Flea: A Poem

Flea: A Poem June 11, 2020

Little flea on the Tabernacle are you trying to get in?
Do you wish to thank God for your life and confess your every sin?

Do you know who dwells inside this box here?
It is none other than our Lord Jesus Dear.

I wish I was small like you tiny flea,
So that I could squeeze into the box with you to see.

Inside there is not simply a plate of bread,

But Jesus Christ who rose up from the dead.

Little flea you are so small and quiet too.
You could live inside the Tabernacle until your life is through.

Oh what a lovely home it would be!
For Jesus live in there with thee.

And you could fly out every day to witness the Consecration,
And lean about God from Genesis to Revelation.

This building here has been God’s home for ninety years you see.
Little bug you are part of its history.

For you have a great honor the rest of us don’t share.
For we must go and leave our Love, but you unsuspected bug, may live your life in here.

I wonder how many bugs and creatures of any kind
Have come here these past ninety years a holy home to find.

We never think of them or pray for them all
But they are God’s creatures too, although very small.

Father Jack talked about Saint Anthony’s history today.
But he failed to mention the flea about which this poem does say.

God has a sense of humor great and grand.
And why He does the things He does I don’t claim to understand.

For giving a flea this home, such a sacred place,
And ours still called the greater race
We spend little time in this place.

We fill our lives with hurried obligations,

Sometimes as silly as can be
We leave Jesus in this place and away we flee.

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