Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Five

Church Sign Epic Fails, Part Five March 25, 2012

You’d think I’d eventually run out of material for this weekly series I’ve been doing. Fortunately for me, there is no apparent end to the phenomenon that is the bad church sign.

The person who invents a spell-check app for church signs will be very wealthy.
Nothing like being called out when you're already uncomfortable about being there.
No arrogance there. No sir.
This is a pastoral relationship that started well.
Nice to know there's a church out there that can speak on behalf to the Prince of Darkness
I actually like this one.

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Church sign epic fails

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  • That last one was AWESOME!  I love whoever put that up 🙂  But I get the feeling from the one that was two before that that the person who does the church signs doesn’t like the new minister…  As for the “semi-annual worshipers,” those would be what in my family we’ve always called “Chreasters,” as those are usually the two holidays for which they show up…

  • I gotta give kudos for the figs one, as well. That’s classy. Too bad it wasn’t photoshopped to be Westboro…