An Added Vocation

An Added Vocation November 26, 2021

The goal of spiritual direction is spiritual formation—the ever-increasing capacity to live a spiritual life from the heart. A spiritual life cannot be formed without discipline, practice, and accountability. There are many spiritual disciplines. Almost anything that regularly asks us to slow down and order our time, desires, and thoughts to counteract selfishness, impulsiveness, or hurried fogginess of mind can be a spiritual discipline.- Henri J. M.Nouwen,  Spiritual Direction (2018) HarperOne

What if, yeah just what if…
The nagging thought is
The will of God?

My years of wondering, and telling myself
I’m not smart enough, holy enough, able enough.

But, sometimes God does not call what society calls:
The best.  What if God was calling me?

But to be honest, I did not have the time, money and transportation
For the official college classes, even Master’s Degrees.

So, my teachers have been better,
Jesus, Saints, Holy Writers, even Saintly Directors.

With much prayer, thought and many years of wondering
It was made clear that I have the things need and have had them for
quite some time.

A Spiritual Director
A Spiritual Life
(and though I am in love with my husband)
I am in love our God, in an unexplainable, different way

And I have a desire to be, though only if it is God’s will, a
Catholic Spiritual Director

If you are looking to grow more deeply in love with Jesus and are considering having  a Catholic Spiritual Director I’d like to help you.  Please contact The Catholic Bard if you are truly interested.

Also know:

It is free

Can be ongoing

Done over phone or computer

All are welcome

One on one sessions

Confidential, unless domestic violence or a life is in danger

Thank you,

Kristin Wilson OCDS (Discalced Secular Carmelite)





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