Don’t Drink and Be Open to Life!

Don’t Drink and Be Open to Life! February 8, 2016


Last week, the CDC released a statement that women should not consume alcohol during their fertile years unless they are using birth control. This is the latest and most extreme in a series of directives issued by medical authorities to prevent children from being exposed to potentially dangerous substances while in the womb.

Many Catholic writers have pointed out the seeming contradictions between treating an unborn child as disposable when it comes to abortion, yet as a precious being who deserves the most exacting possible protection if a woman intends to give birth. This new directive, by drawing a direct connection between alcohol guidelines and birth control use, reveals that there is no contradiction at all. The micromanagement of pregnant bodies, and now of fertile women’s bodies, is actually a logical extension of the reasoning behind abortion and aggressive family planning.

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Photo Credit: Frank de Kleine

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