Tweeting to the Choir about the Best Mass

Tweeting to the Choir about the Best Mass April 5, 2022

For their short pithy brilliant whimsical way of saying things, I love to collect Twitter and other Quality Quintessential quips, quotes, questions, musings and maxims from the furthest reaches of the internet to the obscure book hidden in the dusty corner of some long forgotten book store and save them for a rainy day post. I  just might need some wonderful wordful beauty to express a sentiment or idea in what I’m writing so I created this particular post with that purpose in mine.

Tweeting to the Choir: A Collection of Tweets

Janet@Mystagogy1013:  Tweeting to the choir gives us all support and encouragement, which is much needed in these days.

This peculiarly particular post is the offspring of that larger post with a more specific focus in mind from a topic listed in that larger post. It is also but one of the many children of that post.  You can go big or go home to this  shorter post and pluck what you need from  the collected treasure of  the Broad Chorus of Catholic Thinkers and similar like minded individuals  and insert it into whatever it is your  working on at the moment. Or perhaps you just might want to read a short something that will put a chuckle, a prayer or a nifty thought into your brain. And perhaps any truth beauty or goodness may leak into your soul making you a more loving, faithful and hopeful person and draw you closer to Christ.

In this post were Tweeting to the Choir about…

The Best Mass

Paul Keller, CMF@keller_cmf: The best Mass is the one that helps you grow closer to our Lord in the power of the Holy Spirit. This intimacy then bears fruit in one’s life by an increase in faith, hope and love…especially love
Greg Erlandson@GregErlandson: “Sometimes I think that those who have never been deprived of an opportunity to say or hear Mass do not really appreciate what a treasure the Mass is.”
— Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ, who spent 23 years in the Soviet Union, most of it as a prisoner and slave laborer.

Liturgy Wars

Rene Albert ☕️✟@coffeencrucifix:  As much as I love the TLM, the liturgy wars is mostly a distraction from more important things that require my attention – like raising my children, loving my wife, being present for my friends and helping the needy.
Kaya Oakes@kayaoakes: My spiritual director: it seems the more you avoid getting involved in arguments about liturgy or what the church should or shouldn’t be the stronger your faith actually is. Damn he’s good.
Mare….Prayer����@mare_hare: I’m actually shocked by the amount of people I see on here that knock the NO. The host IS consecrated at the Mass. Jesus Christ IS present at the Mass. There are Many good and holy, reverent people that attend them and priests that say them. Period.
Anonymous Carmelite: I am not an enemy of traditional Catholicism or the Latin Mass just because I proclaim what the church teaches to the best of my ability and defend the other forms of approved liturgy and Canon Law. It’d be nice if Twitter wasn’t so crazy with the black and white thinking.  I just wish everyone could attend Catholic Mass however they want to, be it the Ordinary Mass ( in any language ), Tridentine Mass, Syro Malabar Mass, Maronite Mass, Ambrosian Mass, Eastern Mass, and not think one is better than the other, because all are united by the Eucharist.

Going to Mass

Rachel Cecilia@redeemedrachel: Fantasizing about calmly walking out my front door, wearing simple, noble, comfortable shoes and robes, rosary in hand, for a peaceful 10-minute walk to Mass on a sweet sunny Sunday morning while a holy bell rings. And many others doing the same.
Jen Fulwiler is on tour@jenfulwiler: Every time I go to late Mass during a football game it gets interesting. I can be paid for this service: If your team is getting crushed, hire me to go to church during the second half and I promise they’ll make a dramatic comeback
Fr. Andrew Hedstrom @ProtoApostoli: Forgot to set my alarm last night, only to wake up 15 minutes before my first Mass with just enough time to run over, vest and get to the back for the procession. God works in mysterious ways.
tea with tolkien@TeawithTolkien: 
“If you have these by heart you never need words of joy. It is also a good and admirable thing to know by heart the Canon of the Mass, for you can say this in your heart if ever hard circumstances keep you from hearing Mass…” – JRR Tolkien
 was able to go to Mass in the Extraordinary Form this morning while we’re still in phoenix and had a little moment there thinking about how this was the Mass Tolkien knew for most of his life :’)
Maria Lesniak ����@MariaLesniak88:I was converted today during the Mass, thanks to the Priest’s homily.
I was angry at all the people that were not wearing masks, giving them unfriendly looks.
I realized I couldn’t continue celebrating the Eucharist without loving them.
My heart was changed.
Thank you Lord!

Liturgical Mass Thought

Fr. Dwight Longenecker@dlongenecker1: Genesis and Revelation reveal that time is linear. The liturgy reveals that time is cyclical.

Fr. Ryan Hilderbrand@FrHilderbrand: That’s why guys with a poor command of Latin would say the form very slowly. Even the old Irishman who would say Mass so fast as to begin the Last Gospel right after the Introit would say the Words of Institution at a PAINFULLY slow pace.

Fr. Ryan Hilderbrand @FrHilderbrand: If the Sacred Host retains the Presence of Jesus within my stomach for 15min, how many times do I need to say Mass until I have carried Our Lord within me for as long as Our Lady did?
@jmorizwagner: The Latin Mass isn’t pulling young people into the Church from the crossroads and market squares. It’s pulling them in from other parishes after most of their generation have stopped going to church for reasons that have nothing to do with liturgy. The overstated-but-still-real connection between youth and the old liturgy is a function and side effect of the Church hemorrhaging young people. Eventually, only the “churchiest” ones are left. Their more formal, more decorated liturgies won’t make up for what’s been lost.So that’s why I find it depressing and cringe whenever trads present “youth going to TLM” as the sign of some new springtime for the Church. It’s not. In context it’s a sign of further lean years for we know not how long.

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