Some Poems Cross My Brain

Some Poems Cross My Brain July 26, 2020

The brain is a funny thing
As it governs our everyday life
And when it doesn’t function properly
It can cause turmoil and strife.

But when crosses pop up
For us to carry along
They can inspire A Poem or a Song.

Creativity can sometimes flow,
when you have sorrow or are…


Depression regression
A self-esteem recession

Tears and fears
And you think no one cares.

All alone, don’t answer the phone
Still in bed can’t I just stay home?

I’m dumb I’m scum
Worth as much as a cookie crumb.

So I wallow in my sorrow,
Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow!

The Stigma of Depression | Talkspace

And Tomorrow arrives Today
And I still can’t get things done
Cause the distraction weighs a ton and
floods my brain.
So it’s not hard to see,
That I have a bad case of


Walking in circles around the kitchen table.
Wish I could get focused, but I just don’t seem able.

It’s after mid-day and I’ve not yet washed.
My bed is not made, my hair is all tossed.

My mind is cluttered with ideas of what will be.
I can’t find the nail clippers or my house key.

I’m skipping I’m jumping but don’t ask me why.
At any moment I’ll indeed find a silly reason to cry.

Cleaning my room a most difficult chore.
Seems so simple to you I’m sure.

Some people think I just have a lot of energy.
This part of me they never see.

Can’t sit still to rest, work or pray,
God have mercy on me today.

I bounce around for hours and accomplished nothing you see.
May I blame my ADHD?

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When I get over depression
And an ever wandering brain
I still have a few problems that remain
My living computer misfires
Causing me to count sheep in this..

Cycle of Seizure and Sleep

Went to bed to early after a seizure
Woke us before ten and now I can’t sleep
So that will affect my brain and put me at risk for seizures today
It becomes a circle of sleep and seizure
And seizure and sleep

I have a helmet and wheelchair for such instances
Most people with seizures do not chose a wheelchair or helmet
But I make sure I get exercise

You just never know
One day I’ll fall in the wrong place
Then God will say:
“You had a helmet and a wheelchair, what are you doing here so early?”

How sleep deprivation could be affecting your performance, work

One last Poem about my brain working right
Helping me to ponder
About life through the Night.

I formed and constructed
This question of mine
And how I asked my God and…


We laugh and then we cry.
We are born and then we die.
We just keep going,
Always knowing
Change is on the way;
But somehow this is okay.
And sometimes I stop to wonder,
Why God invented thunder.
And in all His glory be,
Why God invented me.

Why we do the things we do | TED Talks

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