The Ultimate Traditional Witchcraft Quiz

The Ultimate Traditional Witchcraft Quiz May 24, 2019

Inspired by Jason Mankey’s Witchcraft & Pagan Trivia, I’ve decided to make my own quiz specifically dedicated to the topic of Traditional Witchcraft. Test your knowledge of Traditional Witchcraft with the following quiz, which contains questions ranging from easy to hard, folklore to modern practice. The correct answers for each of the questions can be found at the end. I hope you enjoy, and good-luck! Disclaimer: Please let me know if you find any mistakes, questions and answers are based on my own knowledge and experience.

  1. What is the primary tool utilized in Traditional Witchcraft?
    a.) Besom
    b.) Blasting Rod
    c.) Stang
    d.) Athame
  2. What is the significance of 1734?
    a.) It’s a coded name for the Witch Mother
    b.) It’s the year the Clan of Tubal Cain was founded.
    c.) It’s the name of an American strand of Traditional Witchcraft.
    d.) Both a and c.
  3. Who wrote the book Mastering Witchcraft?
    a.) Michael Howard
    b.) Paul Huson
    c.) Daniel Schulke
    d.) Nigel Pearson
  4. What are the 4 main poison plants commonly used in the preparation of flying ointment?
    a.) Aconite, datura, henbane, and belladonna
    b.) Datura, henbane foxglove, and belladonna
    c.) Mandrake, foxglove, datura, and henbane
    d.) Henbane, belladonna, datura, and mandrake
  5. What is a Fetch Spirit?
    a.) A type of faerie
    b.) A part of the Witch’s own soul
    c.) An animal spirit
    d.) A type of ancestral being
  6. What is the name of the accused Scottish Witch who’s confessions have been a major source of inspiration for Traditional Witches?
    a.) Gemma Gary
    b.) Agnes Sampson

    c.) Isobel Gowdie
    d.) Violet Firth

  7. What year was Doreen Valiente initiated into the Clan of Tubal Cain?
    a.) 1957
    b.) 1964
    c.) 1990
    d.) 1982
  8. What did Cecil Williamson often refer to himself as?
    a.) Magician
    b.) Wayward Witch
    c.) Cunning Man
    d.) Magpie
  9. Who hosts the popular podcast Down at the Crossroads?
    a.) George Hares and Kelden
    b.) Christopher Penczack and Laura Tempest Zakroff
    c.) Tara-Love Maguire and Chris Orapello
    d.) Jason and Ari Mankey
  10. What is type of the following gestures is not used in the ritual known as Treading the Mill?
    a.) Backwards walking
    b.) Tilted head
    c.) Pointed finger
    d.) Dragged foot
  11. Who is the author of the Azoetia?
    a.) Eric Maple
    b.) Aleister Crowley
    c.) Andrew Chumbley
    d.) Austin Osman Spare
  12. Which of these books was not written by Michael Howard?
    a.) Liber Nox
    b.) The Children of Cain
    c.) The Call of the Horned Piper
    d.) By Moonlight and Spirit Flight
  13. Who is Nicnevin?
    a.) An Irish woman who was accused of Witchcraft
    b.) A Scottish name for the Witch Mother

    c.) A type a faerie in Welsh folklore
    d.) A character from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  14. Which country did the accused Witch Alice Kyteler from?
    a.) Scotland
    b.) Ireland
    c.) Wales
    d.) England
  15. What form did Agnes Waterhouse’s Familiar Spirit, Sathan, take?
    a.) Mouse
    b.) Toad
    c.) Cat
    d.) Crow
  16. What is the name of the tradition founded by Victor and Cora Anderson?
    a.) Reclaiming
    b.) Roebuck
    c.) Feri
    d.) Black Tree
  17. When discussing Hedge-Crossing, the Hedge refers to what?
    a.) The boundary between the physical realm and the Otherworld
    b.) The hedge from which you gather herbs for spells
    c.) The hedge the separates one’s house from the wilderness beyond
    d.) Both a and c
  18. Who is the author of The Witch-Cult in Western Europe?
    a.) Ronald Hutton
    b.) Philip Hesselton
    c.) Thorn Mooney
    d.) Margaret Murray
  19. What year was Witchcraft no longer considered a capital offence?
    a.) 1951
    b.) 1735
    c.) 1692
    d.) 1947
  20. What is the name of Coby Michael Ward’s Patheos blog?
    a.) Raise the Horns

    b.) Under the Ancient Oaks
    c.) For Puck’s Sake
    d.) Poisoner’s Apothecary

  21. What did Robert Cochrane want to have with the Gardnerians?
    a.) A Grand Sabbath
    b.) A Night of the Long Knives
    c.) A Bacchanal
    d.) An Operation Cone of Power
  22. Old George Pickingill was from which area?
    a.) Gloucester
    b.) Canewdon
    c.) Aberdeen
    d.) Essex
  23. Who was named of Queen of Hell during the Salem Witch Trials?
    a.) Bridget Bishop
    b.) Martha Carrier
    c.) Tituba
    d.) Mary Sibley
  24. Which King did the North Berwick coven wish to assassinate?
    a.) King James VI
    b.) King Louis XVI
    c.) King Charles III
    d.) King George V
  25. What is the name of the spirit with whom Doreen Valiente spoke about Traditional Witchcraft?
    a.) Robert Cochrane
    b.) Arnold Crowther
    c.) John Brakespeare
    d.) Charles Cardell
  26. What is the primary function of the Compass Round?
    a.) To protect the Witch from harm
    b.) To contain magical energy
    c.) To act as a navigational tool for Otherworldly travel
    d.) To create the cone of power
  27. What are the four F’s?

    a.) Flag, Flax, Frankincense, and Fine
    b.) Faust, Flax, Frig, and Frack
    c.) Firth, Fervor, Frig, and Fine
    d.) Flag, Flax, Fodder, and Frig

  28. What secret society is often linked to Traditional Witchcraft?
    a.) The Skull and Bones
    b.) The Horseman’s Word
    c.) The Golden Dawn
    d.) The Rosicrucians
  29. What is the name of the meeting place for German Witches of folklore?
    a.) Blockula
    b.) Elphame
    c.) Brocken
    d.) Benevento
  30. Which four holidays were mentioned in the confession of Isobel Smyth?
    a.) Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas
    b.) November Eve, February Eve, May Eve, and August Eve
    c.) Hallowmass, Candlemas, Roodmas, and Lammas
    d.) Hallow’een, Imbolc, Walpurgisnacht, and Lughnasa
  31. Who originally published the book Treading the Mill?
    a.) Capall Bann
    b.) Troy Books
    c.) Llewellyn
    d.) Pendraig
  32. Who is Azazel?
    a.) A demon
    b.) A goddess
    c.) A faerie
    d.) An angel
  33. What are each of the three rings made of in Cochrane’s Compass Round?
    a.) Salt, ash, and a mixture of water/vinegar/wine/sugar
    b.) Salt, brick dust, and a mixture of water/vinegar/wine/sugar
    c.) Salt, ash, and a mixture of water/vinegar/wine/blood
    d.) Salt, brick dust, and mixture of water/vinegar/wine/oil
  34. What does the term Overlooking refer to in Traditional Witchcraft?
    a.) To forget an important detail
    b.) To shapeshift into an animal form
    c.) To hex someone
    d.) To see into the past
  35. What wood is the blasting rod traditionally made from?
    a.) Ash
    b.) Hawthorn
    c.) Yew
    d.) Blackthorn
  36. What is the intended purpose of a Witches’ Ladder?
    a.) To manifest a wish
    b.) To curse an enemy
    c.) To help with meditation
    d.) No one knows
  37. Which of the following is generally not a euphemism for the Faerie Folk?
    a.) The Gentry
    b.) The Huldufólk
    c.) The Mighty Dead
    d.) The Good People
  38. What chant can be heard at the end of the movie The VVitch?
    a.) The Witch’s Rune
    b.) The Bagahi chant
    c.) The 11th Enochian Key
    d.) The Witches’ Reel
  39. Who is responsible for the first written record of the Toad Bone Rite?
    a.) Andrew Chumbley
    b.) Pliny
    c.) Devin Hunter
    d.) Corine Boyer
  40. What is the name of the magical book often associated with Witches in folklore?
    a.) The Book of Shadows
    b.) The Grimoire
    c.) The Black Book
    d.) The Book of the Beast
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