Does Anything Say I Love You More than Ashes?

Does Anything Say I Love You More than Ashes? February 11, 2024

By now, scads of Catholic internet ink has been spilled explaining why February 14th being both Saint Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday is an example of God’s perfect timing.   Infinite love for even that in us which is finite is the definition of God’s love, as manifested on the cross, and by His most sacred heart.

With that in mind, some Catholic candy business entrepeneurs pitched custom Catholic candy hearts for the occcasion.  Here at Chocolate For  Your Brain, we managed to get our hands on the samples.  I for one, can’t for the life of me fathom why no one took them up on their brilliant idea.

Who doesn’t love that poetic wedding vow? “T’ill death do we part.”   “T’ill Dust.” evokes the same sensibilities.   It might however be interpreted as a critique of house cleaning and that could be problematic.

A play on YOLO, referencing Christ’s, “There is no marriage in heaven.” YOMH means “You’re only married here.”  Seizing the day and the time when you can enjoy the intimacy of marriage and how that closeness reflects something of the true intimacy in the life yet to come, who could not love this heart?

Catholics know this reference from the Book of Tobit 8:4-8.  “Now, Lord, you know that I take this wife of mine not because of lust, but for a noble purpose. Call down your mercy on me and on her, and allow us to live together to a happy old age.”   The flirty nature of evoking desire while denying lust is very appropriate for those in a sacramental marriage –so these particular candy hearts would only be offered to those who could display a marriage license signed by their priest indicating good standing in the church.

Again, following the prior message, this is for those engaged or in the throws of courtship.

Fans of the sacrament of marraige know there used to be an admonition at the end of the ceremony.  It ran along these lines:
“All sacrifice is usually difficult and irksome. Only love can make it easy, and perfect love can make it a joy.”
So when your beloved is being difficult or irksome, pulling out this quote both reminds the recipient to be less challenging, and challenges the giver to love more deeply.

Merging the two days liturgically allows one to speak poetically to one’s beloved about how their absence would feel in one’s life.

Rick-Rolling readers is one of those joys that never lets you down.   It often comes around and hurts you if you identify with the occupation of blogger.   It also counts as penance for the day even if you don’t make it to mass for the non-obligatory ashes on your forehead.

If you feel like creating  your own, use this link here:

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