Stroller advice

Stroller advice June 25, 2014

After making it 4 kids and 9 years with my “Free with registry” umbrella stroller, I find that I need to purchase a new lightweight stroller for the first time. I love our double BOB for running, but at present I am not supposed to carry our 30+ pound 2 year old and I need a small, lightweight stroller that I can use just for  him. I have tended to wear our kids in the ergo until they don’t need a stroller, because I have always found it easier (even when on crutches) but I can’t do that at present, so we are trying to transition to using the stroller on a daily basis.

The two that caught my eye were the Babies’r’Us Zobo and the Joovy Groove ultralight. Does anyone have any experience with these or have something else that they love? I need it to be easily maneuverable and also have an adjustable seat so that a child younger than 6 months can use it. I am not opposed to paying for a decent stroller given that our free one lasted 9 years, but I don’t care about buying a brand name either. Any advice is welcome!

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  • I’m not familiar with any of them, but the sunshade on the Joovy looks great.

  • Katrina

    I would go for the Joovy – it looks like it’s very lightweight, which is good for you right now, and as Kellie said, that sunshade looks awesome and could make all the difference in the heat of the summer!

  • J’

    Not to throw another in the ring, but after our first was stolen from our driveway (Phil and Teds; ton of research went into it but then we didn’t end up liking it as much as I thought we would), I bought a CitiMini secondhand and it has been great! I’m not sure if you can get an insert in it for really little ones (my guess is yes), but it is pretty lightweight, folds easily (and one handedly), is VERY easy to maneuver, lays almost flat for naps when out and about, and has great sun coverage. Aside from the caddy for the carseat (which I also loved), I kind of wish we had this from the get go.

  • Mama A

    We have a chicco lightway plus…it’s an umbrella stroller that has a good sunshade, can hold an infant carseat, and it reclines the whole way backwards. I’ve used it for three kids and wished I’d had it with our first! I bought a little accessory thing that is mesh and holds all of the cups/waterbottles, etc.

  • Mary Alice

    We have a britax umbrella stroller and I do not recommend it. I am pretty sure that the citi mini can take a car seat, that might be the best option for accommodating a tiny one in the future.

  • buildingcathedralstexasmommy

    Thanks for the helpful thoughts!