Who Are The Christadelphians?

Who Are The Christadelphians? March 3, 2017

Who are the Christadelphians? Are the Christian or are they a sect or a cult?

Who Are the Christadelphians?

The Christadelphians were founded by British-born John Thomas in 1838, who was a London-born physician-turned-Bible teacher, and after migrating to America, got involved in the Restoration Movement, a movement geared toward ending sectarianism, which had been his experience while living in England. He sought to reform the society itself by recovering the first century church’s practices. He began to believe that he had restored the original faith that was delivered to the apostles. After his death in 1871, Robert Roberts would take the sect into a period of change, which caused the splintering of various other groups, but still this sect grew, mainly due to the publishing of their very persuasive teachings, however their beliefs were not constrained by Scripture and today. Today, it appears little has changed for the Christadelphians…except they are growing in number.

The Holy Spirit of the Christadelphians

You may not have even heard of the Christadelphians, but when I had a few family members of the Christadelphian church contact me about some very serious problems they had with one of their loved ones, they told me some things that were very troubling to me. I did some research, and I started at their own website and in their statement of beliefs. I immediately began to see doctrinal errors in their understanding about who God the Father is, Who God the Son is, and Who God the Holy Spirit is. For one thing, they don’t even believe in the Trinity. I hope it’s because they don’t really understand the Trinity, but I don’t think so. On their own website, they state some things that sound very biblical. They promote the commandments of Jesus, like “Love your neighbors and do good to them that hate you,” but when they begin to define God, they start to fall into serious error.[1] For one thing, they believe that the Holy Spirit is a force and not a Person. On their homepage, they state, “The Holy Spirit is God’s own power; by which He works out His own holy will,” so to them the Holy Spirit, Whom Jesus calls “He, Him, Helper,” and “Advocate.” I guess they believe the Spirit is God’s power He sends out like on a cordless power tool, however Jesus spoke about the Helper as a Person and He is referred to as a Him and Advocate, which comes capitalized as a proper noun, and as it should be.

The-Spirit-clearly-says (1)

The Jesus of the Christadelphians

As we have seen, they are in error about their belief about the Person of the Holy Spirit, but they also have doctrinal errors in their teachings about Jesus Christ. Again, on their home page, they state that “He is also Son of man through being born of Mary.” No, the Son of Man (they should have capitalized it all as a proper noun) is the “Son of man” (sic), apparently not by the will of the Father or by Jesus voluntarily giving His life (Mark 10:45), but through being born of Mary. The Son of Man is not what we think of as His earthly designation. The Son of Man is a title of His divinity, as we read in the Old Testament, although a few times the prophets are called this…but never as a proper noun and capitalized.  So the Son of Man refers to Jesus’ divinity, not His being born into the flesh (John 1:14). Interestingly, the Son of God more often refers to Jesus humanity than it does His divinity, but Christadelphians deny the divinity of Christ as having always existed. If they don’t have the right Jesus, can they have the right Savior? What grieves me is that they believe, and so they teach, that Jesus was not sinless! [2]

The Father of the Christadelphians

Christadelphians believe that there is only one God and not one God in Three Persons, so they believe very much like the Orthodox Jews and Muslims do in regard to their being one God. The Christadelphians’ statements of beliefs say, “There is only one God, the Father, who made the world and has a great purpose for it.” It sounds like God “has a great purpose for” the world, but what about those on it? What about Jesus? Isn’t He part of the Father’s purpose on earth? If there is only one God, then why are the plural forms of God used so much in the Old Testament, particularly in the creation account (Gen 1) with “us” and “our” during the creation of man? Are we to believe that the Father was talking to Himself or to His force (Spirit)? In their minds, it couldn’t have been Jesus as part of the “us” and “our” because they don’t believe He was the Son of Man, at least not yet…not until He was “made” the “Son of man” (sic) “through being born of Mary.” It looks as if the Father had nothing to do with that. Here’s why this is such a serious error. Jesus said with respect to salvation and knowing the Father and Jesus, the Son; “And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:3). By saying, “this is” He is saying, it is essential to receiving eternal life that we know the Father (You) and Him whom the Father has sent (Jesus). If you don’t know the Father, then you don’t really know Jesus, and if you don’t know Jesus, you don’t have eternal life, but more importantly, does Jesus know you? Anyone can say they know Jesus, but the essential question is does Jesus know you? If He doesn’t, there is fatal news them on the Day of Judgment, telling them to depart from Him forever because He never knew them (Matt 7:23)!

The Devil of Christadelphians

They also view Satan or the Devil just like the Holy Spirit in the sense that it’s just a force, so they believe there is no Devil. They state on their homepage; “The devil is not a supernatural being but is another name for sin, destroyed only in Christ.” Since when did God start capitalizing sin by making it a proper noun? Wait, didn’t Jesus conquer the grave and defeat death and take away our sins forever? Yes, and Christadelphians don’t like the words “take away” as they prefer to say that sin is “covered”, but my cat’s litter box proves that covering something is not enough! You must take them away, and Christ does just that in removing our sins as far as east is from west (Psalm 103:12)! That’s infinitely more than covering them! The Apostle John writes that Jesus Christ is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” (John 1:29). The Old Testament refers to covering sins but because the sacrifices had to be repeated over and over again, since all still sinned, not so with Christ Who “himself is the atonement for our sins, and not for ours only, but also for the whole world’s” (1st John 2:2). There is no need to repeat this because Jesus’ sacrifice takes our sins away, once and for all (Heb 9:15), and that’s infinitely better than just “covering them.”

Twisting Scripture

Twisting Scripture have been the means of many, even since the days of the apostle’s letters which were being circulated, so I could have written upwards to 3,000 words on this group, which is really a cult. Jesus said we must worship God in spirit and truth (John 4:24), otherwise, it’s not acceptable to God. According to what the Bible says of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, Christadelphians’ teachings are contrary to the faith that was once delivered, and is as Paul prophesied to Timothy, “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons” (1st Tim 4:1). These teachings are either doctrines of men or doctrines of demons, and some few times, both! They also don’t believe in a literal hell, as they state, “When man dies he ceases to exist. The only hope of life is by the resurrection at Christ’s return,” but this is irreconcilable with Scripture (Rev 20:12-15; 21:8). I guess the Stalin’s and Hitler’s of the world all get off the hook, as if there is not a judgment after death (Heb 9:27).


Don’t think this is just a small “church” because they’re found in Britain and parts of Europe, several African countries, the Far East from India to Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, North and South America from Canada all the way to Argentina, and even in the Caribbean Islands (120 countries in all!) This is nothing less than biblical unitarianism. They deny the Trinity, the biblical Jesus, and Holy Spirit as God, and do not really know the Father, and unless you have known the Father and the Son, you don’t have eternal life. We’ve got to get this right! I make errors too…in preaching I say, “Today, part of my sermon will be perfect! The part where I read out of the Bible,” so I’m infinitely far from perfect, but I know where to find “Word-Perfect,” and that starts in Genesis 1:1 and ends at Revelation 22:21.

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

1. http://www.thechristadelphians.org/ (Accessed Feb 27, 2017).

2. Jesus had a sinful nature (The Christadelphians, What They Believe, by Harry Tennant, The Christadelphian, England, p. 74).

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  • >>> We’ve got to get this right! I make errors too…in preaching I say, “Today, part of my sermon will be perfect! The part where I read out of the Bible,” so I’m infinitely far from perfect, but I know where to find “Word-Perfect,” and that starts in Genesis 1:1 and ends at Revelation 22:21.<<<

    Love this! "Word-Perfect" Very good Jack. Another memorable idea!

    I hasten to add those of us in the congregation need to bring our own Bibles to service. I bring my New King James, Large Print Study Bible and read along, read the cross references with the extensive notes. I use other versions too at home, the computer, and on line but this is my carry Bible. The margins are large so I may add notes too as the Pastor expounds upon each verse.
    We must "fact check" even our Pastors. The most important part of a congressional union is to be fortunate to know the Pastor and speak with Him privately when you don't understand what he was imparting. Great Biblical Teaching Pastors are becoming fewer and fewer. Still we have no excuse. Our own responsibility is clear. Read Scripture for ourselves.

  • kzarley

    Jack, you’re saying Christadelphians are not Christians because they reject the church doctrine of the Trinity. How do you decide what is essential to believe in order to be a Christian? If you go by the Bible, it is that God, whom Jesus called “Father,” sent Messiah Jesus to die for our sins on the cross, God raised him from the dead, and we are to make him Lord of our lives. That’s it. See salvation verses like Acts 2.22, 36-38; 16.30-31; Romans 10.9-10. Anyone who truly believes and so lives, is a born-again Christian. Christadelphians believe this. But there is no word “Trinity” in the Bible, let alone any express declaration of a doctrine of the Trinity. Surprisingly, you cite John 17.3 and don’t see that Jesus therein identifies the “Father” (v. 1) as “the only true God.” This is strongest verse in the Bible that shows only the Father is God. And regarding the “paraclete” (Holy Spirit) in John 14, words in the Greek text referring to HS can be translated either “he” or “it.” David Burke is the leading Bible teacher among Christadelphians. He says on my website servetustheevangelical.com that my book “The Restitution of Jesus Christ” is the best and most thorough on this subject from our viewpoint that only the Father is God, so that Jesus is Savior and Lord but not God. (I was a Trinitarian for 22 years before reading myself out of it in the Bible. See my website kermitzarley.com.)

    • Jack Wellman

      Eternal life is what Jesus said, that they might know You (the Father) and He whom You sent (Jesus); Sad to see so many falling into error like the Christadelphians.

      • Christadelphians would agree with the need to know the father, and to know Jesus as the one sent by the father. So that verse hardly counters their belief or exposes it as error.

        • Read all of John 17 thoroughly.
          This is our High Priest speaking.
          Also read
          John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible
          Context is everything.

          • I am an unbeliever, so he is not my high priest. But in a former life I have given sermons on this chapter, so whether or not you agree with my interpretation I am not unfamiliar with either the passage or its context.

          • I pray you once again become a Christ, High Priest follower.

          • Never mind, you probably thought me a heretic when I did follow Christ. And I probably thought you a heretic.

          • 🙂 None the less I pray for your well-being. Perhaps someone in your life or you will meet may be a more effective seed planter. It took me until my early 50s to wake up from my pride filled stupor. 🙂 God selects, we plant, the Holy Spirit waters and leads. Only God knows the best choice on planters and when the number is sufficient to change a heart.

          • pud

            “Perfect” words don’t need context or interpretation. duh

      • pud

        NO…men writing stories in a book said that your mythical “jesus” said this or that.

        OH! Only YOU know the right cult doctrine eh? LOL

      • kzarley

        Jack, I don’t understand your reasoning here. Yes, Jesus is saying in Jn 17.3 that if a person believes God sent Jesus, that person will receive eternal life. But I am not referring to that in my comment. I said Jesus here identifies “God” as the “Father” (v. 1) and then calls him “the only true God.” Do you not see that if the Father is the only true God, Jesus cannot also be true God? Thus, Jesus here implicitly denies that he is God. Rather, he affirms strict monotheism just as all good Jews would have done in his day. (See also John 5.44.) Jesus did the same in Mark 12.28-34.

    • Sankari✓Fᵉᵈᵉʳᵃˡ ᶦˢᵗ

      David Burke is the leading Bible teacher among Christadelphians.

      That’s very kind of you, but I’m not. I’m just a Christadelphian who does his best to study Scripture. I have no standing or pre-eminence in our community.

  • 1Corin1528

    One thing at a time….the devil….

    Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord

    Heb 2:14 Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;

    Put the 2 verses together (almost like a mathematical equation) and identify the common denominator = the wages of sin is death in v23 is the same as him that had the power of death, the devil…therefore the devil is sin, nothing more, nothing less.

    Never understood how a supposedly external, supernatural devil can (still) exist if Jesus destroyed it 2000 years ago

    Makes sense though if Jesus conquered his own (sinful) human flesh and blood nature (which is what the first part of Heb 2:14 tells us he shared with “the children” (see rest of verses for context re children)) by not sinning (1 Peter 2:22)

  • I’m going w/ what Pastor Jack says all the way sorry.

    Note the importance of capitalization. Now we are saying that the power of death of the soul is the Alpha and Omega, I AM that I AM on the Judgment for some / Mercy Throne for others.
    Punishment or reward.
    Right or Left of Throne sides.
    The Son of GOD now in all full power, glory, and honor. Read Revelation what He looks like!

    Here is indeed the Trinity as Pastor Jack rightly identifies:

    >>> If there is only one God, then why are the plural forms of God used so much in the Old Testament, particularly in the creation account (Gen 1) with “us” and “our” during the creation of man? Are we to believe that the Father was talking to Himself or to His force (Spirit)?<<<

    Right on all counts Pastor Jack. You know the Holy Text!

    • If you want to know the common Christadelphian interpretation, it would be that the angels were involved in the creation and that they were talking to each other.

      But for an interpretation that allows God to be speaking there, consider Queen Victoria: “We are not amused”.

      • kzarley

        Jon, the rest of us aren’t Aussies or Brits, so we don’t know what you’re talking about concerning the Queen. As for angel’s “talking to each other,” that’s not in holy script; God is the only one talking in those three Genesis texts I cited.

        • Fair point, Kermit. The “Royal we” is where someone of importance speaks of themself in the plural ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_we ). I have heard it suggested that this could apply to ancient Hebrew as well, but I do not know whether there is any evidence for it.

        • As for the angel point, I never properly understood it, so I incorrectly put it as “angels talked to each other” rather than “God spoke to the angels”.

          You can see reasoning from a Christadelphian site at http://bibleq.net/answer/94/.
          (and I now see that’s the argument you used as well).

    • kzarley

      In Gen 1.26, 3.22, and 11.7, it is more likely that Jews are right about those texts–God was talking to a select group of his angels. This fits strict monotheism, which Trinitarianism certainly is not.

      • Straw Man

        It is worth noting that these passages are in the Jews’ Bible, and they don’t believe in a triune God. So apparently these “proof texts” aren’t as clear or unambiguous as Pastor John seems to think.

  • A Amos Love


    You write…
    “If you go by the Bible,
    it is that God, whom Jesus called “Father,”
    sent Messiah Jesus to die for our sins on the cross,
    **God raised him from the dead,**
    and we are to make him Lord of our lives. That’s it.”

    Hmmm? In the Bible, Who raised Jesus from the dead?

    Was it God?
    Was it God, The Father?
    Was it God, The Holy Spirit?
    Was it God, The Son, Jesus?

    Or are they ALL “ONE?”

    Seems, in the Bible, there are verses that say…
    God, raised Jesus.
    God The Father, raised Jesus.
    God The Holy Spirit, raised Jesus.
    And, God the Son, Jesus, raised Himself from the dead.

    Are they ALL “ONE?”

    • So God the Son died on the cross for our sins, but was still sufficiently alive to resurrect himself from the dead?

      As stated I’m no longer Christadelphian, but one of the reasons Christadelphians reject the Trinity is that it leads to some complex and odd scenarios. Like this one.

    • kzarley

      Despite John 10.18, Jesus did not raise himself from the dead. See R.E. Brown (John, 1:399 on this, but better yet my RJC book). God, who is the Father, raised Jesus from the dead by means of his Spirit, which is the Holy Spirit.

  • A Amos Love

    Here are some of those verses…

    ***God raised Jesus from the dead.

    Acts 2:24 Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death…

    Acts 2:32 This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.

    Acts 3:15 And killed the Prince of life, whom God hath raised from the dead…

    Acts 4:10 …whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead…

    Acts 5:30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew…

    Acts 10:40 Him God raised up the third day…

    Acts 13:30 But God raised him from the dead.

    Romans 10:9 believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead…

    1 Peter 1:21 Who by him do believe in God, that raised him up from the dead…

    ***The Father raised Jesus from the dead.

    Galatians 1:1
    Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ,
    and God the Father, who raised him from the dead; )

    ***The Glory of the Father raised Jesus from the dead.
    ( Who is the Glory of the Father? )

    Romans 6:4
    …like as Christ was raised up from the dead
    by the glory of the Father…

    ***The Spirit raised Jesus from the dead.

    1 Peter 3:18
    For Christ …being put to death in the flesh,
    but quickened by the Spirit.

    Romans 8:11
    But if the Spirit of him
    that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you…

    ***Jesus, the Son, raised Himself from the dead.

    John 10:17-18
    …I lay down my life, that I might take it again.
    No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself.
    I have power to lay it down, and
    **I have power to take it again.**
    This commandment have I received of my Father.

    John 2:19
    Jesus answered … Destroy this temple,
    and in three days **I will raise it up.**

    Matthew 26:61
    … I am able to destroy the temple of God,
    and to build it in three days.

    Mark 14:58
    We heard him say, I will destroy this temple
    that is made with hands, and within three days
    I will build another made without hands.

    1Corinthians 15:45
    the last Adam (Jesus) was made a quickening spirit.

    John 5:21
    …even so The Son quickeneth whom he will.

    John 11:25
    Jesus said unto her, “I am” the resurrection, and the life.

    Hmmm? “Who raised Jesus from the dead?”

    Was it God?
    Was it God The Father?
    Was it God The Holy Spirit?
    Was it God, The Son, Jesus?

    Or are they ALL “One?”

    • pud

      So what? Repeating a STORY doesn’t make it true.

  • pud

    ” I’m infinitely far from perfect, but I know where to find “Word-Perfect,” and that starts in Genesis 1:1 and ends at Revelation 22:21.”

    This only proves that you’re a lunatic. Delusional, deranged, gullible and capable of the most absurd beliefs.

    The earth is NOT 6000 years old, there are no angels, demons, devils, hell or talking snakes. There was no global flood and there will be no rivers of blood…such a disappointment huh?

    You can demonstrate absolutely nothing you claim to be true. You are totally incapable of providing even a shred of evidence for these surreal imaginations you indulge in. You have chosen to believe …hook line and sinker…a crazy book compiled by other lunatics who didn’t even know the earth was round.

    Your BOOK is not perfect as there are over 1000 contradictions contained within those psychotic pages. It WAS written by crazy people consumed with religious delusions and codified by a deranged church by votes among MEN…

    You KNOW nothing and don’t care to. You only care about propagating this death cult of yours….this position of self hate and self loathing…..you care nothing for the truth. Absolutely nothing.

    • GeorgeSanchez

      Pretty much an accurate and articulate appraisal.

  • Sankari✓Fᵉᵈᵉʳᵃˡ ᶦˢᵗ

    I am a Christadelphian, and here is my response to a few points:

    Wait, didn’t Jesus conquer the grave and defeat death and take away our sins forever?

    Yes he did.

    Yes, and Christadelphians don’t like the words “take away”

    Absolute nonsense.

    It sounds like God “has a great purpose for” the world, but what about those on it?

    His plan involves those on it as well.

    What about Jesus?

    Obviously Jesus is part of God’s plan.

    Isn’t He part of the Father’s purpose on earth?


    If there is only one God, then why are the plural forms of God used so much in the Old Testament

    They’re not. God is never addressed or referred to in plural form. He is always addressed or referred to in the singular.

    They also view Satan or the Devil just like the Holy Spirit in the sense that it’s just a force, so they believe there is no Devil

    We don’t believe that Satan or the Devil is ‘just a force.’ We believe sin is personified in Scripture, and that the word ‘devil’ (‘adversary’) is used both in reference to external and internal temptation.

    We don’t believe that the Holy Spirit is ‘just a force.’ We believe the Holy Spirit is the holy power and presence of God.

    I guess the Stalin’s and Hitler’s of the world all get off the hook, as if there is not a judgment after death (Heb 9:27).

    There is judgement after death: at the resurrection.

    Jesus had a sinful nature (The Christadelphians, What They Believe, by Harry Tennant, The Christadelphian, England, p. 74).

    We believe Jesus had a nature that was CAPABLE of sin. We believe he never sinned, and that he remained sinless for his entire mortal life. This is not a controversial position; it is widely held in the evangelical community.

    For a summary of Christadelphian beliefs, see my credo here: https://www.academia.edu/31727003/Credo_A_Personal_Statement_of_Faith

  • What grieves me is that they believe, and so they teach, that Jesus was not sinless!

    Well, I think I can spare you this grief by looking on the same page as you cite:

    “He “knew no sin” because he never sinned, but not because he was never tempted.”

    “Thus his victory was both true and unique. True in that he overcame sin though tempted precisely as we are; and unique in that he is the only one who has been totally sinless even though tempted. Christ did not demonstrate righteousness and holiness in a detached way; he brought his sinless life to God in this earthen vessel of human nature.”

    I counted the word “sinless” twice in that last quote, so it’s surprising to see the page being used as evidence that Jesus is not sinless.

  • A few more points:
    Your argument relies in several places on the importance of capitalisation, but this is generally something that comes from the translator rather than being inspired by God. It may represent the translator’s opinion, or it may represent the opinions of orthodoxy, but deviating from the translator’s capitalisation is not heresy.

    On judgement, Christadelphians do not believe that death enables all wrongdoers to avoid judgement. They just take the words of Daniel 12:2, that there will be a resurrection, that “many” will be resurrected (not all), and that some of those resurrected will be rewarded and some will be judged. Yes, there is speculation in Christadelphian circles about who is “responsible” and who isn’t, but generally it is sufficient to know that each believer expects to fact the judgement of Christ. Why should those believers care whether Hitler or Stalin will or won’t be resurrected?

  • The Christadelphians read from the same Bible you do. Many of them read the entire Bible in a year (NT twice), so they have not come to their beliefs through an absence of reading. The same verses you use to threaten judgement on them, verses like Matthew 7:23 and 1 Tim 4:1, they would take to be showing that God will judge you. Those particular passages may condemn error, but they don’t go far in describing error, so it is completely unclear from those passages which of you are correct in pronouncing judgement on the other (if indeed either of you are correct).

    Surely it is a problem if multiple groups of believers can come up with radically different interpretations from the same text? It is easy to say “I’m right and the other group is wrong”, but that overlooks the fact that the Bible is stitched together from a collection of disparate sources. Being able to find consistency from it says more about the interpreter than it does about the original texts, and so different interpreters impose different “consistent” messages depending on which parts of the text they prioritise.

    • GeorgeSanchez

      Plenty of Christadelphians don’t read their bible at all, and believe what they are told to believe. Just like in many other denominations.

      • Oh, I agree. And certainly as a child and young adult, despite reading the Bible daily, I was used to seeing in the Bible text what I had been told to believe. It can be difficult to avoid conforming to the community you belong to.

        My perspective here is the perspective of an ex-Christadelphian who did take the Bible seriously, concluded it was all false, and then was told by various people from other denominations that if I’d adopted their version of Christianity I would have realised it was all true. I see many of the same problems with those other denominations.

        • GeorgeSanchez

          Very well said.

  • ” christadelphians cult ”
    Multiple sources everyone read for yourselves.

  • – –

  • A Amos Love

    Hi Jon and Kermit
    Hmmm? Quite a question… Is Jesus God?

    Met a guy, a few years back, who said, “Christ is NOT God.”
    He quoted some Bible verses that at first glance seemed to confirm that.
    I did NOT have much of a response at the time. 🙁

    I felt challenged to do my own research…
    To know for myself… Who is this Jesus? In the Bible?

    Jesus said, if you don’t know me you don’t know my Father.

    John 8:19 KJV
    Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father:
    if ye had known me, you should have known my Father also.

    Jesus also said, that ALL men should honor the Son
    even as they honor the Father.

    John 5:23 KJV
    That ALL men should honor* the Son, (*to revere, venerate.)
    even as they honor* the Father.
    He that honoureth* NOT the Son
    honoureth* NOT the Father…

    The question for me, as I searched the Bible, became…
    Is Jesus God?

    Did God, who is Spirit, John 4:24…
    Take on Himself human form, human flesh and blood? 1 Tim 3:16…
    Humbled Himself, enter into this world as a helpless baby… Phil 2:7-8…
    And need someone to change His diapers?

    When I did my own research…
    And, God forbid, my research could be wrong… 🙁

    I found many examples…

    I found, The Bible, consistently “interchanges,” and “identifies…”
    Jesus with God.

    Interchange – Dictionary – 1. put each of (two things) in the other’s place.
    Identify – Dictionary – 1. To make identical. 2. To consider or treat as the same.

    I’ll give you some examples…

  • A Amos Love

    Here are some examples, I found in scripture…
    That causes me NOW to see Jesus and God, as “ONE.”

    Example 1…
    In Isaiah there are two scriptures that refer to a Son…
    Who is called God.

    A – In Isaiah 7:14 a virgin conceives a Son
    and calls his name Immanuel. “God with us.”
    B – In Isaiah 9:6 the Son is called “The mighty God.”

    A – Isaiah 7:14 KJV
    Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign;
    Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son,
    and shall call his name Immanuel.

    “Immanuel” = “God with us.”

    This scripture is repeated in the NT and
    adds the meaning for this name “Emmanuel.”

    Matthew 1:23 KJV
    Behold, a virgin shall be with child,
    and shall bring forth a Son,
    and they shall call his name Emmanuel,
    which being interpreted is, God with us.

    B – In Isaiah 9:6 “A Son is given”and
    “His name shall be called”…”The mighty God.”
    And, “The everlasting Father.”

    Isaiah 9:6 KJV
    For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:
    and the government shall be upon his shoulder:
    and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,
    The mighty God,
    The everlasting Father,
    The Prince of Peace.

    Most would agree…
    “a child is born and a son is given,” refers to Jesus.
    and “The Prince of Peace” also refers to Jesus.

    If this is correct, then the Son, Jesus…
    Is also, “The mighty God.”
    And, “The everlasting Father.”

    The Prince of Peace…
    The Mighty God…
    The Everlasting Father…


  • A Amos Love

    Example 2…

    In the Gospel of John, “the Word is called God” and
    the word, God, was made flesh – Jesus.

    In 1 Tim 3:16, God was manifest in the flesh…

    John 1:1
    In the beginning was the Word,
    and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…

    John 1:14
    And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…

    One of the many names for Jesus is “The Word of God.”

    Revelations 19:13
    …and his name is called The Word of God.

    1 John 5:7
    For there are three that bear record in heaven,
    the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost:
    and these three are “ONE.”

    1 Tim 3:16
    And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:
    God was manifest in the flesh…

    Jesus, The Word of God, made flesh.
    God, Manifest in the flesh…

    Jesus, God, The Word of God, made flesh…


  • A Amos Love

    Jon and Kermit

    Example 3…

    In Revelations 1:8, Jesus calls Himself “the Almighty.”
    The all ruling God.

    Revelations 1:8
    I am Alpha and Omega,
    the beginning and the ending,
    saith the Lord, which is, and which was,
    and which is to come, **the Almighty.**

    Almighty – Strongs # 3841 – pantokrator
    In the KJV, pantokrator is used as **almighty,** 9 times, and omnipotent once.

    1 – Strongs – Almighty
    The all ruling God (absolute and universal sovereign) , omnipotent.

    2 – Vine’s Expository Dictionary – Almighty
    Ruler of all, used of God only.

    3 – Thayers – Almighty
    1) he who holds sway over ALL things
    2) the ruler of ALL
    3) almighty: God

    In three sources, “Almighty” = God.

    Jesus, calls Himself… The Alpha and Omega,
    Jesus, calls Himself… The Almighty.

    The Alpha and Omega.
    The Almighty.


  • A Amos Love

    Jon and Kermit

    Example 4…

    The New Testament directly “identifies”
    Jesus with God at least five times.

    1. Jesus is called, “The Great God.

    Titus 2:13 KJV
    Looking for that blessed hope,
    and the glorious appearing of
    the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

    2. Jesus is called, “The True God” and eternal life.

    1 John 5:20 KJV
    And we know that the Son of God is come,
    and hath given us an understanding,
    that we may know him that is true,
    and we are in him that is true,
    even in his Son Jesus Christ.
    This is the true God, and eternal life.

    3. Jesus is called Emmanuel, God With Us.

    Matthew 1:23 KJV
    Behold, a virgin shall be with child,
    and shall bring forth a Son,
    and they shall call his name Emmanuel,
    which being interpreted is, God with us.

    4. Jesus the Son is called God in Hebrews 1:8.

    Hebrews 1:8 KJV
    But unto “the Son” he saith,
    Thy throne, **O God,** is for ever and ever:

    Psalm 45:6 KJV
    Thy throne, **O God,** is for ever and ever:
    the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre.

    5. Jesus is called God by Thomas
    when Thomas sees the resurrected Christ.

    John 20:28 KJV
    And Thomas answered and said unto him,
    My Lord and My God.

    Jesus, “God manifest in the Flesh.” 1Tim 3:16
    Jesus, “My Lord and My God.”


  • A Amos Love

    Jon and Kermit

    Example 5…

    The way I’m seeing it now…
    The OT and NT is consistently “interchanging” and “identifying”
    Jesus with God.

    1. In the OT God is our Savior
    and there is NO savior beside Him.
    1. In the NT Jesus is our Savior.

    2. In the OT God is our Shepherd.
    2. In the NT Jesus is our Shepherd.

    3. In the OT God is our Redeemer.
    3. In the NT We are redeemed
    by the Blood of the Lamb – Jesus.

    4. In the OT God is my Salvation.
    4. In the NT Jesus is my Salvation
    and neither is there salvation in any other.

    5. In the OT God creates
    the heavens and the earth and ALL THINGS.
    5. In the NT Jesus creates
    the heavens and the earth and ALL THINGS.

    6. In the OT God is my Deliverer.
    6. In the NT Jesus is my Deliverer.

    7. In the OT God is the Light.
    7. In the NT Jesus is the Light

    8. OT – God says that every knee shall bow to God.
    ( bow – a form of worship)
    8. NT – At the name of Jesus every knee should bow.

    9. In the OT we are to Worship the Lord our God.
    9. In the NT we are to Worship Jesus.

    In the OT there are warnings and penalties
    for worshipping other gods.

    Exodus 34:14 For thou shalt worship NO other god…

    In the NT many people worship Jesus
    and Jesus doesn’t warn them or stop them.

    Mat 8:2 behold, there came a leper and worshiped him …
    Mat 28:17 And when they saw him, they worshiped him…

    When Paul, Peter and an angel are worshiped,
    they object strongly.

  • Andrew Perry

    Hello, I am a Christadelphian. I would just like to say that the article relies too much on proof texts and that in order to settle the matter of Trinitarianism, it is necessary to do the work and investigate the NT in a thorough manner. Superficial reliance on proof texts will not cut it. A good place to look for academic treatments of such texts from a Christadelphian point of view would be my papers on http://www.academia.edu.

    • A Amos Love

      Hi Andrew

      You say you have papers…
      On a Christadelphian point of view…

      I went to the site you promoted
      But I couldn’t find your papers without signing in, signing up…

      Could you answer this question?

      Is Jesus God?

      • Jack Wellman

        Good question. In fact, my source was from their own website.

  • A Amos Love


    You write…
    “…it is necessary to do the work and investigate the NT in a thorough manner.”

    Well, I’m-a-thinkn, I have attempted to do that.
    I “investigated” both the NT and the OT, to find out, **Is Jesus God?**

    Now, I cudda missed sumtin. But, my conclusion is…

    **Jesus is God.**

    So far I’ve given only 5 examples, of many, where I see the scriptures say…

    **Jesus is God.**

    One example, I’m-a-thinkn is important, relates to John the Baptist.
    John the Baptist had a purpose, to “Prepare the way of the Lord.” “Our God.”
    This purpose, for John the Baptist, is found in both the OT, and the NT.

    In the OT, Isa 40:3, **the LORD** “Our God.”, is Jehovah… our Elohim.

    OT – Isaiah 40:3 KJV
    The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness,
    Prepare ye the way of **the LORD,** (Jehovah)
    make straight in the desert a highway for **our God.** (Elohim)

    And, **the LORD** in the NT, is Jesus.

    NT – Matthew 3:3
    For this is he that was spoken of
    by the prophet Esaias, saying,
    The voice of one crying in the wilderness,
    Prepare ye the way of **the Lord,** (Jesus)
    make his paths straight.

    When John the Baptist saw Jesus the first time he said…
    “Behold the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.”

    Seems to me, John the Baptist recognized Jesus as…
    The one he was preparing the way for. Yes?

    I’m-a-thinkn, John the Baptist, might have known the OT prophecy. Yes?
    And, John the Baptist knew he was to, Prepare the way of…

    **Jehovah,** **our Elohim.**” – Yes?

    And **Jesus,** showed up. 🙂

    Jehovah = Jesus


  • Amos you have Scriptural proof behind you.
    Scripture proves Scripture.

    YES Jesus is indeed all over the OT.
    Have a great list on this.
    I will hunt it up or re-enter if this persists.
    Stick to your guns.

    Look at my duckduckgo search:
    The poor posting here have been programmed and deluded.
    Pray for them.
    “Christadelphians cult”

    • A Amos Love

      Much agreement

      “YES Jesus is indeed all over the OT.”

      • Amos you may as well let this slide…
        People in cults won’t be convinced.
        It will indeed take a supernatural confrontation from God Himself to deprogram them.
        Pity them.
        Pray for them.
        Then dust our sandals.
        You really did give it your best shot.
        I kept all your Scriptural Citations.
        Well done good and faithful servant, well done.
        Blessings to you brother!

        • GeorgeSanchez

          Nothing deprograms them. Nothing. Trust me on that score.

  • A Amos Love


    Jehovah, in the OT, is known as…
    “Savior,” “Shepherd,” “Redeemer.”

    Jesus, in the NT is known as…
    “Savior,” “Shepherd,” “Redeemer.”

    ***Jehovah as Savior

    Isaiah 43:3 For I am **the LORD thy God,** (Jehovah thy Elohiym)
    the Holy One of Israel, thy **Savior**…

    Isaiah 43:11 I, even I am **the LORD;** and beside me there is NO **savior.**

    ***Jesus as Savior

    Luke 2:11 …unto you is born this day in the city of David
    a **Savior,** which is Christ **the Lord.**

    2 Peter 2:20 …through the knowledge of **the Lord** and **Savior** Jesus Christ,

    ***Jehovah as Shepherd

    Psalm 23:1 **The LORD** is my **shepherd;** I shall not want.

    Isaiah 40:10-11 **The Lord** GOD will come…
    He shall feed his flock like a **shepherd**…

    ***Jesus as Shepherd

    John 10:11 I am the good **shepherd: **
    the good **shepherd** giveth his life for the sheep.

    John 10:16 …they shall “hear MY voice;”
    and there shall be “ONE” fold, and “ONE” **shepherd.**

    ***Jehovah as Redeemer

    Isaiah 54:5 …**the LORD** of hosts is his name;
    and thy **Redeemer** the Holy One of Israel…

    Jere 50:34 Their **Redeemer* is strong;
    **the LORD** of hosts is his name.

    ***Jesus as Redeemer

    1 Peter 1:18 …ye were not **redeemed** with corruptible things…
    But with the precious blood of Christ…

    Col 1:14 In whom we have **redemption** through his blood…

    John the Baptist came to prepare the way of **the LORD our God**…

    **Jehovah our Elohim**… Our “Savior,” “Shepherd,” “Redeemer.”

    And **Jesus,* showed up… Our “Savior,” “Shepherd,” “Redeemer.”

    Jesus = Jehovah, Our God


  • Here’s a link of one of the very Biblical Christian Watchman on the Wall.
    I know her personally. Probably the bravest granny I know.

    The Names of God

  • Let the Bible Study Tools speak.
    You may do a search for these sources on their site.

    Yeshua, Yashua,
    Y’shua, or Jesus? Which is Right?



    Jesus, the Christ

    Jesus Christ, Name and Titles of

    Is Jesus God?
    Names of Jesus
    So Many Names: What Do They All Mean?
    What Does the Name Jesus Mean?
    Jesus is Our “Balm of Gilead”?
    The Lamb of God?
    How is Jesus “the Truth”?
    Why is Jesus Called the “Morning Star”?
    How Is Jesus the Logos (the Word)?
    Why Was Jesus Called “Teacher”?
    The Alpha and Omega?
    Why is Jesus called the “Son of Man”?
    The Light of the World?
    What Does it Mean to Call Jesus “Lord”?
    How is Jesus God’s Word?
    From Alpha down to Omega?
    How Is Jesus Our Passover Lamb?
    The Way, the Truth, and the Life?
    Wonderful Counselor?
    How is Jesus Our High Priest?
    How Was Jesus a “Servant”?
    Jesus, The Faithful Witness?
    Jesus: An Ordinary Name?
    Our Mediator?
    A Counselor Like No Other?
    The Name with Power?
    A Wonder of a Counselor?
    Emmanuel:God with Us?
    Jesus is the “Everlasting Father”?
    How is Jesus the “Firstborn of the Dead”?
    How is Jesus “the Son of God”?
    The Name Above Every Other Name?
    How Was Jesus an Apostle?
    Why is Christ Called “the Word” in John 1:1?
    The Resurrection and the Life?

  • Rullbert Boll

    Proving the “error” of the Christadelphans from the Bible is as worthless as proving Islam from the Qur’an or Vaishnava Hinduism from Bhaghavad Gita. The only valid proof for religion is to what degre they optimize the behavior of their adherents, all else is *bunk*, it’s *baloney*. It’s still worse to try to disprove a religious group from ones own *idiosyncratic* interpretation of the highly ambiguous scripture called the Bible, that represents three religions in succession, of which none is Nicene Christianity. (The religions are: 1. temple Israelism (a.k.a. “Hebraism”) modified for a Jerusalem cult, 2. proto-Pharisee Judaism, 3. Ortodox Logos Christianity of the “Apostolic Fathers”). So the error is twofold: I. using a defective religious scripture to prove something not supported by said scripture, II. using a religion to prove itself.

  • Thomas Farrar

    I am a former Christadelphian. I do not agree that Christadelphians should be labelled a cult; “sect” is a more fair and accurate term. See my article on this here: http://blog.dianoigo.com/2016/01/are-christadelphians-cult-sect-or.html

    • GeorgeSanchez

      You may be correct about this, however, since there is no ruling authority over this denomination, and each church group within it is more or less autonomous, some of the church groups are weirder and more authoritarian than others. One or two Christadelphian (CD) groups that I was in were positively oppressive and damaging in their behaviors. When your time comes to push back against the oppression and damage, that’s when you find out what they’re really all about. And it can be pretty awful when it happens.

      • GeorgeSanchez

        I was a victim of some pretty horrific abuse in the group to which I belonged. I now don’t go within 50 miles of any of their groups.

  • GeorgeSanchez

    This group completely wrecked my life, leaving me isolated and dysfunctional in a modern world that I had not been equipped to survive in. There is a monopoly on time in this group, time that should be spent living life, rather than sitting in religious services listening to interminable sermons and pontificating and virtue signalling. There was little to no freedom of thought. Marriages were to occur within the group, under threat of excommunication. All individuals outside the group were considered “lost” in terms of their chances for spiritual salvation. The Christadelphians in my sphere considered themselves to have the only “truth.” Punishments for misbehavior were draconian, often resulting in expulsions from the group, and often resulting in “social death,” because one has little to no support network outside the group. One can even be shunned by one’s own relatives, and this can have disastrous consequences.

    Does all of this — and I’m just getting a running start — smell like a cult? You bet it does.

    No cult believes itself to be a cult. They instead believe that they have the singular “truth” that will save mankind.

    After you are integrated into a group, it becomes your “new normal.” You feel safe and ordinary inside your group.

    You’re wrong about that. Get out while you can. If you’re exploring the group, make a careful evaluation of their behaviors and their “truths.” Do it in an objective way, ruling out the “love bombing” they use to capture you into a group. Once you are inside, the love bombing usually vanishes in quick order.

  • GeorgeSanchez

    I would recommend individuals exploring Christadelphianism make a thorough search of the term “Christadelphian cult” on the Internet, prior to proceeding with studying in this group. When I left my own Christadelphian group, it was with the firm instruction that my children would be cursed because of my withdrawal from membership. For many years, I would say nothing derogatory about the denomination, because they’d successfully ingrained the belief in me that to do so was to bring divine judgement down on the heads of my family members. This is surely indicative of the damage such groups can do to the human psyche.