Homebrew, Ham (as in Ken) and Haim

Homebrew, Ham (as in Ken) and Haim February 11, 2014

After weeks of planning, we finally sat down with brewmaster-slash-theologian Andy Campbell to homebrew a batch of beer. He takes us step-by-step through the process and helps Christian brew his first-ever batch of pale ale. Now, pretty much all Christian does is sit in his office and watch the yeast make bubbles. One…two…three…

Jordan’s also back with us for the Echo Chamber, where we talk up the Winter Olympics and the LGBT drama surrounding Sochi, as well as the “Ham on Nye” Creation/Evolution debate that took place recently at the creation museum. By the end, Christian’s so fired up to debate Ken Ham that he offers to fly to Kentucky for a chat and to ride a dinosaur while presenting his case for a more thoughtful Christianity. We’re so very proud.

Jordan leads the way in recommendations with tips of the proverbial hat to several shows, including HBO’s “True Detective,” Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and others the CultureCast crew is stoked about. Musically, Jordan’s on board with two female groups, “Haim” and “Lucius,” while Christian’s favorite band of the week, “Lake Street Dive,” is only half female. Watch out boys; the ladies are a-takin’ over…

Reach out to our sponsors, Slow Church Conference and Week of Compassion. Slow Church Conference has a $99 student rate to offer all students a deep discount to attend the conference. Check out the show for the promo code. Week of Compassion takes on aid for a new disaster somewhere in the world on average of every other day of the year. Plus, about 95 cents of every dollar donated goes to direct aid.  

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