shopping like a madwoman in order to grab up cheap prices? That is horrifying. One day a year we as a nation are supposed to stay home with our families and give thanks for our incredible blessings. It’s already gross to watch how badly people are behaving this week at the grocery stores, shopping for their Thanksgiving meals, but at least it helps to imagine that they’re doing all this to provide a lovely Thanksgiving Day feast for their family. But turning Thanksgiving Day itself into a consumer fest is sick.

  • Mary Alice

    Totally, my kids visited with Santa at the mall yesterday because we were there for an oil change and he flagged them down.u00a0 He was a super nice Santa, but I could not believe that they had him in place before Thanksgiving!n

  • Helen

    We do these each year with fabric paint on white napkins. u00a0It can add up with multiple children, but I figure with staining/wear and tear, the more the merrier. u00a0