Mary is fearful to the demons, Mary: Day 174

Mary is fearful to the demons, Mary: Day 174 January 11, 2016

year_with_mary_alphonsus_3Mary is fearful to the demons

St. Alphonsus reminds us that even though we may be terrified by the demons, the demons themselves are terrified by Mary.

How the demons of hell tremble at the very thought of Mary, and of her majestic name! St. Bonaventure declares: “O, how fearful is Mary to the devils!” The saint compares these enemies to those of whom Job speaks: “They dig through houses in the dark. If the morning suddenly appears, it is to them the shadow of death” (Job 24:16–17). Thieves go out and rob houses in the dark; but as soon as morning dawns, they flee, as if they beheld the shadow of death.

“In precisely this way,” St. Bonaventure continues, “the demons enter a soul
in the time of darkness”; meaning, when the soul is in the obscurity of ignorance. They dig through the house of our mind when it is in the darkness of ignorance.

But then he adds, “If suddenly they are overtaken by the dawn—that is, if the grace and mercy of Mary enters the soul—its brightness instantly dispels the darkness, and puts the hellish enemies to flight, as if they were fleeing from death.” How blessed are those who always invoke the beautiful name of Mary in their conflicts with hell!

In confirmation of this reality, it was revealed to St. Bridget: “God has ren- dered Mary so powerful over the demons that, as often as they assault a devout believer who calls on this most Blessed Virgin for help, she at a single glance instantly terrifies them. They flee far away, preferring to have their pains redou- bled rather than see themselves subject in this way to the power of Mary.” —St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Glories of Mary

Is there any situation I am facing now that seems to bear the fingerprints of the Enemy of my soul? Have I called on Mary to send the Enemy fleeing?

Queen of Angels, illuminate the dark rooms of my mind and heart, so that the Enemy will have no place to enter and make mischief.

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