The House is Still on Fire – Witchcraft Against Climate Crisis

The House is Still on Fire – Witchcraft Against Climate Crisis July 29, 2021

Sigil crafted by Lesley Jackson, 2019, for the express purpose of being shared and worked for our environment and climate. I am extremely grateful to Lesley for her support in this endeavour and working towards this with me.


In previous posts, I have written with some concern about the climate crisis that’s threatening human, and other, life upon this beautiful planet.

In a year that sidles it’s way poorly through a predictable and potentially manageable global pandemic (a New Zealand model as opposed to a U.K. or USA one), billionaires thrust their phallic selves to penetrate the highest strata of our atmosphere, the north-western area of the continent of America reaches alarming temperatures and fire, while parts on the European continent experience devastating flood, we haven’t progressed at all.

The trauma of Covid has hit pause on a great many aspects of modern life, but the climate crisis is not one. Coca-Cola continues to produce more single-use plastic bottles year on year, whilst 2020 saw the company flatly refuse to consider changing this.

Only  boycott of Coca-Cola’s bottles will impact this decision in any manner, and you are encouraged to exercise this right to bring about change.

We all know the facts, by now  the situation isn’t debatable but palpable for all to see, and feel. Last year was the hottest on record, and also the wettest, and this is exceeding scientist’s worst predictions.

The above sigil was created magically by Lesley Jackson with the intention of fulfilling a magical work to oppose climate change and encourage a healthy environment for all terrestrial life. You are asked to join this witchcraft, this effort to employ magical means alongside practical efforts to restore human harmony with our environment. Witches celebrate the seasons, working with nature from which we originate, and who will claim our lives in the end. Can we tolerate such abuse and violence committed against our first parent?

This is a witchcraft to openly and purposefully work to arrest the rapid decline of the Earth’s climate, and to promote positive action toward healthy restoration of a life sustaining environment.

Please use and empower this sigil for the purpose of working environmental magic. In this way, we might accumulate greater virtue towards this most necessary goal. Thank you.

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