Does God Really Love Everyone?

Does God Really Love Everyone? October 16, 2015

Is it true that God loves everyone? Would this include murderers, rapists, and even Satan and his demons?

God is Love

The Bible is clear that “God is love” (1st John 4:8) but God is surely more than love. God is holy, justice, merciful, kind, patient, and all the other good attributes that we can think of. God does love but does He love everyone? Would God love Satan Whom He created after he rebelled in heaven and tried to overtake the throne of God and receive worship? For one thing, God’s love is unconditional. Just looking at the salvation of ours by which we were saved, we that God’s love does not depend on our works or our best effort because it is “by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God” and “not a result of works, so that no one may boast” (Eph 2:8-9) and if we could boast of our works to save ourselves, you can be certain we would! The truth is “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8) and even “while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son” (Rom 5:10a) so God loves all of His own children and He has also reserved a remnant for Himself from the nation of Israel and even “at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace” (Rom 11:5) but of ancient Israel, “Though the number of the Israelites be like the sand by the sea, only the remnant will be saved” (Rom 9:27). God’s love never fails and He never gives up on us any more than a mother praying for her son in prison would be saved and for 23 years prayed for his soul before he finally repented and trusted in Christ. God died for us two thousand years ago while we were wicked sinners (Rom 5:8) and while we were still His enemies (Rom 5:10).

God is Holy

The only attribute in the Bible that I could find of God that is mentioned three times is the fact that He is holy, holy, holy. God cannot look upon sin for His eyes are too holy to behold it. The angels above the throne of God proclaim 24/7 “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory” (Isaiah 6:3). Habakkuk wrote of God, “You who are of purer eyes than to see evil and cannot look at wrong” (Hab 1:13a). God is so holy that He hates sin and even though Christians still sin, although they should be sinning less, His love is not diminished for His own children. If you ask a parent, “Is there anything that your child could ever do to make you stop loving them?” most parents would say “No.” God, being far and above all earthly fathers and mothers, is even more faithful to love us in good times and bad and even when we are most unlovable. For me, that is a lot!


God hates Sin

Solomon once wrote that “There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him” and then Solomon lists them (Prov 6:16-19). Zechariah tells us, “do not plot evil against each other, and do not love to swear falsely. I hate all this,” declares the LORD” (Zech 8:17) and even “the fraudulent is abomination to the LORD” (Prov 3:32). The fact is that even believers, once they’ve received the Holy Spirit, hate it when they sin. Paul struggled with this old nature and hated that he didn’t do what he wanted to do and to make it worse, what he wanted to do, he didn’t do (Rom 7). I think the good news in this is that the believer will struggle and battle temptation and sin but the lost see no problem with it, so it’s good to be in the battle; it shows you’re on the right side. We must hate what God hates and love what God loves and sin is something we know God hates and we should hate the sin in our lives but what about sinners? Does God hate sinners or does He love the sinner but hate the sin? Does God separate the sin from the sinner? It utterly depends on your standing before God.

Does God love the Sinner?

If you are a parent, could you say that your parents love other children just as much as you? Do they have that same love for them as they do for you? Can they honestly say that they love someone else’s children when they don’t really know them and they’re not their own children? The truth is that parents typically love their own children. They love them like no others. The love they have for their own children is set apart from the love they have for other family members and so the question is: Does God love the sinner? Does God love everyone? Does God love those who are not His children by repentance and faith in Christ? John 3:16 does imply that God loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son for all who believe in Him that they should not perish but have eternal life but does this mean the “whole world” will be saved? The Greek word used for “world” is “kosmos” and refers to the physical universe, or in this case, the physical world so this verse doesn’t mean everybody in the world is saved by Christ’s death because repentance and belief are required (Mark 1:15) and not everyone will humble themselves to do this. Even so, God doesn’t want any to perish (2nd Pet 3:9) and of course, believers don’t either.


God loves you enough to die for you while you were still His enemy and still sinning but God clearly does not save everyone. Does He love everyone? I cannot say with precision because who among us can know the mind of God (1st Cor 2:16)? All I do know is that God hates the sin and desires those who are lost come to Christ and be saved and that you and I can rest in the love of God for “No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame, but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause” (Psalm 25:3).

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • SJ

    God is Love. His whole being is love so He loves everyone all the time.

    It doesn’t mean His creation registers it or is good at returning His love but God must be true to His nature.

    What if God desired to have a family but being like God is hard and God knows it? Coming in contact with both good and evil knowledge and learning to overcome it is difficult and godly and builds god’s character in people. God could have set everything up to have a family, then particpate in His family and coach everyone.

    But some people have ” issues ” so they don’t participate.

    • pud

      “gods” do not have “desires” “needs” “wants” or any other human failing by definition you simple minded dolt

      • SJ

        How would you know?

        You never ask or consult God in His Word where He renders his thinking, opinions and judgments.

        You better start consulting God in His Word and stop listening to the crazier elements in Christianity.

        God is sane and will make you saner.

        You can’t really be a lady or gentleman without God’s training.

        Ladies and gentlemen are the ones God approves of and you keep running over here posting like a ruffian disturbing class.

        • pud

          Are you really this stupid that it needs to be explained to you? All powerful, omnipotent, omniscient “beings” have NO failings by definition therefore they cannot be “wanting” for anything. If they “want” then they are not all powerful or omnipotent are the? You too, just like pastor fool jack, have totally forsaken your critical faculties. You no longer know how to rationally think for yourself and instead need this cult to fill your empty heads

          • SJ

            God is a person. People were made in His image so we were originally patterned after God.

            Now you stop making public protests. You know in your heart of heart that God loves you. Go read John 15 and stop letting yourself be irritated. Make your peace with God and ask Christ, the peacemaker, into your heart.

          • pud

            LOL!!~! a “person” huh? With super powers! We evolved from slime stupid..only your iron age book says otherwise. Your stupid man made superstitious ignorant book. There was no such “person” as christ…all made up and you would know this if you left your cult and studied the facts objectively. You are a sick person…you need professional help

          • SJ

            You better go seek medical help for deepseated anxiety.

            Don’t you know the smarter you are the more you worry about the future?

            In your case you have allowed your fear to turn you into a meddlesome, control freak.

            I don’t fear you. I have God taking care of everything for me.

            Scared people always refuse to trust and they act like control freaks.

            Like I said if some hidden anxiety hadn’t driven you into being a societal control freak then you would have left here long ago.

            If evolution is true which I am not saying it is because I don’t know…a child knows God can be behind evolution.

            Nature has hierarchical orders and God makes hierarchies. The angels are in hierarchies..

            You need to leave. This board is dedicated to receiving a good spiritual education.

            People can go elsewhere to receive a materialist one if they want it.

            Only a prideful control freak refuses to respect people’s personal
            sovereignty to decide things for themselves.

            You, sir, are an’incompetent dictator. You are not all knowing so stop dictating and learn some humility before this life is gone.

            God says ” knowledge puffeth up” meaning people are proud and seek to impress but humility is a kingly virtue. People will love you and God will make your enemies at peace with you if you can only get humility which is given by God.

          • pud

            You have nothing but massive self delusion and fantasy

          • SJ

            No I am one of the most realistic people in the world.

            God is Love. That is God’s nature and every time God’s nature is manifested it changes a person and it changes the world for the better. You have to learn not to focus on the people in history who didn’t manifest holy, good characters. They are demonic counterfeits.

            Go study some elementary psychology. Any child who receives love is better off than the child who didn’t receive any and the more love we receive the better we do.

            Now God is a spirit and Christ died and rose and sent the Holy Spirit to indwell His faithful followers so that the love of God in their heart would never leave or forsake them.

            You can take the love of God in your heart wherever you go and that love will have a lasting and changing impact on you and others for forever.

            So don’t you ever forget that you are loved by God. Don’t let the harsh people that may have bothered you and refused to manifest God get away with their refusal to manifest.

            Go look in the mirror. You were born to be a child of God and you must hang onto your birthright and inheritance. The world will send people against you to try and deny all of these things but you just pray and study until God gives you the fruit of self knowledge and you let Christ restore your soul. See Psalm 23.

            Now I am going out because I need some exercise. I have spent too much time online and need a walk.

            You meditate on these things…See Psalm 1. Evil wicked men who have been lax in their studies will try to take your God given identity if you let them. Nevertheless, you were made in the image of God. God said so.

          • pud

            No, you are insane. “spirits” don’t exist except in your imagination. “god is love” is a nonsensical woo woo statement meaning absolutely nothing. “Love” is a concept, concepts are not real things. Your “Jesus” never existed!! hello? He’s a fabrication!! A story book character! Wake up!

          • SJ

            You better stop arguing with people and start really following God’s explanations for yourself though all people suffer from some degree of spiritual blindness so we start out leaning on others for help.

            1 Corinthians says the carnal came first but God never intended man to stay carnal. The more carnal we stay the more evil we practice. So God sent Jesus down and He gives us spiritual birth and a higher order to follow because Jesus is our example.

            If a godless evolution were true then what impelled apes to stop being apes? Even Charles Darwin said he hesitated at saying man’s mind came from an ape’s mind.

            But with God in control He can choose to do anything any way He wants to. He knew that tree of knowledge of good and evil was in the Garden and it says God can’t tempt us. So the tree must have been put there for a reason because God foreknew Adam and Eve would eat from it whether or not Satan did anything.

            So in Genesis we have the start of knowledge of good and evil. We all have to wrestle with good and evil but Christ was an overcomer. It says he overcame the world in John 16:33 and the world is usually associated with evil so Christ overcame evil.

            Isn’t a real king or queen someone who overcomes evil with good? Someone gave the human race a prompting or impulse to overcome evil with good but not everyone focuses on the right promptings. This is a holy impulse.

            We don’t need to criticize and complain and tear down. We need to focus,on our best impulses and be done with our baser animal impulses. We are God’s work in progress and not listening to God just allows you to cave into weaker impulses.

            Some people win out over evil and some people don’t and you can stop making a model of the failures if you want to and start focusing on the greatest success which is Jesus Christ.

            A lot of people went crazy and let evil rule them in the Old Testament and God can’t judge those people?

            We judge people and we send them to jail and the gas chamber at times.

            But you are going to judge the Judge of All Judges? No, you better ask God for the gift of discernment. This world is already bad enough and we need to be reminded of God’s standards.

          • pud

            You don’t get it and you never will. There have been 10,000 man made “gods” among which is your made up one. They don’t exist. Yours will join the 9999 in the dustbin of history too while you waste you life living in some delusional fantasy world

          • SJ

            And you could have let God sort this out for you but you refused to muster up enough respect to listen.

            How do you know all these other religions aren’t serving as a test by God to see who is smart enough to seek the truth.

            You’re the one allowing confusion to reign. I’m not cofused by other religions. There is a logical order to Christianity and you can seek to know for yourself regardless of denominational competition and confusion.

            You just have to have the discipline to settle down and start taking your questions to God.

          • pud

            THERE IS NO GOD…THEY ARE ALL MADE UP!! hello?

          • SJ

            That is your choice to believe that.

            But I actually have seen God make a difference in life.

            You are the one cherrypicking only the evil examples focusing on evil and failure.

            But mentally I only concern myself with spiritual success. That’s probably why God lets me talk to atheists so much. I have been abiding in Christ so long that you can’t shake me and that is reality, too.

            You better pray to God to show you a way and ask Him how to lay your self will down long enough for Him to show you because I never had your problem with the will.

            Something is making you stubborn but God can change a heart. Read the Exodus Pharoah passages. God could control pharoah’s heart to turn it in whichever direction He wanted. Plus he turned Saul of Tarsus.

            We Will Not Be Shaken

            Now stop getting so frustrated pud and start to read the Word first thing every morning. God likes it when we put Him first and let the Spirit lead.

            Watch and see. Your day will go smoother.

          • pud

            Why don’t you be honest with yourself and genuinely seek the truth. Spend 1 hr watching this…the history of “god” and understand how your myth evolved through the ages.


            When you understand that ALL the “gods” are man made and products of their times and circumstances you’ll KNOW and won’t have to “believe” You won’t be a slave to your imagination or a cult. You will live in reality instead of a fictional delusional wish land. I’ll wager that you don’t have the courage to explore how your cult came into being but instead you choose to remain ignorant.

          • SJ

            If I watch that pud then I am disobedient to Jesus who said ” don’t doubt “.

            Satan is still around trying to sow confusion that divides people from their spiritual family.

            Because I know this I don’t need to watch the video.

            We really don’t know if mythology was all made up either. Some Christians claim Zeus is Satan. Satan’s altar in Pergamum in the Book of Revelation was an altar to Zeus.

            During the abomination of desolation which is an actual historical event the Greeks erected a pig blood altar in God’s Temple to Zeus.

            Strangely enough the Pergamum altar was moved to Germany from Turkey early in the 1900s and Hitler spoke before it in Nuremburg.

            You can look at the Pergamum altar in encyclopedias. It actually exists.

          • pud

            You prove my every point. You are so far gone, so far deluded, so far indoctrinated and brainwashed that the truth about reality is terrifying. Go ahead…ignore it, stay stupid wallowing in perpetual ignorance. Buy the lies and fabrications, deny reality, make up invisible friends and demons….pitiful. Sad and tragic that this cult of yours has such a grip over you.

          • SJ

            I read a famous mythology expert as a kid. It used to interest me but no longer.

            You seem to think a Christian can’t tell between myth and reality but you are the one who can’t make a decision between religions so you opt to banish them and then sow your own confusion like it is worthy of respect but it isn’t.

            The people you attempt to meddle with have their spiritual birth, lives, families and eternal life to consider.

            So I have reasoned with you enough.

            Your error is willful.


          • SJ

            I think you’re afraid that is why you are so reactionary. You’re not doing the world a service trying to force feed Christians your ideas.

            You are disrespecting their personal boundaries. If you think about it each person has personhood which is another way of saying personal sovereignty. In a Christian’s case we just decide to dedicate our loyalty to God.

            You’ve commited the error of assuming in my case. I was in the world a very long time observing it before becoming a formal Christian.

            You need to stop believing that rhetoric they commonly pass out in atheistic circles. It is very shallow and inaccurate. All it really is is propaganda.

          • SJ

            If you want to have a chance at aligning God and science and jumping tracks and having both then buy a copy of “Sacred Secrets of the Sovereignty of God” by James W. Bruggeman. He shows that determinism is just predestination minus God.

            You can have both and stop driving yourself crazy over this stuff.

          • Truthis

            Dear Mr. or Ms Pud,
            He loves you.

          • pud

            What a mindless stupid generic comment. I don’t swing that way. My head hurts, my feet stink and I don’t love invisible non existent jesus

          • Truthis

            He still loves you. Nothing you can do about it.

          • pud

            You are wacked out of your mind

          • pud

            No..”god” doesn’t say anything…MEN say things…made up things…and gullible weak stupid people like you buy into what they say and join cults that promise ridiculous things for the small price of your critical faculties

        • pud

          And for the last time dummy…you bible is the work of MEN and a CHURCH…period. Stupid barbaric tribal superstitious MEN and the political development of the evil church…do some damn study for a change!

          • SJ

            Really? Then why has God touched me on more than one occasion and healed a member of my family?

            You will not argue me out of the reality of these encounters.

            A mature Christian knows belief is based on reality.

            You have been hanging around with the woo woo weak, immature Christians too long.

            If I met you in person I would use Christ’s authority to cast that demon you pander to out of you.

            The flesh is demonic. Death enterd the human race making us sin.

            But when you accept Jesus then he grants you a whole new life and the Jesus in you is stronger than the demon and he will increase until he is greater in you than the sin nature.

            Now who wouldn’t want a whole new nature?. Only a weakling, a coward or a person who hasn’t been taught sound doctrine doesn’t answer God’s call to let Him make a new man out of them.

            I’m already bound to die so what is there to be scared of? When God calls I become little Samuel and I run to Him. I don’t walk. I run because God is great and He will make something great out of me.

            You let the flesh delude you if you like. But God is a visionary and He has a better future planned and a better life.

            You want to be a weakling and refuse to understand then that is your God given prerogative but don’t expect me to respect your weak willed choice.

            God will make something out of me if I will surrender all to Him and place myself fully trusting in His hands.

  • pud

    “God loves you enough to die for you” “Jack” you warped sick pathetic man. Obsessed with death and self loathing. Consumed by bizarre notions such as invisible gods dying, human sacrifice of god to himself, a petty trite and capricious celestial dictator reading your mind and angsting over every little transgression. What a horrible life you lead and worse, what a horrible profession you have spreading this vile ridiculous nonsense to children. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    You dwell in the land of the absurd. You’ve thrown away any critical thinking skills you may ever have had. Even the most blatant contradictions see you with closed eyes and shut ears. You wallow in self induced ignorance and willful stupidity.

    Join the real world “jack” There are no goblins, ghosts, unicorns, dead gods, rising gods, demons, devils, loch ness monster or bogey men under the bed. It is man made superstition concocted by iron age desert dwellers and a pathological evil church. A cursory investigation into the origins of your cult would shatter every delusion you hold as reality. Grow up “jack” grow up.

    • SJ

      You are scared out of your mind. That’s why you post belligerently on here.

      If you weren’t terrified you would have enough self control to go on and leave this place and just ignore God but you really do believe and are scared so you keep coming over here whining and snarling like a wild dog afraid of his master.

      Well you have learned from the wrong Christian teachers and you let them drive you out of your rational mind.

      God loves everyone all the time so you can stop being scared and letting that devil use your big brain against you.

      • pud

        LOL I don’t have a celestial dictator reading my thoughts day and night threatening me with eternal damnation for a bad thought…you do. I’m not a slave to a mindless irrational cult…you are. Seems your “god” didn’t love those two boys who were beaten to death in a church by their parents and the minister who were convinced the devil possessed them. They’re going to jail for life now…where was your loving “god”? MIA as always.

  • SJ

    Pastor Wellman if I’m you I am going to study the doctrine of universal reconciliation and the restoration of all things.

    God isn’t out to take revenge on the human race. The human race wants to take revenge on the human race and that’s why eternal torment evolved. You can prove it if you study it enough.

    You can always checkmate all atheist arguments with the doctrine of universal reconciliation but when you do they will get angry and refuse to acknowledge that that doctrine checkmated them because they still have “issues”.

    It is the people who don’t have that many serious issues who are always willing to acknowledge the doctrine of universal salvation.

    Read Psalm 23. He restores our souls. Don’t our souls affect doctrinal interpretations? Some of the most broken people got ahold of the doctrine and made it about getting even with people.

    But God’s mercy is over all His works. People are His works and justice isn’t equal to God’s mercy and loving kindness. Justice is a component. The laws sat inside the ark and God sat on the mercy seat signifying His meciful mind or attitude is above his creation.

    Mercy guides justice. Mecy tempers justice. It is not hindered by it.

    Man is not going to thwart God’s will. Men may think they are getting away with things on earth so freewill is an illusion. But God hears and sees all. Indeed nobody can even come to Him without Him first giving them the impulse to come.

    So we really don’t have to be afraid of Him just so long as we hold Him in the greatest respect. If we love Him perfectly “perfect love casts out fear”.

    Remember God swore by Himself and anybody who thinks they can thwart God’s will is puffed up in his own mind.

    Men are like puny children next to God.

    Humans don’t let children decide critical, life changing things for themselves. They haven’t the mental capacity.

    So if we can reason this about children and the world how come we don’t realize God knows the same about sinners? Quite a few sinners are insane or weak minded and their insanity affects their wills so they don’t obey God.

    Still people know to take care of the mentally incompetent, insane people.

    Do you think God won’t?

    God will save each in his own order it says in the bible. So God will restore all things. Even the crazy people who argue the most against Him. Some of these guys are crazy with fear because bad theological teaching has helped make them that way.

    All we ever had to do was trust in the holy, benevolent character of God which is
    ” wholly benevolent “.

    Remember what Abraham said when he asked that Sodom and Gomorrah be spared? ” Now I know that You will always do right.”

    Besides God is a God of second chances.

    You can’t control people by threatening them without being a bully and Christians aren’t suppose to be issuing threats. We are suppose to be issuing invitations.

    If you are afraid of God it is because there is something wrong with you or you were taught wrong.

    Unfortunately, we have a lot of poor teaching of doctrine going on in Christianity.

    People better start looking up in hope instead of looking down in shame because God beams at us with His smile all the time and we just have to get with His program a little bit better each day.

  • Father Thyme

    >We must hate

    Figures. It’s the Christian’s Prime Directive.

    Hector Avalos (2015) Chapter 3. “The Hateful Jesus: Luke 14.26.” The Bad Jesus: The Ethics of New Testament Ethics. Sheffield Phoenix Press.