Book basket Notes for October

Book basket Notes for October October 1, 2012

My preschoolers are transitioning from apples to pumpkins.

My early elementary will learn about Columbus this month, then the settlers/Thanksgiving, then the revolution (Washington Crossing the Delaware), and then Washington’s presidency leading up to Presidents Day. That will take us through February in simple cultural history, all using book baskets.

My older ones would like to spend October exploring the Electoral College and then stay up late on Election night and fill in a map as the state results are finalized. I am happy to oblige on this learning trail, and I am going to pull together some resources for a book basket for them. They do so much straight curriculum work, I am glad to have an excuse to get them back to the sectional to just read, think, talk about a topic, and I will probably ask them to write a little something as well.

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  • This sounds great, Mary Alice. I bet that you do some learning along with them – or at least, I know that I would need a refresher on some of these topics!

  • Bethany “B-mama”

    MA, this is excellent stuff. I am *loving* your older children’s ideas leading up to the election and may inspire some similar studies around here. The boys are naturally interested and what a cool project to learn about civics, history, and a little geography. Great thoughts!! Even better when it involves them getting to stay up late!

  • maryalice

    We got a great book on the election process by Dan Gutman (a chapter book), and also a picture book by Peter and Cheryl Barnes — we love their books about the tiny mouse government in our nations capital, and this new one, Woodrow for President, is about the election process. We also ordered a dry erase map on amazon to color in on election night — you could make your own for less, I am sure, but right now I am all about the $11 solution.

  • Kate e

    I will give you our red/blue state puzzle. As results come in you pick the right color state and add it. Super fun. Happy to lend out for the night!