Some Of My 2023 Personal Highlights

Some Of My 2023 Personal Highlights December 30, 2023

Lots of things happened in 2023.

The Chinese spy balloon made it’s way across America.
Taylor Swift started a very successful concert tour and then released a successful concert movie of that tour.
Donald Trump became the  first former president indicted for a crime.
The Writer and Actors’ strike caused havoc in hollywood.
COVID-19 lost its status as a global health emergency.
Wildfires in Hawaii wiped out a town, killing 99.
Summer 2023 was declared the hottest on record.
President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was charged by a federal grand jury.
Israel and Gaza got into an ugly war with atrocities on both sides.
The laughter died when ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry passed away after a suspected drowning.
Former first lady Rosalynn Carter died at 96.
Pope Francis released the  Declaration Fiducia Supplicans On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings (18 December 2023) (

And many more things happened.

But some of my personal 2023 highlights include…

The Colorado Trip

If you want to build memories sometimes you got to plan your experiences. We planned a trip to Colorado for a vacation and went there and lived it out pretty much like we planned. Colorado is a great place to visit with mountains everywhere you look. Here is what a potential trip to Colorado might look like.

Wednesday August 16, 2023

Colorado Day 1: Plane lands safely in Illinois and then Colorado Springs. We visit the Ghost Town Museum after going to St. Mary’s Cathedral. Then we go out with two girls from Texas, one who had never meet someone from Rhode island before.

Thursday August 17, 2023

Colorado Day 2: Morning Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. We visit the Glen Eyrie castle and go horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods.

Friday August 18, 2023

Colorado Day 3: We drive an hour to Canon city where we go whitewater rafting. We then go to the Royal Gorge Bridge and go ziplining over the gorge. We then go to the museum of Colorado prisons and then to mass at a chapel in a mall.

Saturday August  19, 2023

Sunday August 20, 2023

Colorado Day 5: We visit Magic Town museum. We go on the Manitou Springs Mineral Springs Walking Tour. We then end the night at Jack Quinn’s Irish pub where we eat Lamb Stew and listen to Irish music.

Monday August 21, 2023

Colorado Day 6: We go to Cave of the Winds Ghost Lantern Tour. We do the obstacle course they have and another zip line. We make a stop by Garden of the Gods and then we head to the Flying Ranch where we see Big Horn sheep, see some Native Americans dance, eat a chuck wagon style dinner and see the Flying W. Wranglers sing their western music.

Tuesday August 22, 2023

Wednesday August 23, 2023

Colorado Day 8: After going to Our Lady of Guadalupe we go to a book shop then to a Waffle House then to the airport.

 Listening to Live Irish Music

I really wanted to go see this Irish band called The High Kings play live in Newport R.I., because Kristin loves Irish music. We went to some Irish pub in Colorado to hear Irish music. She especially loves Irish music you can sing along too. I thought someone else was going to get the tickets for us and they didn’t. It looked like it was sold out. Kristin wasn’t sure she wanted to go cause she wasn’t familiar with them. I played her some of their music and she was like “I know that song. I know that one too.” I got some last minute tickets on Ticket Hub for $50 each and we ended up getting front row center with some seats next to us empty. It ended up being really good Craic. We also went and got some Irish food at a Irish restaurant and when to an Irish store where I bought some Fruit pastels.

We were also able to sing along at the Cranston cèilidh club, where we go weekly to have Irish cèilidh dancing lessons, with Ireland the Band also live in concert.

Living Irish History Through Song | Kristin Wilson (

Getting Closer to God

This year I started going to a Catholic Men’s group to enhance my spiritual life.
In October Kristin made final promises as a secular Carmelite (OCDS).
She spends all day praying, doing house work while I’m at the nursing home doing whatever I need to do that day.
She doesn’t get involved in lame internet drama.
She doesn’t decide who is right with God and who isn’t.
She doesn’t bliber blab about how confusing and aweful the Pope is.
She simply tries to say her prayers and love her husband.
She takes her faith seriously and the Pope is not a scandal to her.
My father spent a good amount of time in prayer also.
Our Friend Jackson is thinking of joining a cloistered Benedictine monastery next year in Oklahoma.
I try to go to mass with my wife everyday and do the divine office, go to work and write this blog I get no commentary on.
I will keep writing regardless and try to find a way to pray more.

Writing a Book

One of the most exciting events off the year is the R.I. Authors Expo. R.I. has an association of authors and every year they get together and set up tables so they can talk about their books. They also have workshops where you can learn more about the craft of writing. They have authors of mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, history, self-help, picture books and more. I meet someone who had their book turned into a movie. I meet the author of children’s picture book, along with the illustrator and the girl who the book was based on. I meet a guy who made real life props from woodwork out of his fantasy book. There were all kinds of authors showing off their creativity. Kristin talked to a poetry author who wrote poetry that reminded her of her poetry. I told her that next year at this time we should have a table here. She has been working on and I will contribute also to a book of poetry that we hope to publish in 2024.

The Waiting Room

It is the biggest waiting room I have ever seen
Full of people, and yet there is much space
I lost track of how many people are waiting
And how many people have had their turn

Some parts are lovely
And other parts of the waiting room seem dangerous
Illness, violence mixed with love, forgiveness
It takes so long for each to have their turn
Yet the wait is fleeting

There is entertainment, responsibility, laughter and tears
While one waits, one many worry about their hair style
The latest and greatest gadget

Others waiting do not know where their next meal is coming from
Some suffer abuse and discrimination in the waiting room

Some in the waiting room do not see that this is just a waiting room
They think fame, fortune and comfort in the now is the only purpose of anything
As for me I want to make the best of the waiting room, seek God’s will
When it is my turn I want my real life to start
My Eternal Life

Just a word about

Entertainment in 2023

Barbie becomes the biggest money maker of the year,
while Disney movies crash and burn at the box office.

Should I Watch Barbieheimer Or Not? | Different Catholic Perspectives on the Barbie and Oppenheimer Films. (

On TV Dr. Who turns 60.

The Beatles turn out a new song despite a couple of the members having died years ago.

I got to meet along with Kristin Catholic author of Father Ed and fellow writer at Where Peter Is Dawn Eden Goldstein.

Some books that were published I still have on my reading list include

The Grace of Wild Things by Heather Fawcett
Come Forth: The Promise of Jesus’s Greatest Miracle
by James Martin
The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murder (2023) by David Grann

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in 2024

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