Simple Yesterdays and Harder Todays

Simple Yesterdays and Harder Todays August 2, 2020

When Catholic Was Just Catholic

When I was a child about half the kids in our public school were Catholic.
We never knew there were conservative and liberal Catholics.
We wore shorts to our overcrowded Church full of tourists every summer.

My sister wrote grace for us.
“Thank you for this food.  Thank you for everything nice.  Amen.”

‘Nice’ ended our prayer before Amen because Kathleen was not thankful for bad things.
Well, what kind of prayer do you expect from a girl six or seven years old in the 1980’s?

We went to Mass on the weekends and catechism class.  I still remember most of our teachers even though we had a new one every year, just like school.  I will not bore you with the details.  It was just how it was.
As we got older, we volunteered there, where most kids from school and Saint Mary’s Church did not.
We became Ushers, which switched names to Hospitality Ministers.
Then my twin and I became lectors.

Not too long after Conformation we were substitute Catechism teachers for third graders, in the “crying room” as it was called then.
They were short on space until they renovated the church.  At age 17  we taught first graders.
I knew nothing of liberal and conservative Catholics.  That would have to wait for college and another post.

This Year Will Go Down In Infamy

The new roaring twenties

People out of monies
Masks for you,
Maybe a casket too.

“I can’t breathe!” he told the cop
White killing black has yet to stop
So many more than I ever knew
What’s hidden from me
Is sad and true.

An election year for the U.S. A.
What is Trump yet to say?
He has broken rules and bend the laws
All for his own desire and cause.

In a hundred years what will they teach?
About Covid 19 or Trump’s impeach?
What will we learn, what will they try?
Will they laugh or will they cry?


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