Church Sign Epic Fails: Holy Kitsch Edition

Church Sign Epic Fails: Holy Kitsch Edition September 8, 2012

After half a year of signs, I decided it was time to branch out and bring in some other items of holy fantabulousness. Christian humor (intentional or not), after all, is hardly limited to the signs outside the front door.

Hi, I’m Jesus, and I’m here to kick your ass.
For what, pray tell?
Way to leave an impression, Christians. Har, har, har.
Yes, these really are coat hangers. You want them, don’t you?
Is it just me, or does Elvis have a bigger halo than Jesus?
Now Bubba, don’t you go makin’ the little baby Jesus cry.
Party on the tour bus!!! Yeah, pass.
Not entirely sure, but isn’t this enabling?
I was on the fence until I read this comic strip. That devil guy is such a tool!

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