Church Sign Epic Location Fails (Vol. 29)

Church Sign Epic Location Fails (Vol. 29) September 2, 2012

This week we’re featuring a handful of victims of geographic circumstance. Some churches are established in towns whose names should never appear on a church sign, and yet here they are…

Even I am fairly speechless when it comes to this one.
Honesty is the best policy, and yet…
I kinda think I’d go to that church.
Gotta give the shout-out for Labor Day, yo.
What is it with porn, baked goods and church? Did I miss a memo?!?
Theological cage match next Sunday at the holy octagon.
Props for both a pop culture reference and the pro-LGBT sentiment, but expecting drivers to realize that Star Trek’s Sulu was played by a gay man without driving into a pole is asking a bit much.
It takes so much anesthesia to get rockets to lie still, it’s amazing.

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