Bananas: The Atheist’s Nightmare

Bananas: The Atheist’s Nightmare May 23, 2013

Thanks to Jess, a young woman in my Banned Questions Sunday school class, for passing this fairly priceless video along to me. We were having a conversation about the potential complementary nature of Biblical creation stories and a theory of evolution, given the proper contextual appreciation for Biblical narrative, and she offered this gem, once imparted to her.

And so now, my beloved Children, I offer it to you.

It turns out that bananas are not only tasty; they’re the atheist’s worst nightmare! Don’t believe me? Allow Pastor Ray Comfort and his faithful sidekick, Kirk Cameron, explain.

My question to her was, “But Jess, every time I pick up a banana, it’s facing away from me. Does this mean God hates me?” If you ask eighties teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron or Pastor comfort, I’m guessing the answer might be “yes.”

We can only hope Mark Driscoll never gets ahold of this argument, ’cause with his fellatio obsession, Lord knows what his video would be like. Sheesh!

Maybe someday I’ll get lucky and get one of these Christian-friendly bananas I keep hearing about. Until then, I’ll keep asking my pastor to peel them for me.

Man, I’m sure hungry…

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