Questions Descend Upon Jesus’s Baptism

Questions Descend Upon Jesus’s Baptism January 10, 2021

The splash of the water
The Jordan River became Holy Water
Cousin Baptizing Cousin
The Man who was God receiving a sacrament
The Holy Spirit descending and the voice of God speaking
The Triune God showing the Triune God

Now for some  reflections on questions on the above poem:

Everything Jesus touched would most likely become a relic by todays definition.

I’d call the Jordan river holy water because Jesus was Baptized there.

Maybe that water is kind of like a relic.
Jesus was Baptized by John the Baptist.

This man was also the cousin who leaped in his mother womb along with Jesus before the two second cousins were born. He is not mentioned much if at all after the event and before we learn he lived on locusts and wild honey in the desert and was preaching and Baptizing at the Jordan.

Eventually he gets arrested and killed. We do not hear about him and Jesus, family, close in age, being close.

I wonder why that is.

It looks like Jesus received the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.

I wonder if he received Communion at the last supper and have heard different theories of why he must have had to.

Why would he have received himself in that manor?

He obviously had no need for confession and did not marry.

He was considered a great Rabbi.

He was Jewish and taught His followers with an authority not seen in other teachers.

A triune God is a beautiful mysterious blessing for all who believe in,

the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as our Christian God.

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