December 9, 2019

With the Ace of Swords you silence yourself and others. Read more

November 25, 2019

How to divine for the things on your wall. Read more

November 11, 2019

What makes a good cartomancer is the ‘other’ literature than textbooks. Read more

October 31, 2019

Everyone desires to see a manifestation of the dead, or the witch, but what of mystery staying a mystery? Read more

October 23, 2019

A reading of the Celtic Cross, straight style. Read more

October 11, 2019

How to summarize your life in 3 lines without sounding like your CV or a marketing trick. Read more

October 2, 2019

Cards are ghosts. You can send the hungry ones to the underworld. Read more

September 22, 2019

We say, know your language and know your context if you want to be precise in cartomancy. That includes knowing your euphemisms. Read more

September 11, 2019

Reading cards is a process rather than a process of interpretation. Read more

September 4, 2019

A metaphor that helps you clean the house faster. Read more

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