Tweeting to the Choir About Loving Your Others

Tweeting to the Choir About Loving Your Others April 12, 2022

For their short pithy brilliant whimsical way of saying things, I love to collect Twitter and other Quality Quintessential quips, quotes, questions, musings and maxims from the furthest reaches of the internet to the obscure book hidden in the dusty corner of some long forgotten book store and save them for a rainy day post. I  just might need some wonderful wordful beauty to express a sentiment or idea in what I’m writing so I created this particular post with that purpose in mine.

Tweeting to the Choir: A Collection of Tweets

Janet@Mystagogy1013:  Tweeting to the choir gives us all support and encouragement, which is much needed in these days.

This peculiarly particular post is the offspring of that larger post with a more specific focus in mind from a topic listed in that larger post. It is also but one of the many children of that post.  You can go big or go home to this  shorter post and pluck what you need from  the collected treasure of  the Broad Chorus of Catholic Thinkers and similar like minded individuals  and insert it into whatever it is your  working on at the moment. Or perhaps you just might want to read a short something that will put a chuckle, a prayer or a nifty thought into your brain. And perhaps any truth beauty or goodness may leak into your soul making you a more loving, faithful and hopeful person and draw you closer to Christ.

In this post were Tweeting to the Choir about…

Loving Your Others

Loving Your God

Great Silence@hambisela: When evening comes, you will be examined in love. Learn to love as God desires to be loved and abandon your own ways of acting. St. John of the Cross
Ann@ITGeekCT: Lord Jesus, I give you my hands to do your work my feet to go your way my eyes to see as you do my tongue to speak your words my mind that you may think in me my spirit that you may pray in me. Above all, I give you my heart that you may love in me -Prayer from The Grail

TheAmishCatholic@AmishCatholic: It would be imperative to love God even if He damned us. True, it would be entirely impossible for us, as we can only love God with His grace. But that would not change the fact that God is God and deserves the adoration of His creatures, who are little more than nothing.

Dominick@adefeatedvictor: That time when God used an atheist’s tweet to make the most perfect description of Christianity ever…

Atheist Forum@ForumAtheist: Christianity: Belief that one God created a universe 13.79 billion yrs old, 93 billion light yrs in diameter (1 light yr + approx. 6 trillion miles), consisting of over 200 billion galaxies, each containing ave. of 200 billion stars, only to have a personal relationship with you.

Loving God By Loving Your Enemy

Fr. Goyo@FrGoyo: I have a friend who was agnostic, but one day he saw written on top of a cathedral “Love your enemies.” He thought that was so stupid but wanted to see who would say this and investigated about Jesus. Today, he is a priest.

This is a powerful message and it changes people

When Jesus asks us to love our enemies, it is not just a good sentence, it is a call to love everyone the same way He loves us and others. It is a call to form our hearts like His heart. #LoveLikeJesus
Bishop Scott McCaig@bishopscmc:  It’s easy to be embittered, speak with anger, and judge the motives of foes. But Jesus shows us another way: to love our enemies & bless our persecutors! Are we truly his disciples, or do we really posses his love, if we don’t seek the good of our “enemies,” pray & fast for them?

Fr. Casey, OFM@caseyofm: This weekend’s Gospel reminds us that we’ll be judged, not by how we treat good people, but how we treat our enemies.

How’s that sitting with everyone on this fine app? Feeling confident about the love we show everyone?
Patrick Madrid ✌�@patrickmadrid: I’m grateful to God and pray every day for all my friends and for all those who, for whatever reason, consider themselves my enemies. ��
MB@UnrighteousD: If I’m in heaven and the Great Burden imposed on me is welcoming in to heaven the guy who killed me, I would count myself lucky. Holy shit, we both made it, my man! I always kinda feared I was going to hell, then you killed me! Then you died! And we’re in heaven. Dudes rock!
Pope Francis@Pontifex: With the Spirit of Jesus, we can respond to evil with good, we can love those who do us harm. This is what Christians do. How sad it is, when people and populations proud to be Christians see others as enemies and think to wage war against each other!
Martin Luther King@MLK_quote “There is a final reason I think that Jesus says, ‘Love your enemies.’ It is this: that love has within it a redemptive power. And there is a power there that eventually transforms individuals.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Loving God By Loving Your Neighbor

Menny Thoughts@menny_thoughts: Imagine practicing the faith and venerating scared images but failing to recognize and honor the image of God imprinted on your neighbor.

Chezami @chezami: Jesus taught his disciples to find him present in the least of these before he taught them to find him present in the Eucharist. If you try to do the latter while ignoring the former, you will not find him in either place.

Fr. Tom Washburn – pray for Ukraine@FrTomWashburn: “Whoever thinks that they understand Scripture, but interprets them in a way that does not build up the love of God and our neighbor, does not understand them as they should.”

Loving Your Neighbor

Mark@fom4life: The great news is that it’s easier to be a light than you may think. It involves being aware of others’ situations and taking advantage of opportunities to be good neighbors, to reach out in small and large ways and make a difference in the lives of others. It also requires a willingness to let your neighbors think you’re nuts. Greg and Jennifer Willits

National Catholic Register@NCRegister: Christ has no body now but yours; no hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks compassion on this world. Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good. Yours are the hands through which he blesses all the world. / #StTeresaofAvila

G. K. Chesterton@GKChestertonian: “We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next-door neighbour. Hence he comes to us clad in all the careless terrors of nature; he is as strange as the stars, as reckless and indifferent as the rain. He is Man, the most terrible of the beasts.”— GK Chesterton

Jerry Robinson ( “Your love for God is only as great as the love you have for the person you love the least.” – Dorothy Day

Grant Hartley@TheGrantHartley:  The “sin of Sodom” is a lack of concern for the poor and stranger.

�_@rebeca6169: “When you visualized a man or a woman carefully, you could always begin to feel pity … when you saw the lines at the corners of the eyes, the shape of the mouth, how the hair grew, it was impossible to hate. Hate was just a failure of imagination.”― Graham Greene

R Bratten Weiss@Prof_RBW: A Tribute to Rebecca Bratten Weiss 

This might not be a popular notion among Christians, but:

We do not need to “deal with the evil in our own hearts before we deal with the evils in society.”

People need access to food, shelter, medical care, and security even if I keep being petty, envious, and enraged.

If the nation ends up embroiled in a world war, at least the past two years have prepared us to know just how well equipped people in this culture are to come together, make sacrifices, and do the right thing for the sake of the common good.

Andy, the Aggressor of Appenzell��@WestboroPapist:   I am going to pray for you and for myself so I treat people just how God wants and be an oasis of unconditional love to all people I meet

Loving Your Neighbor is NOT just about…

Massimo@massimuchomucho: Their idea of “love thy neighbour” is basically limited to “admonishing” others about how they will go to hell for any kind of sexual sin, real or otherwise.

Jolz � Pray for Ukraine ��@Jolz_Aust: That’s the line of thinking that’s made Christians more concerned with a sex ethic rather than a ‘love thy neighbor’ ethic. This is toxic.

Mary Hammond@spinangora: If Catholics could focus on poverty with the consistency we focus on sex, everybody would eat and be housed.

Andy Thomas@sophiaseeker_at: It seems to me that some Catholics would condemn the woman caught in adultery, yes, the one whom Jesus refused to condemn. “Mortal sinner! You are going to hell!” They may shout. Christ’s mercy is greater than what we can fathom, but the devil tries to convince us otherwise.

To Millennity and Beyond@Drake_OMalfoy: Caring about people other than yourself should not be a controversial or political action

Loving Your Neighbor Attitudes

Father Chris Pietraszko@FrChrisP: There is a difference b/w being right and being righteous. We may have correct ideas, views, beliefs, and judgments. But without love and justice these views can easily become nothing more than weapons used against what they ultimately represent. Without love, we have nothing.

Kyle Lloyd@KyleLlo75976623: Far to many Catholics scoff at kindness because they confuse it with niceness. Nice – Pleasing & agreeable in nature. Exhibiting courtesy & politeness Kind – of a good or benevolent nature or disposition Always TRY to be nice, never fail to be KIND.

Mary Pezzulo@mary_pezzulo: · I do sincerely wish there was a bank where we could all donate our excess endocrine and share it around. Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone binding hormone, insulin, endorphins, sharing is caring.

Joseph Nolla, SJ@JosephNollaSJ: There are some Christians who seem to think that treating nonbelievers with kindness and gentleness is antithetical to the faith. Fruits of the Holy Spirit are not antithetical! This doesn’t mean that we have to deny any doctrines. We *must* live in the Spirit, though.

Cy Kellett@CyKellett: We are still working through technological revolutions that started in the 1820s, accelerated wildly after 1945, and continue. Of course society is unstable. Jesus is still king, and we can trust him. In the meantime, why not be patient with each other?

Fr. Larry Richards@FrLarryRichards: The Son of Man came eating and drinking and they said, ‘Look, he is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.’ Matthew 11:19 Am I like Jesus? Peace

Fr. Casey, OFM@caseyofm: Charity without Truth isn’t real Charity. Truth without Charity isn’t real Truth.

��Fr. Matthew Schneider��@FrMatthewLC:

The Catholic response is BOTH-AND, not either-or.

BOTH pray AND work to help those. less fortunate.

Loving Your Neighbor Practical Examples

TheSimple Catholic@simplecatholic1: PSA: If you are coughing and hacking every 2.4 seconds please realize you aren’t obligated to attend Mass. I just wish the guy doing this WITHOUT covering his mouth who sat behind us at church saw this message. Staying home while sick is a corporeal work of mercy for others.
Joseph Nolla, SJ@JosephNollaSJ: Some people hate the notion of giving directly to the poor. They want to help the poor without trusting them with anything. God trusts us all with gifts, knowing that we might squander them. God takes the risk. So there’s no need for a feeling of moral superiority over the poor

Kevin Tierney@CatholicSmark: 
Guys, don’t debate people who are going through spiritual struggles or recently fell away from their faith.

What they are looking for is not an intellectual argument, and its not likely you doing such an argument does anyone good.

Don’t dunk on them either.

Dave Barry@rayadverb: Woke up this morning to find that my neighbor had already shoveled the iguanas off my driveway. That’s the neighborly way we roll here in Miami.

Loving Your Spouse

10Thomas ✝️@TSEliotRocks: St. John Chrysostom, on what young husbands should say to their wives:

“I have taken you in my arms, and I love you, and I prefer you to my life itself… I place your love above all things, and nothing would be more bitter or painful than to be of a different mind than you.”

The Irish Atheist@Irish_Atheist: Tell me about a super-cool thing one of your ancestors/older family members did.

scheherazade@cholulamami: grandmother on my dad’s side was in an arranged marriage and right before the wedding decided she wasn’t going, stole a rifle, climbed to the roof of her house, and said in front of the whole village “i do not want that man, i want that one” and pointed the gun at my grandfather

David Mills@DavidMillsWrtng: Our second child writes of a study in which women rated pictures of men’s faces on how attractive the men were, before and after they ate broccoli for a couple weeks. The men’s attractiveness ratings increased.

An advertisement for marriage: You no longer have to eat broccoli.

The Art Gremlin@madelynnotmadi: Romantic imaginary scenario: we’re both reading in the library and I show you a page from my book. You show me a page from yours. I go to flip the page in your book and you grab my hand to stop me. Suddenly we’re holding hands and can’t ignore our feelings for each other


fathermikeschmitz@frmikeschmitz:  The Church upholds the beauty, gift, and holiness of marriage. And also upholds the celibacy of Jesus, Saint Paul, and countless others. Celibacy doesn’t reject marriage, but chooses another good.

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