Surfing the Catholic Web

Surfing the Catholic Web July 25, 2020

There is a deluge of Catholic content online. Four decades ago there was almost nothing.  You would have to go to public library or the bookstore if you wanted gather information regarding any topic, including information about your faith. Now the knowledge  is available in your living room or you can access this portable library while you go down the street walking your dog.

But it can be hard to keep track of and remember all the cool Catholic places that are available on the big world wide web. This is why I have created this post. It is a listing of some of best, most popular, and useful Catholic websites out there.  I have included a variety of interesting and unique sites that will give you content to enrich your spiritual life, become a better educated Catholic, use as a handy resource for writing and save you from boredom with fun fascinating Catholic things.

Meet up with other Catholics who share your particular niche, including that recipe you might want to try and make, or meet your future love of your life.

It’s all here for easy access.

Browse by category.

Click on something you always go to.

Or try clicking on something new.

This particular post may be expanded in the future as I discover other new, interesting and exciting sites. I have not included  every good site out there and as you read through this,  you might think I should have added such and such. Maybe I will later, and also not every site that calls itself Catholic is worth going to for some reason or other.

Years ago a great article came out with the similar theme of navigating the Catholic web.  It is a useful tool with a smaller and more explanatory focus of what is presented here.  I let her end this section of the article and begin the next section of your free resource below.

Chances are you’re no stranger to the Internet and that you have some favorite Catholic sites, too. I’ve found, though, through my work both locally in our small parish — and through nationally speaking and writing — that many Catholics just don’t know what’s out there. The world of Catholic content on the Internet is an ocean, not a stream, and like the ocean, it has many hidden depths.
Sarah Reinhard Untangling the Catholic Web – Our Sunday Visitor (June 4, 2014) Our Sunday Visitor
 Happy browsing the depths.
Here are some examples of some of the things you will find in some of the links below.

Perpetual Adoration live from St Benedict’s, Melbourne

A + Catholic Sites (some of my favorite sites)
Aleteia– A Great resource of wonderful Spiritual articles.
Ascension Press Home of Fr. Mike Schmidt and many other great authors, podcasters and Youtubers.
Catholic Answers The Leading Catholic Apologetics Resource
Catholic Writers’ GuildAn independent LLC publication giving a voice to aspiring Catholic writers to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.
Decentfilms The Best Movie Review Website in the Catholic or Secular World
Fellowship & Fairydust An Ecumentical Website dedicated to storytelling.
Gaudium et Spes 22 – Dr. Larry Chapp Insightful Blog posts about theology and defense of the 2nd Vatican Council
Magnificat Magazine- What I use to help my Prayer Life.
Pathos Catholic Home of the Catholic Bard and so many other great writers.
SQPN Home of Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World and so many other great podcasts.
Word on Fire Bishop Robert Barron’s Catholic Ministry
 Bishop Barron Introduces The Word on Fire Bible: Volume I - The ...
 Catholic A Top Sites  (Main Catholic Resources on our Faith)
The Vatican website re”design” – In Caelo et in Terra
Catholic Book Publishers
Ignatius Press
Ignatius Press: providing religious and philosophical fuel for the ...
Catholic Churches, Dioceses and Religious Orders
National Shrine of Our Lady La Salette - Attleboro, MA
News | Spirit Juice Studios
Catholic General Resources
Catholic General Specific
Catholics Looking for a Spouse | Dating advice for Catholic singles
Catholic Magazines
Fellowship & Fairydust An Ecumentical Website dedicated to storytelling.
Catholic News
CathNews NZ and Asia Pacific
Catholic World Report – Global Church news and views Top Notch Cutting Edge articles regarding news in the church.
The Pillar ( (some problematic news reporting)
Fake Pope news is “a Godsend” for Catholic news site Crux, which ...
Catholic Newspapers
Between Two Extremes: The Boston Pilot on Slavery and the Civil ...
Catholic Online Education
Join ClaritasU – Student Membership - ClaritasU
Catholic Organizations
The Focolare Movement - YouTube
Catholic Religious Selling Food and Other Items
Catholic Saints and Other Writings
CCEL Recommended Readings - Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Catholic Satire
Babylon Bee -The Protestant equivalent of Eye of the Tiber
Eye of the Tiber-Catholic Satire at it’s Best.
Catholic Schools
Franciscan University Where I went for my Undergrad.
Catholic Shopping
Catholics Social Justice 

Adoption Network
Association of Catholic Mental Health Ministers (
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America – Youth Mentoring (
Catholic Charities
Catholic Relief Services (
Care Net
Charity: Water ( – Give The Gift Of Clean, Safe Water 
Courage (
Cross Catholic Outreach
Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Farm –
Feeding America
Fem Catholic Paid Family Leave Petition
Homeboy Industries
Knights of Columbus 
Live Action | Pro-Life Advocacy for Dignity and Human Rights
Locks of Love Since 1997
Mercy For Life  Tabasamu light of hope Uganda | Facebook
Prison Fellowship: Remember Those In Prison
NCPD – National Catholic Partnership on Disability |Lifeline Chat : Lifeline (
Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Suicide Prevention
Project Rachel Ministry | USCCB
UnboundChild Sponsorship Charity Based in Kansas City – The Charity Kristin and I support.

Catholic TV and Radio Stations
CatholicTV– Where I used to Work.
Problematic Sites with some Good Catholic Content

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