A Mercurial Spell to Combat Writer’s Block

A Mercurial Spell to Combat Writer’s Block April 10, 2019

Writer’s block sucks. Over this last year I have been working on writing my very first book. The writing process has been both exciting and anxiety producing. Besides fighting against the unforgiving impostor syndrome, I have been in an ongoing battle with writer’s block. There are days during which I feel uninspired and others where I just can’t seem to pull the thoughts out of my head on put them into writing. As any Witch would, I’ve decided to turn to my magic to help abate this annoying mental obstruction. So, in order to banish writer’s block, I’ve devised the following spell which utilizes the magical virtues of the planet Mercury – which is known to help with communication.

This spell is best performed on a Wednesday (the day of Mercury) during the waning moon. You will need an orange taper candle, a pin or other tool with which to carve the candle, a planetary square of Mercury, and a mixture of lavender, anise hyssop, and juniper.

Begin by creating a planetary square of Mercury. To do so, create an 8×8 grid and then write in the numbers – in numerical order – using this image as a guide. While doing so, focus on channeling the magical virtues of Mercury, so that they may assist you in breaking through writer’s block. When you’ve finished, fold the square in half two times – folding towards yourself in order to bring the virtues of Mercury to you.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash.

Next, using the pin, carve the symbol of Mercury upon the candle. Then, lick your right thumb before running it over the length of the candle – infusing it with your essence. Place the candle on top of the folded planetary square.

Mix together the lavender, anise hyssop, and juniper while focusing on your intention to do away with writer’s block. When you’ve finished mixing, sprinkle the herbs around the base of the candle in a clockwise fashion.

Finally, light the candle. Gaze into its flame and envision yourself writing freely, feeling inspired and refreshed. After a few moments recite the following incantation thrice:

Mercurial virtues please open the way,

So I may know what to write and say,

Untie my tongue, unwind my mind,

Release me from this writer’s bind. 

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