Church Sign Epic Fails, “Grandpa Ape” Edition

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Grandpa Ape” Edition December 1, 2013

In honor of World AIDS Day, we have a particularly gay array of signage today. Who’s ready to get their intolerance on???

That’s right! Just ask my cousin/uncle/grandpa merle over there. He’ll break it all down for you…
You wish, a bish, a bunny fish.
I’m pretty sure any scenario that this sign evokes for me would render me permanently impotent.
Oh, if only bad church signage rendered the creators sterile…
He used to have the corner office with the badass view, but we had to downsize…
So you’re saying because there’s no evidence that Jesus married, he violated this scripture too?
Verb tense, punctuation and curious abbreviations aside, it’s a fair question. Credit for that.


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