Church Sign Epic…Wins???

Church Sign Epic…Wins??? December 17, 2013

I have never had any shortage of church sign fails, but since I’m in the throes of Advent, I’m feeling particularly magnanimous. So I thought I’d share some particularly awesome sings with you this week.

And yeah, it’s also a little bit of penance since I’m two days late getting these out. #PiattFail

Technically a thanksgiving sing, but hey, some of us eat turkey at Christmas. DON’T JUDGE ME!!!
I dunno. Can you trust a a guy who thinks he’s both an egg-man and a walrus? Goo goo ga choo?
Well, no wonder the ass led him right to the Romans. I would too if he kicked me!
Nothing but LOVE for this sign. Good job, Church.
So much for that speed trap. D’oh!
Okay, okay, I couldn’t help myself. Had to include at least one crappy sign. Happy Advent!

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