While tackling the “to-do” list

While tackling the “to-do” list November 25, 2011


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I found the reflection above very moving, and I hope to keep it in mind as I go about my busy, busy Advent.  It is particularly fitting because we are about to begin braces for our oldest, so I can sympathize with all of the pain and frustration that goes along with that “privilege,” even from the parents perspective.  We have to pay a crazy amount of money to the orthodontist and we have to schedule a ton of appointments, but we are blessed to be able to provide this for our son who needs it.

Also on the subject of “looking on the bright side,” I have been reflecting on the fact that I am not hosting any holiday gatherings this year.  This means that I get to relax a bit more with my family on Christmas morning, spend a little bit of time planning our Christmas breakfast, and head straight up to the ski mountain without a big meal to clean up.  This is sounding so great to me that I may never volunteer to host again!

Deep in our hearts we know that the things on our December list are things that we choose to do, or things that we get to do, but they will come at us so fast and furious, and it requires some effort to stay positive throughout.

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