'New Moon' Rumors Abound!

'New Moon' Rumors Abound! December 8, 2008

Rumors are swirling that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke may not be back for the sequel film New Moon.

In my opinion, this is potentially a good thing. The only previous work of Hardwicke’s I’ve seen is The Nativity Story, and, well, that film managed to make the miraculous, world-changing birth of Jesus look boring–so I’m certainly open to a change of directors here.

Who should replace her? Patricia Rozema. Rozema has already proved she has the courage to depart creatively from written source material, and that’s a quality that’s going to be needed for any adaptation of New Moon. So what if the fangirls riot? They’ll thank her later.

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  • Carissa Smith

    P.S. The rumors were confirmed overnight. No more Hardwicke.


  • Mink

    Patricia Rozema – yes!!
    I just watched her Kit Kittredge movie – it was delightful, and astonishingly G-rated, as well as packed with real actors. I think Rozema could turn the Twilight thing into something less…blah.

  • Carissa Smith

    The latest rumor: Golden Compass director Chris Weitz will take over from Hardwicke. Please, make it not be true! Take the director of the first film in a failed franchise and put him in charge of the second movie of a relatively successful franchise (with a rather different nice market)? Not smart. New Moon desperately needs smart talent if it’s going to have any hope of being good.


  • I’d suggest any line of good directors, but I hate to see good directors wasted on adaptations—even adaptations of works I like.

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