AvalonCon Debut in Glastonbury 2021 – Lineup & Tickets Launched

AvalonCon Debut in Glastonbury 2021 – Lineup & Tickets Launched December 1, 2020

What better way to kick off 2021 than with a brand new occult and paranormal conference from seasoned connoisseurs of high strangeness and magick at the historic and mythic town of Glastonbury, Somerset.

Let’s be honest, 2020 has been, at best, a write off. There have been admirable conferences hosted online, and some creative solutions to the challenges of this uniquely difficult and collective annus horribilis. Of course, 2021 will bring with it its own share of struggle, but there is much to look forward to with eager anticipation, including the debut of AvalonCon, Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury, 2nd – 4th July 2021.

Veteran occultist, magickian, advocate of non-lodge Thelema, and aficionado of high strangeness, Marco Visconti and his partner, Rhiannon, are pleased to announce the launch of the first ticket sales for AvalonCon: Super Early Bird Streaming Tickets.

Glastonbury, the mythic landscape of Arthurian myth, Holy Grail lore, and its famous Tor, has been a mecca for the alternative, new age, strange and wonderful since the mid-twentieth century when Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts, founded in 1970, invited the counterculture of the sixties to its ancient landscape. Since those heady days, Glastonbury has enjoyed an especial status in the hearts of many of the New Age movement, as well as esotericists inspired by Dion Fortune, Chalice Well, tales of Joseph of Arimathea and the famous Abbey. Known for its occult and diverse shopping, witchcraft, Western Mysteries, and paranormal activities, Glastonbury is now home to AvalonCon, inspired by the hosts and founders, Marco and Rhiannon.

Among the lineup of speakers for AvalonCon is Stuart Inman, Virtue holder of the 1734 Tradition of Witchcraft founded by Joseph Wilson. Stuart is a surrealist and is experienced in Traditional Witchcraft, through the method of the 1734 Tradition, as well as once being both a student of Alex Sanders, co-founder of the Alexandrian branch of Wicca, and a practicing buddhist. I was fortunate enough to have shared an interview with Stuart, which may be read here.

In addition, Scarlet Imprint‘s Alkistis Dimech, writer and dancer whose work has explored the Witches’ Sabbat through dance, exploring the divine feminine through form, body, sexuality, philosophy and aesthetic, will be speaking at AvalonCon.

The occult author and devotee of Babalon, Peter Grey, will also be amongst the speakers. Author of  The Red Goddess (2007), Apocalyptic Witchcraft (2013), and Lucifer: Princeps (2015), Peter is the other co-founder of the fabulous occult publisher, Scarlet Imprint. A diligent researcher and considered writer, who speaks with passion and vigour, Peter’s talk is very much anticipated.

Also among the speakers is Phil Hine. Many of us came to Hine’s work through his Chaos Magic books, Prime Chaos (1993) and Condensed Chaos (1995). His latest endeavours have explored the territory of non-dual Tantra. A student of Trantric philosophy and practice, Phil Hine has traversed the obscure and curious, while passing through the varieties of occult milieu in his time. This should be a very interesting and entertaining talk from a veteran of the pagan, witchcraft, and magic communities.

Glastonbury local, and operator of Avalonia Books, Sorita d’Este will be speaking at AvalonCon. With over twenty years’ experience as a practitioner and writer on the esoteric and occult mysteries, and fellow writer at Patheos (Adamantine Muse) Sorita has dived deep into Hecatean mysteries, Wicca, Hermeticism, and initiatory Craft traditions.

Topping the bill, if this sample of speakers were not enough for you, is Damien Echols, who became known through his wrongful conviction as one of the West Memphis Three. During his considerable time in prison, including on death row, Echols studied the western esoteric tradition of magic and became an adept in the practice thereof. This remarkable individual, and his incredible and disturbing story, have rightly left an indelible mark upon the occult community. Whilst magically, Echols’ philosophies and ideas are not without criticism among the wider occult community, there is no mistaking his magical achievement and diligent study and practice – inspirational in the face of absolute adversity.

There are many other speakers to look forward to, all of whom are available to see on the AvalonCon website here. In addition to speakers, AvalonCon will be laying on a series of ‘experiences’ that look sure to provoke the senses, whilst providing a welcome complement to the overall ambience of the conference. To find out more about the experiences, through the artistic and performance, please visit the website here.

In addition to this feast for the soul, AvalonCon are innovating in these trying times by providing a much larger platform than the traditional conference by offering a livestream opportunity to those who either prefer not, or are unable, to attend in person. Furthermore, there is the chance to purchase Super Early Bird tickets for the livestream from today (1st December), at the great price of £17. This ticket price includes all of the speaker livestreams, but not the experiences, and will only be available for a limited time. The remainder of the ticket sales are yet to be launched, but will be available at AvalonCon’s website at


About Ian Chambers
Ian Chambers is a traditional witch engrossed in the study and practice of the Art as conveyed by means of the mysteries. By diligent study, research, exploration and direct application of myth and magic, the author has dedicated his life to the Work with many sacrifices along the way. Walking the lonely path, the Covenant of the Wanderer, a Child of the Land of Nod, raising the lantern by which the path of the Chapel Perilous may be illumined and the Castle perceived You can read more about the author here.
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