Frankenstein’s Silent Night 1810 – 1819

Frankenstein’s Silent Night 1810 – 1819 June 10, 2024

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This Time We Enter the decade that gave us Frankenstein and Silent Night.

Going into this decade…

Servant of God Pius VII was pope # 251.
March 14, 1800 – August 20, 1823 (23 years, 159 days)

James Madison (1751–1836) was President # 4.
March 4, 1809 –  March 4, 1817



Downright Dencey 

Downright Dencey is a 1927 children’s historical novel by Caroline Dale Snedeker. The novel, illustrated by Maginel Wright Barney, was first published in 1927 and was a Newbery Honor recipient in 1928. he story is set in Nantucket, Massachusetts shortly after the War of 1812, and deals with the unlikely friendship between a Quaker girl, Dencey Coffyn, and Jetsam, the adopted son of the town drunk. 

Sacagawea (right) with Lewis and Clark at the Three Forks, mural at Montana House of Representatives


The Quilting Frolic John Lewis Krimmel (May 30, 1786 – July 15, 1821),



J. M. W. Turner, Dido building Carthage, or The Rise of the Carthaginian Empire, 1815


Count Karlstein, or the Ride of the Demon Huntsman is the first children’s novel written by British author Philip Pullman. It was published in 1982. The story was originally written by Pullman to be performed as a school play at Bishop Kirk Middle School, Oxford, where Pullman was an English teacher. The novel is set in the fictional Swiss village of Karlstein in 1816.

Can you hear the distant howling of hounds and the thunder of ghostly hooves? It’s All Souls’ Eve and Zamiel the Demon Huntsman has come to claim his prey! He’s headed straight for Castle Karlstein, where the evil count has hatched an evil plan; he’ll sacrifice his two young nieces to save himself. Can Lucy and Charlotte outwit their uncle and his oily henchmen to escape their dreadful fate? From the award-winning author of The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife comes a spooky, funny thriller just right for those middle-grade readers looking for horror–and humor. – Amazon Description 



Francis Chantrey – The Sleeping Children (marble sculpture, Lichfield Cathedral, England)


Picture This

News of the World


  • February 14 – Frederick Douglass (his day of birth was never established; he adopted this date), American abolitionist author, statesman (d. 1895)
  • May 5 – Karl Marx, German political philosopher, co-author of The Communist Manifesto (d. 1883)
  • Eliza Allen Starr (August 29, 1824 – September 8, 1901) was an American artist, art critic, teacher, and lecturer. She was known throughout the United States and Europe for her books about Catholic art.


Johann David Wyss,  May 28, 1743 – January 11, 1818) was a Swiss author, best remembered for his book The Swiss Family Robinson (Der schweizerische Robinson) (1812). He was born and died in Bern. It is said that he was inspired by Daniel Defoe‘s Robinson Crusoe, but wanted to write a story from which his own children would learn, as the father in the story taught important lessons to his children.

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Sanctifying Time

The Sound of Music and Other Cultural Milestones

The Crimson Banner“, words and music by William Blacker


Théodore Géricault (September 26, 1791 – January 26, 1824)

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