Stocking Stuffers?

Stocking Stuffers? November 26, 2011

Any suggestions for non-junk stocking stuffers? One friend said socks and extra stretchy gloves, my kids always need those, so I thought that was great. I usually put in lip balm, a grapefruit, a little bit of candy, a fun toothbrush.

What do you think?

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  • Rightsaidred Builder

    We do the following–nnew toothbrush, soccer socks, mini lego sets (these are often $5 at Target), gum, nail polish, nail files, new hairbrush or comb, and hair accessories.

  • Jen E Andrews

    Those are good ideas. My girls are gettingu00a0bubble bath, glow bracelots, and christmas stickers from the dollar store. I now have a little boy, though, what does one put in a little boy’s stocking? This is his first Christmas.

  • Klklaw

    For first christmas (our boys were both around 6 mos for their first xmas), I put a bib, pair of socks or two, a sippie cup and a snack cup, little box of cheerios, u00a0a small toy or small board book. u00a0This year the boys are 2.5 and 4.5, so its homemade playdough with a cool rolling pin and cookie cutter, new crayons and a small pad of paper, hot wheels car,u00a0toothbrushu00a0and socks. u00a0

  • Sullibe

    I’m going to try some fun school supplies this year and see how it goes.u00a0 You know, fancy pencils, sketch books for drawing lessons, colored pencils, fun erasers, etc…etc…nThat, some socks, and the customary bag of M&M’s (carried over from my family traditions at Christmas) is going to be our stocking stuffers.n

  • Mary Alice

    hair accessories are a brilliant addition, we never have enough of those.

  • Mary Alice

    And hey, check out this lego snowman set:nn stocking-worthy!!

  • Becky Elmuccio

    My mom used to get those warmer packs for mittens, batteries for the toys that we got and chapstick. Not totally exciting, but totally useful.

  • Mary Alice

    My train of thought — We keep our batteries with our flashlights, and the kids are always trying to steal the flashlights, so maybe I should put mini flashlights in all of the stockings.

  • Anonymous

    This year I am putting in travel coffee mugs so that I don’t freak out over spills when the kids want to take their tea to the learning room. I use one for my coffee, so it make sense that they could do the same! They are expensive, but I’ve used mine for years:u00a0

  • ontheroad

    Fun stamps and writing paper, gel pensu00a0for the ones who can write. Great for thank you’s to relatives after Christmas.

  • Ejhickso
  • I took inspiration from a friend (who will likely read this here and recognize herself!) who took laminated holy cards and punched a hole in each one to string together on a key chain – a great way to keep babies/toddlers quiet during Mass! I found a bunch at our local Catholic store and made this quick and easy “toy” for a stocking stuffer for our toddler.

  • Mary Alice

    Love!u00a0 I often have tea related meltdowns, and feel like a total hypocrite as I carry around my mug!u00a0 We have personalized ones from

  • Mary Alice

    We have a friend who does this too, what a nice idea.

  • Mary Alice

    And postage stamps, for my little penpal, she writes to Red’s daughter so often that I am going broke on stamps 🙂

  • Kate E.

    On the socks note, if you want a fun little splurge, the socks from mismatched are so super cute, if you have that fashion funky kid in your life. Also as a toddler mom they are great since I never seem to have the matched socks (most of ours are plain white) and these come with 3 socks! While more “girly” they usually have one or two styles that will work for boys too.n