Lessons in October 2023 Movie Chemistry

Lessons in October 2023 Movie Chemistry October 4, 2023

It is always exciting for a movie and tv fanboy to see what is coming our way to the small or big screen.

So here is a list of what creative and corporate, truly independent and commercial
filmmakers, actors and others have produced that is coming out.
I wrote this while the hollywood actors and writers strike was still going on.
It might be over by now.

This is meant as a reference guide to what is out there, not an endorsement of everything that is on this list
and not a list of everything that is out there coming out.

I showed Kristin (the other half of The Catholic Bard) trailers of the films and TV shows that are coming soon or have come out
in the month of October that I have chosen for this list. My opinion not always shown may be different then hers.
Click on a link to view trailer if you want to see what it is for yourself.

This article may be subject to updates and changes.

Here is what came out last month.

No One Will Save You From September 2023 Movies 

Here is what is coming out in October 2023


Kristin: Adults only and yet many adults would not be attracted to this style of humor. As famous as these shows are they are only limited to a certain audience.

Mark: Animation domination still occupies Sunday night on fox. Love em or hate em, These adult animated shows have been a staple of TV for quite a while.

The Simpsons Season 35 Trailer – YouTube

Kristin: It looks like Saturday Morning Cartoons 1980 something meets a violent death. I have no desire to watch this show. While I do find Greek history interesting, this show sort of beats it to death until it is buried beneath the lame saturday morning cartoons and will be forgotten by those who watch it.

Mark: It might be funny enough to at least watch the fist episode. Perhaps a little too crude maybe.

Bob’s Burgers: Season 14, 9 p.m., Fox
Family Guy: Season 22, 9:30 p.m., Fox   YouTube

Tuesday, Oct. 3
Found: Season 1, 10 p.m., NBC  YouTube

Kristin: The show appears to have some violent moments, however the main character is so bound and determined to find these missing people that it makes up for the violence. She really cares and was apparently kidnapped at some point in her own childhood. That is probably why she is so committed to saving other kidnapped children. I may like watching this show but would like to watch a few more episodes before I am completely invested. Primarily because the violence still exists.

Let’s Make a Deal Primetime, CBS-

Kristin: Was that a game show at some point? I do not think I watched it so there is not much I can say about it.

Chucky: Season 3, 9 p.m., SYFY   YouTube

Mark: As a courtesy to my wife, I won’t show her this preview cause I know she’ll hate it. Back in the day when the first Chucky movie came out, I actually liked it. Don’t think I saw any others. As long as the horror villain is charismatic enough, he’ll live on to kill another day.

Wednesday, Oct. 4
Quantum Leap: Season 2, 9 p.m., NBC   YouTube

Kristin: If I had not seen the first season of QL watching that trailer would just have me flat confused about what the show is about. The first season was OK. Not super awesome to watch but not terrible either. I hope that next season, should I decide to watch it, will be intriguing creative and enjoyable.

Mark: Not as good as the original series by far. But for some reason I keep wanting to go back and watch it each week. There is some hope that they will just produce an outstanding knock your socks episode.

Thursday, Oct 5

Mother Teresa and Me

Friday, Oct. 6

 – – Loki: Season 2 (2023) Disney+  YouTube

Kristin: At first it looked rather intriguing. It also looked violet. I do not think  I would go out of my way to watch this show. I suppose it is creative but also from the trailer, it seems a bit confusing.

Mark: The first season was not as Marvelous as I think it could be. But Loki is such a fun character and the second season still looks promising.

Friday, Oct. 6

Mark: Another Stephen King prequal adaptation.  Could be scary. Could be lame. I’m not showing this one to Kristin because she’ll just think it too violent and scary. But I’m sure she would come up with something witty to say about it regardless.

 TARRAC – YouTube

Kristin: It is a little hard to follow but yet I’m impressed that they did a whole movie in the Irish language. My father has a cousin in Ireland that coaches rowing teams, so it is a very active sport over there. I would look forward to seeing this movie. I wish the english subtitles stayed up a bit longer because I cannot read as quickly as they apparently think everyone can. I noticed one of the actors looks exactly like an actor who was in Irish show BallyKissAngel. The only reason I would question that is because it also looks like that actor whose name i do not know, has not aged very much at all.

 THE GREAT ESCAPER (2023)  YouTube

Kristin: That looks like a very good movie which I look forward to seeing. I enjoy nostalgic movies and the elder population.

Kristin: I really cannot tell by this trailer if I would enjoy this movie. While other space and time travel are interesting as are relationships, this movie has me a bit confused about its messege according to trailer.

Thursday, Oct. 12 

 – – The Fall of the House of Usher: Limited Series (2023) Netflix   YouTube

Kristin: I would say that this movie ought to be called The Mob meets Violence except that mobsters are already living dangerous lives. I have not read the Fall of the House of Usher. Watching this trailer does not make me desire to read the short story by Edgar Allen Poe or to watch this dark violent somewhat scary show.

 – – Frasier: Season 1 (2023) Paramount+   YouTube

Kristin: I like the old Frasier. I didn’t know there would be a new one. I would watch. The father died. I liked his character.

Oct 12, 2023

  The Burial YouTube

Kristin: I cannot tell what caused the people in this film to need a lawyer. But I have a feeling it is a very interesting movie and often touches on racial exceptence and  discrimination. I would look forward to watching and enjoying this movie. I am impressed that it is based on a true story. Such movies usually make the best movies.

Kristin: This trailer only hits the very tip of the iceberg, though not the one that sank the titanic. Those poor people that died on the titanic. I shouldn’t be laughing. Saint Maximin Kolbe was a very brave and holy man, who saved the life of a fellow prisoner. His story should not be forgotten but rather told to people of all beliefs, regardless of religion. I would like very much to see this movie. I also find it interesting that they seem to have used computer animation to tell his story.

Oct 13, 2023

Kristin: This program looks very intriguing. It looks as if it is trying to make a point about a woman’s place in American society in a hopefully bygone era. I think it questions the role of women as well as the african american. It brings into question the role of white and black people in society. How much has really changed when you lift up the facade we often see today in some American homes. We still grapple with prejudices in our society. I am interested in watching this and wonder if my interpretation of LIC is correct according to the short trailer I watched.
I also wonder whey American culture is not more diverse and assimilated in certain places such as much of New England. But yet those I know, especially in RI and MA do not seem to be against interracial relationships or the adoption of white and black families.  We do not have anti-black rallies and demonstrations here. It’s like we are not haters of one another but neither are we completely mixed day and age.
Goosebumps: season 1, Disney+  YouTube
Kristin: This show looks like it has a lot of jump scares as well as scary scenarios. I do not know if I would enjoy it and wonder if it is meant for a younger audience as it is part of the Goosebumps universe. By the time Goosebumps was a thing I wasn’t the kid the books were targeted for. I noticed that it is coming out only 2 weeks or so before Halloween and wonder if that is a coincidence. I would consider watching this show but will most likely just not bother with it.

Sunday, Oct. 15
 Rick and Morty season 7 official trailer – YouTube

Kristin: I have never watched any of the shows in this series. It comes across as loud, flashing lights in cartoon form and is just not my style. I am not interested in watching this at all.

 Once Upon a Studio  – YouTube

Kristin: I grew up watching many of these older Disney cartoons and have seen many of the newer ones. To have so many from so many different movie is a very interesting idea. I want to see how they put so many of them together and how they interact with one another. I look forward to watching it should it become available to me.

Oct 20, 2023

Sunday, Oct. 22
Fear the Walking Dead: Season 8, 9 p.m., AMC  YouTube

Kristin: It looks like the Sound of Music meets Hell. I have no intention of watching this obviously made up show in part because it is so unnecessarily violent. I do watch violent programs when they are based on a reality that was truly suffered by other human beings. After all if we do not remember the past we are condemned to repeat it.

Mark: I watched season 1 of Walking Dead way back when. I never kept up with it. The show is still pretty intense and if I had kept up with it, I’d probably go out of my way to watch it.

Comic The Walking Dead (October 2003 – July 2019)

Tuesday, Oct. 24
Milli Vanilli, Peacock [movie]   YouTube

Kristin: I remember finding out that Millie Vanilli were lip syncing their songs or rather the songs they were pretending were threes. I ;m sure they lost respect from their fans. I don’t even remember what they were singing at the time but I remember them. To me that was cheating/ lying and yet making what I assume was a lot of money doing so. Knowing the backstory of how and why this happened has me very curious. I would like to see things from that time and learn about their perspective. I want to watch this with an open mind.

Sunday, Oct. 29

Kristin: Watching this trailer did not make it obvious exactly what it was about. However I do know that during the Gilded Age, people appeared to have great wealth when truly the gilding was often a facade covering the realities of debt ect. It reminds me of Donald Trump the ‘billionaire’ who is on his third wife and has filed for bankruptcy at least twice.


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