Church Sign Epic Fails, “Arrogant Rabbis” Edition

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Arrogant Rabbis” Edition June 2, 2013

There’s really nothing worse than an uppity Rabbi. Except maybe for intransigent Swedes. They’re so radical!

As Tripp Fuller told me when he sent this to me, this is so incoherent it even fails to live up to its full potential as a church sign fail. First one to explain wins a cookie.
Finally, a church service without any praise. Perfect for us cynical Christians who pretty much just want to complain. Naw, just kidding…there aren’t any of those. Right?
Umm, yeah, Mister Shepherd, if you could just send more countable sheep my way that’d be great, mmkay?
Oh great! I’ve been following Jesus this whole time, and it turns out he’s a member of the Borg. Serious (and really nerdy) downer, man.
I suppose for all of those non-Christians tired of being told they’re going to hell, finding out there’s just no place to go is an upgrade.
We al’so believe in s’uperfluou’s apo’strophe’s.
Agreed. Any time the pastor smears Crisco all over themselves before preaching, I pay WAAAYYYY more attention.


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