The SCOTUS Decision Was Not About Protecting LGBT Employment

The SCOTUS Decision Was Not About Protecting LGBT Employment June 15, 2020

The Supreme Court ruled against LGBT discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. While many see this as an absolute win in terms of equitable treatment before the law, in reality, this serves to have long-lasting consequences, especially as it relates to religious liberty. By this, I don’t intend to highlight only the practical travesty this is. That much should be clear enough to any who understand that it is now within the Federal government’s reach to enforce employers to not only make provisions and entitlements for hiring employees in roles they believe run contrary to their religious and moral convictions. In other words, it is very likely that legal precedent will be set in the coming months and years which further erode the liberties of religious organizations. It is not beyond the question to think that federal law here would supersede entitlements churches currently possess in hiring and firing practices.

Couple this with the fact that we will continue to see the line between manhood and womanhood blurred into obscurity, and the ruling becomes all the more problematic. There have already been numerous examples of what can only be called a sheer contradiction of terms. A man wins Glamour’s Woman of the Year, a boy gets picked up as a model for CoverGirl, a child is celebrated on the cover for National Geographic for what should be recognized as a mental health issue, and men enter into women’s sports under the guise of a different gender identity only to commit brutal assault. What’s to stop a biological male identifying as a woman from applying to receive scholarships designated for women? What’s to stop a man from entering into a woman’s shelter, so long as he claims his gender identity is that of a woman? You can repeat this question ad nauseam with each and every entitlement, provision, or security that women have been granted under the law for equitable treatment.

The fundamental problem bound in legally redefining one’s sex to comport with what gender they identify with is essentially what conservatives have been arguing all along: once you start this ride, there is no place to get off. There’s not even a clear exit strategy because what has defined the whole ideology behind LGBT inclusivism is built purely off of perpetual motion. It has never been about equitable treatment before the law, but to upheave the very foundations of society as we have known it. The goal was never to press LGBT people into the mold of traditional ethics or social structures, like the family unit as perpetuated by biblical Christianity. Instead, this self-same principle of perpetual motion has guided the movement since its impetus, which is to terminate in derailing the train. In this case though, the train cars left the tracks a long time ago—far longer than Obergefell vs. Hodges came into prominence.

What we have been witnessing is not the initial horror of the train leaving the rails. What we have been witnessing for decades by this point is the slow-motion carnage of the tumbling train cars as they continue to rip through whatever lay before their path. To be quite frank: the ruling from SCOTUS enshrines chaos into federal civil rights law. Make no mistake, this has set legal precedent, on a federal level, to bend reality to the whims of delusions of grandeur. In what should be one of the most basic truth claims of our time, that men are indeed men and women are indeed women, there is nothing but profound confusion over matters of basic biological reality. Nature itself attests to this reality.

The point in this simply being that once you have made a provision for one’s gender identity to be recognizable as a federal civil right, there is no telling what ways twisted and sinful men will bend the law to their favor. If we cannot get something as basic as biology right—what else will this world get disastrously wrong? One would think a man winning woman of the year was enough to snap us out of our collective stupor and bring us back to reality, but again, that assumes living in reality was the goal, or something that could be obtained in the first place. The plain teaching of Scripture betrays this notion though. It is in this, that is the ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, that the wrath of God has been revealed (Rom. 1:18).

Why? That which has been made evident to all men, which is the very nature of God Himself, has been denied (Rom. 1:19-20). Instead, they did not honor God or give Him thanks, and were given over to a debased mind, which in turn caused them to be given over the dishonorable passions and actions (Rom. 1:21-24). To put it more clearly: this perversion of the body and mind is a natural result of the perversion of the soul that does not worship the Creator, but instead worships the creation. The church keeps seeing these things happen and seem to collectively wonder, “When will the Lord judge this nation?” I would be remiss to suggest that if this is your sentiment, you are asking the wrong questions. God has already begun with the judgment of this nation. In many ways, I believe God has already begun even within the household of God, yet we too have missed it simply because we have been so enamored with virtually everything but building His Kingdom.

The silver lining of this whole thing is that like it or not, biblical, natural, biological reality is here to stay. Men will continue to be men; women will continue to be women. No amount of reconstructive butchering will change a person at the chromosomal level; no amount of emasculation will stop natural gender from being reality. Despite what people would like to think, men will naturally be stronger and more paternal than the opposite sex; women will naturally be more nurturing and matronly. One may bear intrinsic qualities of the opposite sex (i.e. a male that is nurturing or a female that is considered a “tomboy”), yet the physiological nature of human beings is quite clear and has been for millennia.

The way our bodies respectively function is clear evidence that no matter what you feel is appropriate for you to identify as, you are either male or female. There must be a point where we recognize that it is not mentally healthy for people to carve up their bodies, inject a mass amount of chemicals, don a woman’s garment, and call themselves “Susan,” whilst their Adam’s apple moves up and down. We have entire industries built around these presuppositions, catering to the menstrual cycle that women have on a monthly basis. Intrinsic to this natural, biological function, is the woman’s innate ability to produce a living, human being within her own body, deliver that child, and then produce the milk to feed him or her. Everything about the female body screams femininity. All the while, everything about the male body screams masculinity. Literally everything about the human race in its respective, binary genders, reveals the profound notion that was discovered by a kindergartner in the movie Kindergarten Cop. It isn’t this mystifying conundrum wherein we have no idea how to understand human nature. Children can figure this one out with ease.

At the end of the day, any person who seeks to identify as a gender that runs contrary to their biological (read: real) gender simply cannot accomplish this feat. Biologically, spiritually, mentally, chemically; no matter how far one wishes to break it down—they were either born a man or a woman. No amount of reconstructive surgery and hormone replacement will ever change that. No amount of positive affirmation. Nothing. The reason for this is that God Himself set the laws of the cosmos to be fixed, rather than fluid. Biology was mastered in Creation, attesting to God’s insurmountable glory and goodness, and His delight in creating both male and female in His image. Your gender, in fact, reflects that glory, even if only dimly. To distort this reality to support people by affirming their gender identity is cruel, twisted, and sinful. If you genuinely love someone, you will tell them the truth: Scripture will outlast the progressive sexual ethic.

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