Halloween Love Spells

Halloween Love Spells October 18, 2018

Besides being the night when spirits roam freely, Halloween is a time when many people perform divinations. It would seem that magic is also more potent on this night, meaning spells and rituals performed are super-charged. Therefore, it makes sense that we would be able to see more clearly into the future than any other time of the year. There are several different Halloween divination rituals that have been recorded throughout time, many of which are focused on ascertaining one’s future lover.

In addition to their intention, these rituals are similar in that they must be performed at midnight on Halloween and they each involve the use of an apple. As we know Halloween is a liminal time (being the midpoint between fall and winter) as is the midnight hour (between morning and night). Thus, making it a most potent time to work magic. Apples are biblically known as “the fruit of knowledge” which ended up getting Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden. It’s also a fruit that has long been associated with Witchcraft and love. Hence, using it as a means of magically learning more about one’s future lover.

This Halloween, if you are single and ready to mingle, try your hand at one of the following rituals, you may just get a glimpse of your next romantic partner.

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At midnight, go into a quiet room with a single lit candle. You will also need an apple, peeler, and large bowl of water. Start by focusing on your intention of learning more about your future love. Peel the skin of the apple in one long piece (take your time because this is really difficult to do). Hold the peel in your hand, blow on it three times, and then toss it over your left shoulder into the bowl of water. It is said that the peel will form the first initial of your true love.

If you’re looking for something a bit more informative, sit before a mirror in a dark room (lit with only a candle) as the clock strikes midnight. Simultaneously eat an apple while brushing your hair. Supposedly, you will see the face of your next lover reflected behind your left shoulder.

Perhaps you have too many suitors (go you!) and you need help deciding which one to choose (if monogamy is your thing). If that’s the case, obtain an apple seed for each suitor. With a sewing needle, scratch the first initial of their names upon each seed. Place the seeds near a fire or in a frying pan on low heat. The last one to pop is said to be your best option.

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Finally, if you desire someone and want them to desire you back (not always a wise decision), you can make use of the following spell.*

Write the words “coamer, synady, heupide” upon an apple. Holding it within your hands speak the following charm:

I conjure thee apple, by these three names written on thee, that whosoever shall eat thee shall burn in my love.

Then feed the apple to your intended lover.


  • Spell taken from Spells from the Wise Woman’s Cottage by Steve Patterson

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