The Write Goals

The Write Goals May 29, 2024

Do you ever have emotional thoughts running around in your head

causing havoc and overturning your mental furniture
and blocking the traffic of other oncoming ideas?
Sometimes it helps to open the faucet of your brain and let the little critters stream out.

That is what this post is.
It’s nothing profound but just my thoughts about my own writing journey.
Perhaps it will help sort out your own journey and the particular goals
you are working on.

Recently I achieved a good part of a personal goal in writing my blog.
The goal was to capture much of history by writing about every time period up to the present age.
I have thus created a timeline from prehistory to the B.C. era and then from the first millenium up until 1809.
I also have covered part of the 1940s and from the 50s to the present.
This is the link list to all of the history I have written so far.

Catholic Bard’s Guide To History Timeline Of Articles |
A Link List To The Catholic Bard’s History Articles. (

If your sick of reading all the negative and stupid stuff out there on social media
give my blog posts a look.
Their quick and easy to look at and long at the same time.
Perhaps you will find something interesting that you didn’t know about
or relearn something you had forgotten about.

What personal writing or creative goals have you achieved?
What personal writing or creative goals are you planing or working on next?

I have been thinking about,researching, and planning my next series of timeline related articles.
I have several of them laid out and have gathered up facts and info I plan on pouring into them.
Some of them are almost ready for publication.

But I’m stuck in some mental mud unsure of which path to proceed once I get unstuck.

Does this happen to you in your creative endeavors?

Do I publish what I have as it is with some tweaks and polish it up?
I would but I have a desire to include some more info.
I want to write specific blog posts from the years 1810 -1949.
Technically I have included these particular historical years as part of an overall timeline in these posts.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious Timeline 
Catholic Bard’s Guide To Public Domain Literature
Sufferings, Trials and Hope
Accomplishments and Discoveries   

But I still want to give them their own special treatment.

But should I?

And I also want to write some posts about every country in the world and something
interesting and cool about each one. The info has been gathered for a lot of them.
It will be an expansion of this blog post.

Go Into All The World And Proclaim The Good News

I have included a lot of historical trivia and facts in many of the articles I have written over the last several years.
I am trying to gather them all up so I can include them in this new batch of historical related articles.
I’m a completist and want uniformity in all my writing so I want to include it all.

It just takes so long to write epic lists of stuff.

If I include more material it will take longer to write.
And then I can’t write and devote my time to other things.

If I include more stuff it will take longer to read.
If I include less tidbits it will be less complete.
If I include less of the info I have already collected it will be stuck in the attic of unused drats.
Gosh, do I have a lot of unfinished drafts in my Patheos folder and in my head.

What unfinished files do you have floating around physically or mentally?

If I publish what I have and don’t expand it I can use the time to research other things.
And I will have published at least something in connection to my writing goals.
I haven’t been publishing as much lately cause I’m stuck
in whether to keep on truckin down one road or switch lanes and travel down the other highway.

Do you have this problem in your working on your goals?

Some people seem to appreciate my posts but nobody is clamoring for them.
So no one person is going to be devastated if I don’t finish up my original goal of historical posts.

I can always update or add more to the posts later.
I might want to turn these posts into a ebook.
I seem to be in a hurry to finish these up, but why?

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2006) Irish novelist John Boyne took 2.5 days.
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) by  Robert Louis Stevenson took 6 days to complete.
A Christmas Carol(1843) by Charles Dickens took 6 weeks.
Twilight (2005) by  Stephenie Meyer took 3 months.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)  L. Frank Baum took 1 year.
To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) Harper Lee took 2.5 years.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1997) J. K. Rowling took 6 years.
Lord of the Rings Trilogy (1954/1955) J. R. R. Tolkien took 16 years.

Here’s How Long It Took To Write Your Favorite Book | HuffPost Entertainment

However long it takes is how long it takes.

How are you doing time wise with your goals?

How Should I pursue my goals?
I’m not sure, but I’ll keep trying to find out
by exercising some of my preconceived ideas.
My different writing options are still having a wrestling match in my head.
Their throwing each other around the ring of my mind.
“You can still work in all this other info”.
“It’s fine the way it is. Let’s move on”.
“NO! We need to add this as well.”

How should you pursue your goals?
What are you doing to find out?

What does God want me to do with my creative endeavors?

What does God want to do with your creative pursuits?

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