Pope Francis on Gays Reveals a House Divided

Pope Francis on Gays Reveals a House Divided August 1, 2013

Pope Francis quickly is establishing himself as the “peoples’ Pope.” He has actively advocated for the poor, downplayed his elevated status, and speaks in colloquial terms that make him seem that much more human. He has left open the possibility that non-Catholics, non-Christians, and even atheists may fall within the vast embrace of a radically loving and merciful God. And now, he’s even made what many consider at least a benign – if not affirming – statement about homosexuality.

Historically, popes have toed an ideological line, asserting that homosexuality is inherently evil, and that all gay people are fundamentally disordered. In an expression of sincere humility, political savvy, or perhaps some combination of both, Francis took a more compassionate position, adding at the end of his comments, “who am I to judge?”

Welcome to the 20th century, Catholic Church. Only one more century to go in order to join the rest of the world in real time.

This is an excerpt from an exclusive piece written for Sojourners. To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

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  • Steve

    Friend, when the Pope says, “Who am I to judge” he’s not referring to homosexual actions. Just because he’s not willing to judge someone’s soul, that doesn’t mean he’s advocating moral complacency. The Pope remains a practicing Catholic.

    Same goes with issue of atheists being redeemed. That’s a Catholic dogma – that Christ’s sacrifice redeemed everyone and salvation is offered to everyone. We aren’t Calvinists, we believe in a universal atonement. Whether everyone will eventually go to Heaven is a different matter. .

  • matty webb

    Thank you Steve for a perfect explanation of the facts.
    “Welcome to
    the 20th century, Catholic Church. Only one more century to go in order
    to join the rest of the world in real time” Does this mean one more
    century until we have a God to suit the people? Because it certainly
    does not mean a people for their God!

  • Thomas König

    Hi Christian,
    Welcome in the Pope-Bashers-Club. I can offer you my chair because, although beeing member of a protestant denomination, I´m planning to leave the community. The last sentence of your post is a disgusting burst of arrogance and resentment. Who the fuck you are, that you can divide the time into the real=evangelical one and the wrong=catholic one? I´m following your blog for a long time now, with great pleasure and respect. When your respect for other denominations than your own, doesn´t reach further than anti-catholic ressentment, I´m sorry for the time I wasted.