Tweeting to the Choir About Religious Life

Tweeting to the Choir About Religious Life April 4, 2022

For their short pithy brilliant whimsical way of saying things, I love to collect Twitter and other Quality Quintessential quips, quotes, questions, musings and maxims from the furthest reaches of the internet to the obscure book hidden in the dusty corner of some long forgotten book store and save them for a rainy day post. I  just might need some wonderful wordful beauty to express a sentiment or idea in what I’m writing so I created this particular post with that purpose in mine.

Tweeting to the Choir: A Collection of Tweets

Janet@Mystagogy1013:  Tweeting to the choir gives us all support and encouragement, which is much needed in these days.

This peculiarly particular post is the offspring of that larger post with a more specific focus in mind from a topic listed in that larger post. It is also but one of the many children of that post.  You can go big or go home to this  shorter post and pluck what you need from  the collected treasure of  the Broad Chorus of Catholic Thinkers and similar like minded individuals  and insert it into whatever it is your  working on at the moment. Or perhaps you just might want to read a short something that will put a chuckle, a prayer or a nifty thought into your brain. And perhaps any truth beauty or goodness may leak into your soul making you a more loving, faithful and hopeful person and draw you closer to Christ.

In this post were Tweeting to the Choir about…

Religious Life


Bishop Down Umber @BishopUmbers: An old canon lawyer at the Angelicum used to say that you should not ordain pious but dim seminarians. The piety wears off but the stupidity remains.


The Deacon’s Bench@DeaconGregK: The priest “is to break open the Word of God, diffusing its light into everyday circumstances,” setting “before his people the first and best fruits of the heavenly kingdom, the sacred Body and Blood of Christ, a foretaste of the heavenly banquet itself.”

Mark@fom4life I dreamed of becoming a comic book artist, an astronaut, a movie director, an astronomer, or an explorer. I wanted my life to be special, to mean something. Luke Skywalker embodied the kind of person I wanted to become. I wanted to dedicated my life to a cause that mattered-traveling beyond the boundaries of my own small world, learning about the mysteries of life, saving people from evil. God probably had an idea where this was going. I didn’t have a clue yet.

Fr. Roderick Vonhogen
Fr. Joseph Krupp@Joeinblack: If a priest engages a public campaign that his bishop is persecuting him for the sake of righteousness, there’s a less than 10% chance that it’s true.

Ashlyn Smith@ashlynjeffries: A few days ago a priest sent me a new rosary he personally touched to the Lord’s empty tomb.

Today, another priest told me he offered his Mass today for my intentions.

We are so blessed to have priests who often go unappreciated.


Emily, praying for peace ���@EmilyKath319: At my TLM this morning, the pastor did not use one harsh word or make a passive-aggressive slight. He did not address the dubia at all.

Some traditional priests, believe it or not, do not use the liturgy & pulpit for culture wars.

He simply & faithfully preached today’s Gospel.

What do “young people” in the Church want?
• reverent liturgy
• Consistent messaging on Christian social justice
• Clergy who are chill & normal
• Accountability & action for clergy who are not chill & normal

That’s, that’s it.

Monks and Friars

Fr. Casey, OFM@caseyofm Replying to @drew_deacon: I think my favorite criticism is when someone says that monks shouldn’t be spending time on the internet making videos which means I’m a bad monk.

Me: You’re right. I am a bad monk. Some might even say that I’m not a monk at all

I’m literally not a monk. I’m a friar, a member of a mendicant order not monastic one. Thomas Merton was a monk, St. Anthony of Padua was a friar.

Mark@fom4life: Monks are men of silence, but they are also men of many words… primarily the Psalms. — Fr. Stephanos Pedranos

A Monk’s Writing Life 

Edith 에디스 �@CatolicaEdith: I periodically go through the website of the Carthusian monks/nuns and just cry � it’s the most peaceful place on the internet

Fr. Dwight Longenecker@dlongenecker1: St Benedict says there are four types of monk: The hermit, the cenobite, the sarabaite and the gyrovague.

A Prayer for Priests

SW Prayer@SwPrayer: Let’s offer one Hail Mary for young people to respond to Christ’s call to priesthood and consecrated life. Please comment Amen in response. #OneHailMarycampaign

A Priest’s Life

Fr. Goyo@FrGoyo: Hi, I am a Catholic priest, but you might know me by my greatest hits,

-No, I don’t know the Pope.

-No, I don’t have his number either.

-No, I don’t know every priest.

-Yes, I go to the movies.

-Yes, you saw me at the store.

-Yes, I’ll always say yes if you want confession.

Fr. Ryan Hilderbrand@FrHilderbrand:  When you say the Salve Regina every night for five months straight, your Compline-specific neurons simply hardwire the connection.
me, at this time of year, finishing Compline every night: “Salve Regina, mater … no, wait … Alma Redemptoris Mater, quæ pervia … no, wait … Ave, Regina cælorum (there we go), Ave, Domina angelorum …”
Satish Joseph@FrSatishJoseph: I spent most of my morning anointing the sick and giving Sacraments to the dying. The last house I visited, the man had turned from God at some point and picked up the Satanic Bible. Today he received apostolic pardon and Holy Communion. That’s how great is the mercy of God!

Fr. Patrick Hyde, OP@frpatrickop:Why I wear a habit on a plane: Today, I met a woman who told me,
“Father, I was on my first flight as a mom with my son. I was so nervous. Then, you got on the plane & I knew it would be alright.”

Priests point others to Jesus.

I’ve also, while traveling, had people ask me to hear their confessions, to pray with them, and simply to listen.

This interaction struck me because it was years ago &, until today, I hadn’t the slightest idea my presence as a priest had so positively influenced someone.

@dismasop: We priests in the confessional try to be as merciful as we hope others would be to us, and as our Heavenly Father always is. In an unrelated matter, I will not be taking any questions at this time on the cookies that were on the kitchen counter.

A Vocation to a Nun’s Life

Sister Andrew Marie @SrAndrewFSP:

My vocation story in its most succinct form:
Encountered Jesus in the Eucharist.
Couldn’t wait to tell everyone about Him.
Discover that I can fulfill the deep desires of my heart proclaiming
His Love and Truth as a

Anonymous Carmelite: For a while I have thought and prayed about what my Carmelite name would be and I have for sure decided on using my middle name because of its association with St Paul + my confirmation name and so will hopefully be Melita Teresa of the Blessed Sacrament.

Melita is what St Paul originally named the island of Malta where he ship wrecked. It’s of Greek origin and means “little bee” … some translate it as “honey sweetness” or “affording honey”. Teresa means “to harvest” so my Carmelite name will essentially mean… The little worker bee of God, to harvest the sweetness of the Eucharist.

I think this is very fitting considering my love for adoration and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Also it was on my birthday, November 11 in the year 1215 that the holy Eucharist and doctrine of transubstantiation was defined in the Catholic Church. Lots of providence there!

 Some folks on here have way too high expectations for other Catholics and religious. Yes I’m going to be a cloistered nun, yes I also like classic rock and eating junk food and all the fun things healthy normal people enjoy. And that’s okay. I also like Pokemon, and roller skating disco, come at me!

And for the record, priests, nuns, and friars are some of the funnest people I’ve ever met, great senses of humour there. They are human like anyone else, they enjoy sports and candy and pizza and stuff too.

I don’t know where this idea that nuns are scary mystical creatures from the dank dark abbey comes from lol! Yes being in a cloister is a life of sacrifice and love for Christ, but it’s also community and family, and nuns are certainly not ignorant of the world!

A Nun’s Life

Sister Bethany, fsp @SrBethanyFSP: My 15 year old baby brother has started getting up and skateboarding towards the sunrise every morning.
He sends all the siblings a good morning message with the sunrise, and it’s just really pure and makes me smile every morning.

I taught one of the Italian sisters (who is 91) to say “okey-dokey” and she liked it so much that she taught like seven other sisters. So now they’re all just waking around saying, “Okey Dokey” to each other and cracking up.

Hands down, biggest perk of religious life.

One of my favorite moments was giving a little talk to a 1st grade class and when I said that we have a chapel in our house, this little boy stood up and said,
“WAIT A MINUTE!! JESUS *lives* in your HOUSE!? I wanna be a nun!”

Sister Walburga@SisterWalburga:I entered the monastery #OTD 12 years ago! (Dec 12, 2021)

I work that out to be about 11,000 hours of the Divine Office.
With Mass, Adoration, Lectio and private prayer on top! �

Please keep me in your prayers as I pray for you �

Fr. Matthew Schneider��@FrMatthewLC: Europe’s oldest person & the world’s 2nd-oldest person is a Catholic sister, Sr. Andre. She turns 118 today. #HappyBirthday!

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