Love Letter 27

Love Letter 27 October 5, 2014

What a delight and a surprise to be writing this letter after all these years. It’s been hard to be so separated and to avoid the resentment that builds from misunderstanding but I had managed to do just that – assuming that what kept us apart was likely more my responsibility that anything else. And what a testimony to love that I did. For now as forgiveness starts to flourish and I come to know you in different ways – now that we’re older and I come to find that you are so remarkable, so lovely, so loving. The depth of your commitment and love for your husband my dear, dear friend, is nothing short of extraordinary really. It inspires the same level of love in him and that lifts my heart more than a little I can tell you that. So I’m so grateful right now to feel free to love you. I’m so grateful for some time with you, a walk, a meal, a time to understand and recognize the power that love has to transform us all from what we once were into what we can become . . . if we let it. You’ve had more than your share of hurts; I wish I’d always known that. Life has thrown you more than a few curves but somehow you’ve found a way to hone in on love’s center and let that be your guiding star. It makes me want to wrap you up in my arms and hold you forever. With so much love in my heart I offer you my thanks and my affection – something that grows as love grows.


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