Pope Francis Enters the Vortex

Pope Francis Enters the Vortex April 1, 2022

Gosh, I have less then a half hour to write and publish a blog post about the Pilgrim-Wampanoag Peace Treaty that happen on this day in 1621. I just neglected to do this as a writer.  But seeing I don’t have time to dedicate to that or to the fact that the latest Marvel movie Morbius is opening today I want to mention this bit of interesting news that has popped up.

In a unexpected move Pope Francis has decided that his public imagine needs a little shaping up. Believe it or not he looks around the Catholic landscape in cyberspace and thought that Church Militant has done a good in defending his papacy. Now the dear pontiff wants them to have them spruce him up with their professional highly produced videos. Fellow Catholics  Pope Francis Enters the Vortex . Click on to learn more.

Also in Entertainment News

Press release:

25-year-old Tom Holland is to play the Doctor, it was announced by the BBC, Sony Pictures and Bad Wolf today.

Holland, best known for his role as Spider-Man, will lead a very fresh and modern approach to the science fiction series.

Lead writer Russell T Davies’ new era will be a clean slate reboot with no continuity ties to the first 60 years of the show.

Holland will make his debut following several specials that will air in 2023 as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations. The specials, starring David Tennant and Matt Smith, will conclude the story of Doctor Who’s first 60 years.

Holland said: “I’m absolutely ecstatic to be hanging up my webslingers and picking up the sonic. I can’t wait to take a whole new generation on this exciting journey through time and space. I’ll be swinging into action soon!”

Russell T Davies said: “We considered many great actors for this iconic role, but when Sony suggested Tom we never looked back. They want him for everything!”

David Tennant said: “Yes, it’s true. I’m really back for this one last hurrah just as the rumours said!”

Andrew Garfield said: “I am 100% NOT playing the companion…”

Series 1 of Doctor Who begins in 2024. The executive producers are Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson, Flora Ilops and Russell T Davies.

Doctor Who To Be Completely Rebooted with Tom Holland as the Doctor | Doctor Who TV

My author and fellow Patheos writer friend Avellina Balestri recently made this statement about her upcoming writing project.

I have come to the conclusion that my teen romance material is actually sizzling hot, so much so I am going to expand and adapt it into it’s own YA series set in a dystopian future and shelve my unfinished Robin Hood saga.

Gosh that’s all I have time for…



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