Identity Theft: When Politicians Hijack Jesus’ Name

Identity Theft: When Politicians Hijack Jesus’ Name September 8, 2012

Gotta say I’m a big fan of this church sign at my father-in-law’s church:

It’s time to STOP:

  1. Using faith, Jesus and the Bible as a political platform;
  2. Cherry-picking from the Gospel based on what polls well;
  3. Claiming Jesus would be so myopic to identify with either of our major political parties;
  4. Calling yourself a Christian politician while also allowing denigrating, dirty political campaigning to continue unchecked;
  5. Suggesting either Romney or Obama isn’t Christian. Who are you to decide who’s a Christian?
  6. Using churches to coerce people into voting one way or another;
  7. Assuming that all Christians automatically, mindlessly vote for one political party;
  8. Condescending to other Christians if they don’t vote the same way you do;
  9. Treating the denial of equal human rights as a secondary moral issue;
  10. Claiming that America is a Christian nation or that we’re somehow favored by God over others. Claims like that are why we’re mocked and reviled around the world.

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