Things I Hate (But Shouldn’t)

Things I Hate (But Shouldn’t) March 14, 2012

I know, Christians, love everyone and everything, right? Mister Bluebird on my shoulder and all that crap.

Well, that ain’t me. Not that I don’t try, but I also don’t try to fake it when I’m not feeling the love.

My wife, Amy, told me that one reason she married me was because she knew she could trust me. It seemed to her that I lacked the capacity to lie. And while this is reassuring on one level, the stark honesty can sometimes be a little jarring, I expect.

What I have found is that naming things out loud is the best way to help you get over them. Some of these might seem like relatively trivial things to you, but trust me – for a quasi-Aspie like me, they are often the bane of my existence.

So without further adieu, here’s a list of things that I can’t seem to shake, they annoy me so incredibly much. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…

Misplaced apostrophes: I see this everywhere, but it’s particularly bad here in Pueblo. Most often, the spare apostrophes pop up in plural words, while remaining curiously absent from contractions and possessives. There’s a restaurant down the street called “Burrito’s Betty,” and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how or why a burrito owns a woman. How is that even legal?

Naked Muffin Tops: If your body has, um “evolved” since you were in high school twelve-plus years ago, best not to try to stuff yourself into the same clothes you wore to algebra class. Cover the muffin or hit the gym. Please.

Ending every sentence as if it’s a question
: People have this strange kind of apologetic habit of raising the tone of the last couple of words in every sentence so it sounds like they’re asking a question? Even though they’re not? Yaknow?

Overuse of the word “crazy”: I’m not talking here about referring to a person, like “He’s so crazy.” I’m talking about how people dismiss their perpetual flakiness by saying “It’s just been a crazy day.” You’ve said that three hundred forty six days in a row. Starts to lose its effect after a couple hundred.

Big heads in front of me: You know who you are. How is it that, no matter what movie or concert I go to, the Elephant Man sits right in front of me?

People who treat me like I’m an idiot when they don’t get my humor
: I tend to be sarcastic sometimes. No, really. And sometimes the ironic quips or sarcasm falls short and the listener takes what I say literally, at which point they roll their eyes as if I’m some kind of doofus. Could be, but might I suggest, “Doofus physician, heal thyself?”

Weather wimps: There is about a three-degree window that seems to make most people happy. Other than that, the majority of the population will find something to complain about. Guess what? IT’S WEATHER. You want control over your environment? Stay inside and stop complaining. Oh, and while we’re at it, please eliminate the following phrase from your vocabulary: If you don’t like the weather in _______, wait five minutes (chuckle, chuckle) ’cause it’ll change.” Gag.

“The Bible Says” arguments: I know what the Bible says. It says a lot of things. Some are amazing, some are practical, and some are just plain nuts. I’ve heard it said that the Bible can be manipulated to make any point someone wants, so let’s not sling scripture at each other. How about trying one of those Biblical verses out and turn that sword into a plowshare? Whatever that is. Something useful anyway, instead of a tool to bludgeon others.

“Small Tent” Christianity: Note here that it’s the theology of narrow-minded, exclusive, country club Christians that I can’t stand, not the people who hold those ideas. Yes, the Christian tent is big enough even for them, though they don’t return the favor to others. As I recall, Jesus didn’t ask people if they were gay, poor, democrat, “right with God” or anything else before caring about them, reaching out to them and welcoming them. If God’s love is big enough for all of creation, how can ours be any different if we’re going to claim that same love.

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  • Ended off that list with an exclamation point. For sure?


    I kid. Great list.

  • Anonymous

    Your tent comments reminded me of something.  To anyone outside of the influence of college football in the Southeast, this might not make much sense, but I once heard someone say that we should have something along the lines of “Tailgate Tent” Christianity.  All are welcome and everyone gets fed.  Super simplified, yes.  But it made a great point.

    Just bought your first book, by the way.  I also just discovered your blog today.   I’m also a weather wimp.  Its the crazy humidity, ya know?

  • ****
    Four stars for #3

  • Joalby1

    Apostrophes… Haha that’s why I always edit my friends papers before she turns them in. The girl is notorious for putting them places where they don’t belong.
    I rarely get the elephant man in front of me, but often I’m at a concert stuck behind Shaquille O’Neal… If you’re fricking ass is level with my eyes you can stand in the back of the damn room.

  • Aspiechristian

    For errors of apostrophe placement, there is no excuse. I tend to put them in with the hackneyed expressioneers, who can’t go a paragraph without saying, at the end of the day (which day?) going forward, or even worse, going foe-ward, as though advancing toward one’s enemy. It is what it is (what else could it be?), and, “It’s Deja Vu all over again,” a truism nobody gets, which was only funny when Yogi Berra said it. Newscasters are by far the worst offenders, who are always on the ground somewhere. You’d think other folks would help them up. As for everything’s a question, I’m a softie for it – it’s pure southernese. I can think of nothing more musical than to hear it from the mouths of women and children.